The scientific community has been warning us about the alarming rate of deforestation. The key word here is alarming. As the current rate of deforestation climbs, the Earth is losing 7.7 billion tons of trees each year. This is equivalent to removing all the trees in the United States every five days. On the other hand, the rate of forest regrowth is also less than half of what it was 30 years ago. So, what does this mean? It means that the Earth is losing its natural forest cover at a rate that is fast outpacing the rate of growth. And the worst part is, this all happens with very little media attention.

Nature has always had a way of rebelling against human encroachment. From clear-cut forests to the gradual extinction of the great apes, humans have caused almost unimaginable damage to the planet’s ecosystems. But now, scientists say many of the world’s favorite trees are on the brink of extinction, either because of the effects of climate change or because of human activities.

Trees are one of nature’s most iconic plants. Though they’re dwarfed by other plants in size, they’re among the most important to the environment, providing us with oxygen, building homes, and creating habitats. Despite their importance, trees are under attack by humans.



A report on the “State of the World’s Trees” was submitted by Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI). Over the course of five years, hundreds of specialists from different universities gathered data. Their research included hundreds of tree species from all around the globe, revealing the severity of the problem. Around 17,500 species seem to be on the verge of extinction. Magnolias, oaks, maples, and ebonies are a few examples.

Hundreds of other species are at danger of extinction. Many people have died as a result of natural catastrophes such as floods and wildfires. Man-made devastation in the name of agriculture, animal husbandry, and logging has been added to this list.

Many trees are used by humans for a number of purposes, including fuel, medicines, and wood. They easily overlook that a world devoid of plants may result in the formation of another desolate planet similar to Mars.

According to the Daily Mail UK, trees are suffering as a result of over-exploitation and poor management. Another human-caused danger is climate change. Climate change affects the habitat ranges of many species, in addition to direct loss from fires and floods. According to a December 2017 media estimate, forest fires in 2015 and 2016 destroyed enough trees to cover Spain.

Trees are threatened by rising sea levels and severe weather.

Some tree species were identified as being endangered by sea-level rise and severe weather conditions in the research.

The Caribbean magnolias come under this group. Different kinds of trees in Madagascar, as well as oak species in the United States, are threatened by fire. There are certain species that have just a few individuals remaining on the planet.

Malawi’s Mulanje cedar is an example. The nature of the danger, according to the Daily Mail UK, differs by area.

Trees are sometimes felled with the purpose of extracting ebony, mahogany, or rosewood. Deforestation is a danger to oaks in South and Central America. President Donald Trump and President Emmanuel Macron planted an oak tree at the White House in April 2018, but it has since vanished.

Taking care of trees is essential.

Trees play an important role in our lives. They offer a safe haven for birds as well as shade for everyone. The BGCI is urging governments and professionals to take the required measures to preserve various tree species. According to the Daily Mail UK, they have discovered a number of ways for trees that are classified as endangered species.

“This study is a wake-up call to everyone across the globe that trees need assistance,” said UN Secretary-General Paul Smith. Global conservation effort that is coordinated is urgently needed. Although Christmas trees survive for a long time, a $59,000 tree in Rome perished after just two weeks.

Trees play an important role in the natural environment.

BGCI warns that almost a third of the world’s tree species are endangered, according to Reuters.

It is critical that the world recognizes the gravity of the situation. On a preliminary estimate, there are twice as many endangered tree species as there are threatened mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles combined. That ought to be eye-opening. Trees play an important role in the natural environment. Trees are essential in the fight against global warming and climate change because their roots connect the soil. The extinction of one species may lead to the extinction of many others. “Every tree species important,” says Paul Smith, “to the millions of other species that rely on trees, and to humans all around the globe.” Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Colombia, and Venezuela are the six nations with the highest danger of tree extinction.

More than 180 tree species are affected by rising sea levels and harsh weather. Clearly, their well-being is a concern that the rest of the world cannot overlook. Because trees are becoming more numerous, they need protection from natural disasters such as fires and floods. It is important to remember that trees contribute to ecological balance and environmental preservation.


Wild animals are being killed for their fur, illegally harvested timber is being cut down, and many species are becoming extinct because of human activities.  The rapid Westernization of the world is causing rapid destruction of nature, and the destruction of nature is causing the devastation of the world.. Read more about major threats of forest ecosystem ppt and let us know what you think.

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