There’s nothing that will get fans fired up quite like the idea of two of the NBA’s biggest stars and biggest names leaving their original teams and forming a super team. The question is, which current star would you want to see join forces with LeBron James or Kevin Durant? Who is the better player to join forces with their former MVPs?

LeBron James and Kevin Durant have both left their original NBA teams. These two players have paved the way for the NBA to become what it is today. Young NBA fans would learn more about the game if they studied these two players.

The 2016-2017 NBA season was one of the best in a long time. The Golden State Warriors accomplished the unthinkable, sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. Along the way, many players rode the wave of the Warriors’ success, resulting in a record-breaking season. The two players that stood out the most were LeBron James and Kevin Durant, who joined their respective teams on different years and were instrumental in their success.. Read more about where is kevin durant from and let us know what you think.

The Best NBA Players That Left Their Original Teams: LeBron James and Kevin Durant Started A New Era

It was refreshing to watch Giannis Antetokounmpo win the NBA championship with the Milwaukee Bucks because it demonstrated that a player’s initial club can still triumph. It’s definitely more difficult to win in the original city given that collaborating with celebrities is the norm.

When you look at the greatest players in the NBA right now, you’ll see that many of them have left their initial clubs for better opportunities. This has always been the case with great NBA players, but departing in their prime was frowned upon. Winning an NBA title as soon as possible has a negative impact on a player’s legacy, which is why superteams are becoming the new norm. The ten top players in the NBA right now are listed below.

Jimmy Butler (#10)

Jimmy Butler To Karl-Anthony Towns-

Heat Nation is a group of people that are passionate

Jimmy Butler put in a lot of effort to get to where he is now, despite being the No. 30 overall selection and not being anticipated to become a star in the NBA. But earning Most Improved Player in 2015 catapulted him into the spotlight. In free agency, he would join Minnesota in the hopes of making them a contender, but he created a huge stir by pushing his way out of town.

Butler never thought Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns were as committed to the 76ers as he was, but they helped the team reach the Eastern Conference Finals. Butler, unfortunately for Philadelphia, departed after just half a season with the club, shockingly joining the Heat. Butler reached the Finals in 2020 and has a chance to do it again with the addition of Miami’s Kyle Lowry.

Kyrie Irving (nine)

kyrie irving

The Cleveland Cavaliers selected Irving first overall because they believed he would be one of the greatest ball-handlers and one-on-one scorers in the league right away. He was a terrific player for Cleveland early on, but his greatest moment came in Game 7 of the 2016 Finals, when he made a game-winning shot against Stephen Curry.

Kyrie departed LeBron James and the Cavaliers in a humbling manner, moving to Boston and failing to enjoy any playoff success. He tried his luck as the team’s starting point guard, but it’s obvious that he’s better suited as a sidekick, which he now does in Brooklyn with Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Russell Westbrook (#8)

Russell Westbrook Says He Has Nothing To Prove After Joining The Lakers:

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Russell Westbrook was known as Mr. Thunder because he never wanted to leave the Thunder. Westbrook was selected fourth overall in the 2008 NBA Draft by the Thunder, and by his third season, he had grown into an All-Star. With Oklahoma City, Westbrook was named to seven All-Star teams and did his hardest to win a championship there.

Despite playing with Kevin Durant and Paul George, he never won a championship, and the Thunder decided to sell him to the Rockets as part of their rebuilding process. Westbrook played with Houston for one season, Washington for another, and is currently a member of the Los Angeles Lakers’ superteam.

Paul George is number seven.

Paul George Says He's Ready For A Long Playoff Run-

The The The Bleacher Report is a news organization that focuses on sports is a news organization that focuses on sports is a news organization that focuses on sports

Paul George, who was selected with the No. 10 selection in the 2010 NBA Draft, was a fantastic player for the Indiana Pacers. George was named to the All-Rookie Team as a rookie, but by his third season, he had developed into one of the greatest two-way players in the league.

George didn’t think he had a shot at Indiana and expressed his wish to be moved. He was moved to the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he enjoyed his greatest season as an individual at the cost of the team’s success. In Los Angeles, PG teamed up with Kawhi Leonard and now has the greatest opportunity of winning his first NBA championship.

Chris Paul is number six.

Suns Owner Robert Sarver Says He Doesn't Know If Chris Paul Will Return Next Season-

Bleacher Report

Chris Paul is one of the greatest players in NBA history, and he has helped the Charlotte Hornets and Los Angeles Clippers become playoff contenders. Paul may have put Charlotte on the map, but no one questioned his decision to lead the Los Angeles Clippers to repeated playoff visits.

However, the Rockets and Clippers worked out an agreement to transfer Paul to Houston, and the club reaped the benefits by reaching the Western Conference Finals in 2018. Paul has emerged as the Suns’ long-term solution after a brief stint in Oklahoma City and a good season in Phoenix. Chris Paul has always been loyal to his teams, and he has never really pushed his way out of any of them.

James Harden (#5)

James Harden-

Bleacher Report

James Harden has long been the league’s most divisive player, owing to his isolation-based game that relies on drawing fouls and attempting step-back shots. Harden, on the other hand, faced a barrage of criticism, especially from Houston fans, for abandoning his team and demanding a trade to the Brooklyn Nets.

The Beard is regarded as one of the greatest isolation scorers in NBA history, and many thought he had the ability to lead Houston to victory. Regardless, Harden is a top-5 player in the NBA who has a chance to win his first championship with the Brooklyn Nets, who are a superteam.

Anthony Davis, No. 4

Credit: USATSI

courtesy of USATSI

Because he didn’t think he could win in New Orleans, Anthony Davis pushed his way out. In many respects, he may be correct, despite the organization’s addition of Jrue Holiday and DeMarcus Cousins. Davis, on the other hand, pushed his way to Los Angeles, which worked out well for him.

Davis’ departure from New Orleans left a sour taste in people’s mouths since he seemed to “leave” his team, but he had no choice but to go to Los Angeles to join LeBron James. Davis won the NBA championship in 2020, and he is expected to be the Lakers’ long-term face.

Kawhi Leonard (#3)

Kendrick Perkins Says Kawhi Leonard Is


Kawhi Leonard is one of the greatest two-way players of all time, having won two championships with two different teams. Despite playing alongside Hall of Famers like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili, Leonard triumphed with the Spurs. Leonard pushed his way out of San Antonio, and the Spurs decided to take things into their own hands by moving him to the Raptors over conference lines.

Toronto had never made it to the NBA Finals before, and Leonard had a great season, winning the trophy in 2019. In the Finals, Leonard benefited from injuries to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, yet he still managed to win. With the Clippers, Leonard is now playing for his third franchise, and a victory there would put him among four other players (LeBron James, Danny Green, Robert Horry, and John Salley) who have won multiple championships with three different teams.

LeBron James, No. 2

LeBron James

Although LeBron James is the NBA’s sharpest player, he is beyond his peak and has lost his position as the greatest overall player. In Cleveland, the King fought his hardest to win, but in Miami, he had to create a superteam to win his first two rings. In many respects, it was the greatest thing that could have happened to LeBron’s career because it gave him the opportunity to win more rings, including the crucial one in Cleveland.

LeBron’s return to Cleveland resurrected the Cavaliers as a title contender, and he won the championship in 2016 after rallying from a 1-3 deficit. James also changed teams once again, joining the Lakers and earning his fourth ring there alongside Anthony Davis. James is also credited with starting the practice of players controlling their own destiny.

Kevin Durant, No. 1

Kevin Durant After Loss To Bucks- “Every Day You Wake Up, It Should Be About Your Craft.


Kevin Durant is the greatest player in the world since he had the finest season and Olympic performance last year. Durant had a great season last year, averaging 26.9 points per game and 7.1 rebounds per game, and he took his game to another level in the playoffs, averaging 34.3 points per game and 9.3 rebounds per game.

Because of his height and talents, Durant is the greatest in the world at scoring the ball. By capturing his third gold medal and scoring the most points in Team USA history, Durant cemented his place as the greatest Olympian in American history. Durant famously departed Oklahoma City to join Golden State, where he formed the most dominating superteam in modern history, winning two championships. Later, Durant joined Brooklyn to compete for a third championship with Kyrie Irving and James Harden.


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