Ari and Thane are competing with the gang.

(Photo: Endemol Shining)

In the second week after the Christmas holidays there is plenty to do to entertain the British viewers. The future looks bleak for Colby (Tim Franklin) when Angelo (Luke Jacobs) discovers both his murder secret and his affair with Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson), while Justin (James Stewart)’s struggle with radiation therapy produces shocking results.

Elsewhere Roux (Georgie Parker) is back in the Bay Area – but why is she alone, and what happened to Owen (Cameron Daddo)? Just as Marilyn (Emily Simons) and Leah (Ada Nicodemu) are trying to have a conversation, Roo is determined to keep herself as busy as possible – even if that means preparing enough treats to feed the entire bayou.

The paratroopers are in trouble because Thane (Ethan Brown) is devastated that Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Willow (Sarah Roberts) got rid of the van, which was filled with stolen goods. When he realizes that the boys who need the van are still looking for him, the whole family is soon in danger.

As if that wasn’t enough, Dean (Patrick O’Connor)’s problems aren’t over either – although he’s finally back in the bay with little Jai (River Jarvis) in tow, Amber (Madeleine Zewitz) is acting strange and Willow is picking her up. She shares her suspicions with the dean, who is broken when he finds out what Amber did….

This is what’s happening at home and on the road this week.

Thane’s getting better.

Tanning in the garage

(Photo: Endemol Shining)

Ziggy and Willow return from their girls’ trip to get rid of an illegal van that was on the farm. Anyway, Tan finally showed up after his long trip to town while they were gone, and he was devastated to learn that the stolen equipment is missing. He tells Ziggy that there was more than just electronics in the van – the walls were lined with drugs. The gang isn’t just targeting Thane, it’s targeting his whole family. Tan advises Ziggy to distance himself from the situation, but how should he defend Paraty?

Roux comes back with a riddle

Redhead and Evan.

(Photo: Endemol Shining)

Roo and Owen left together a long time ago in search of adventure, but now Alf’s daughter is back in the bay – and her new partner is nowhere to be found. While her friends have many questions about the course of her journey, Roo skillfully avoids them and refuses to talk about Owen. Marilyn is suspicious and while Roo continues to act strange – she’s even preparing a tray of pastry – Alf (Ray Meagher) also begins to wonder what’s going on as Roo’s friends begin to suspect that Owen has done something to her….

Dean’s new family is tearing itself apart.

Patrick O'Connor plays Dean.

(Photo: Endemol Shining)

Dean finally came to his senses and returned to the bay, but Amber is much more relaxed about the situation than Willow suspected. Dean explained it to her, and Amber just said she understood. Willow is convinced Amber has plans, and when she shows up with Jai the next day to say goodbye to Dean before he goes to school, Willow asks why Jai wasn’t in uniform. In anticipation of the immediate worst, Dean rushes to Amber’s house – but the house is empty. She and Jai are gone….

Justin’s radiation was devastating.

Justin and Leah

(Photo: Endemol Shining)

Justin started radiation therapy, but problems immediately arise when he has trouble eating. However, he and Leah are distracted by a flourishing romance between Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian (Sloot Davey). After spending some time together on the beach, Tori takes her out to dinner – only to discover that she can’t cook. To Justin and Leah’s delight, they discover that Christian has stayed – but when Justin gets out of bed to investigate, he collapses at …..

Martha struggles to let go

Alf in the summer bay

(Photo: Endemol Shining)

Alf and Martha (Belinda Giblin) return to the bay, but it is clear that things are not going well between them. During dinner Alf Marilyn asks about Roo’s mysterious return, but Martha warns him against broadcasting her daughter’s affairs in public. At home the argument about Roo continues, but it is clear that the couple is avoiding the real issue they disagree with. Eventually Alf asks Martha if she wants to sell her apartment in Merimbula, but she insists on keeping it. Alf is hurt and confused, so Irene (Lynn McGranger) steps in to find out the real reason why she’s not fully involved with the Bay Area……

Paratas are hosts for uninvited guests.

The Tangen Battle Corridor

(Photo: Endemol Shining)

After Thane’s van was wrecked, the dealer and gang who forced Thane to carry the stolen goods and drugs in the vehicle want the whole Parata family to pay for his mistake. Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) notices the men gathering outside and approaches them. He makes them understand that they have to leave, but the gang starts a massive fight – leading to Tane and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) running away and getting involved. Bella (Courtney Miller), Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Ryder (Lucas Radovich) are in shock until Ryder decides to call the police. Белла в ярости, когда появляются копы, заставляют смотреть, как Колби арестовывает Никау и заталкивает в кузов полицейской машины .

Анджело закрывается.

Колби часы Анджело.

(Фото: Эндемол Сияние)

Колби вернулся из ночи с Тейлором, только чтобы Белла и Уиллоу загнали в угол. Белла показывает, что Анджело находится знает все об этом романе Тейлор находится рядом с обой, когда новости. Тем не менее, оба они убеждают себя, что Анджело самом деле не знает – потому на он не столкнулся ни с одним из них об этом. Colby decides to access Angelo’s files and forces Taylor to steal a key from his desk so he can open the box. When Angelo comes in, he sees Colby snooping around – and the case goes wide open….

A witness in Colby’s murder case comes forward.

Angelo's in the bay

(Photo: Endemol Shining)

Colby’s affair with Taylor isn’t the only thing on Angelo’s radar – he also worked on Colby’s murder case. Convinced that Colby is the one who murdered Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak), Bella’s father, the witness comes forward when Angelo calls a detective to get a warrant for Colby’s arrest. Detective says the case may be stronger, but he’s okay with his arrest. Is Angelo Colby going to get arrested and make the final push to go to jail for murder?

The scenes will be recorded from Monday the 11th. January on channel 5.

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