The Lakers are rebuilding, and the team appears to be on a path for contention. Here’s what we know about how their roster will look in 2022.

The “los angeles lakers” is a professional basketball team that plays in the National Basketball Association. The Lakers are currently in the Western Conference and have been playing since 1947. They were originally located in Minneapolis, Minnesota before moving to Los Angeles in 1960.

3 questions about the Lakers in the remainder of 2022 season


The Los Angeles Lakers have not performed to the level that many of their fans and players had hoped for this season. Some of their problems may be due to their inability to keep fit, although other teams have had similar ailments.

Many people predicted that the Lakers would win the NBA title heading into the season. This Lakers squad does not seem likely to win a title with their present lineup as of approximately halfway through the season.

There are a lot of questions surrounding this Lakers squad, so let’s take a look at the three biggest ones this season.

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2022 Lakers Questions

3. What steps must be taken?

There are a number of areas where the Lakers will need to improve this season, and the first thing they will seek at before the trade deadline is to acquire players who can defend at a high level.

Many of their players are in latter phases of their careers and do not defend in the same manner as they did early in their careers.

Even superstars like LeBron James have struggled on defense this season, but much of it can be attributed to the fact that he is playing far too many minutes and just lacks the stamina to give it his all on defense. Everyone who has followed LeBron over the last 15 years knows that when it’s playoff time and he needs a stop, he’ll concentrate all of his efforts on getting that stop and doing all he can to keep the opposition team from scoring.

The Lakers also want someone who can come in and hit the three-point shot at a high level, since this is still an area where they are deficient. They have little space when certain of their lines are on the floor, which is a major problem in the playoffs.

Guys who can come in and defend at a high level, as well as others who can come in and spread the floor, are the two most important acquisitions they can make before the trade deadline.

2. Is it possible for LeBron to keep playing these minutes?

There’s no doubt that LeBron James is playing some of his finest basketball of his career right now. The Lakers must take into account the reality that LeBron is playing minutes he should not be playing. This year, he’s averaging 36.7 minutes each game, which is much too much for someone his age.

Because they have little to no assistance outside of him, it’s understandable that the Lakers are giving him some of these minutes. They need LeBron to be the greatest player in the world and attempt to assist this team win games now that Anthony Davis is out due to injury. Even at 37 years old, he is still perhaps the finest player on the planet.

The Lakers must accept the fact that if they are to have any chance of winning this season, LeBron must be 100 percent healthy.

There’s a danger he’ll be hurt if they continue to give him these kind of minutes. It’s a pity, since injuries are the most frustrating aspect of athletics. The fact is that if they continue to play him over 40 minutes every night, they will not have the results that they want because he will be exhausted by playoff time.

1. Do they have a chance to win the championship?

It’s difficult to determine whether or not this Lakers squad is a championship contender right now. It’s also difficult to determine if Anthony Davis, LeBron James, or Russell Westbrook will be able to figure out what’s going on.

Despite the fact that Westbrook has not looked fantastic for the Lakers this season, he will ultimately improve, which will greatly benefit this squad.

Because of how talented both of those players are, any team with LeBron James and Anthony Davis is a championship contender. The Lakers must be feared in the Western Conference if they can remain healthy and get Anthony Davis back to full strength, simply because both of them can defeat a club in a series by themselves.

It’s difficult to call the Lakers a contender right now, but they still have a lot of talent on their roster. It’s difficult to argue that they aren’t still a squad capable of winning a championship, given how effectively LeBron James has continued to play.



Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Lakers best season?

A: The Lakers best season was in 1972-1973, where they won their first NBA championship.

What new players did the Lakers get?

A: The Lakers signed Kyle Kuzma and Rajon Rondo.

Who is number 17 on the Lakers 2021?

A: Lonzo Ball is number 17 on the Lakers 2021.

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