As students head back to school this autumn, they will be bombarded with fresh ideas for both term papers and essays. While this might be a headache for some, it can also be an opportunity to discover useful techniques and terms that will help students boost their grades—at least according to the experts. (A recent study by onlineinterviews revealed that people’s use of these phrases will make them appear more intelligent and impressive.)

The demand for well-written essays has never been greater. Thanks to the high cost of education, the internet, and increased access to technology, many students are required to write essays for a living. In a report by the “U.S. News” in January of this year, it was shown that well-written essays earn their authors approximately $1,500 per week. (a)

What words will people be using in 2021? It’s hard to tell with any certainty, but a survey conducted by has uncovered some interesting trends. (Onlineinterview is a leading interview blog, read by people working in administration, education, and human resources.) The top five words and phrases to appear in essays in 2021 were all acronyms, though not of the variety that we typically see today. Rather, these acronyms all pointed to the need for international cooperation, and the contributions of various institutions around the world.</pSource: word-image-5150 If you’re looking to take your essay writing game up a notch, we’re here to show you how! When you start writing, you don’t just want to write any old words, you need to be choosey and go with words that paint a detailed picture of your thoughts and ideas. To do so, we’ve compiled the ultimate list along with writers from Do My Exam For Me so that you know how to rock your essay from the get-go. Not only will your essay sound better but it will also be easier to understand and follow, flowing from start to finish.

Words to Avoid

Before we get into the superstar words, we’d first like to hit you with a few words you never want to use. The reason you want to avoid these words is that they take away meaning and change the context and tone of your text. Plus, they just don’t sound good. So, when writing, leave these following words out: Source: word-image-5151

  • Obviously
  • Just
  • Like
  • Literally
  • Seriously

Now, on to the words that you should use. We’ve separated them into categories, helping you use them as you write to create a solid essay.


Source: word-image-5152 Whether it’s a quote, an art piece, a movie, or a thought, you’ll have to explain things at some point in your essay. Explanations are found throughout the writing, especially your assignments. While you might want to dive in and start using all of your favorite adjectives, it’s best to first consider using these words. They’ll help you with your explanations and add some order to your essay so that it reads smoothly.

  1. In order to
  2. In other words
  3. To put it in other words
  4. This is to say

Provide More Details

Source: word-image-5153 Just because you’re explained something doesn’t mean that the details stop there. You may need to refer back to something you said or, keep on going with your thought process. When you have extra things to say about a thought or idea introduced in your paper, engineering assignment writer suggests using these 11 words to show the reader where you going and help guide them along as you develop your story.

  1. Moreover
  2. Furthermore
  3. What’s More
  4. Likewise
  5. Similarly
  6. Another Key
  7. As well as
  8. Additionally
  9. Not only
  10. Words of Order (First, Second, Last)
  11. Not to Mention

Making a Comparison or Contrast

Source: word-image-5154 When you’re creating very complex ideas that provoke thought, you might have some comparing to do. Well, even if your ideas are not that complex, you still need to compare and contrast ideas, objects, or maybe even people. When you have two or more things you need to compare, use these seven words to help you out.

  1. However
  2. On the other hand
  3. Having said that
  4. By contrast
  5. Then again
  6. That said
  7. Yet


Source: word-image-5155 With a lot of thoughts and ideas bouncing around, you need something that can tie them together and bring you to your final point. That’s where acknowledging comes into play, helping you clarify your thoughts and ideas. When you add these powerful words to your writing, you can paint a clearer picture all around and increase your reader’s understanding too. To acknowledge like a pro, use these seven words to help you out.

  1. Despite this
  2. With this in mind
  3. Provided that
  4. In light of
  5. Nonetheless
  6. Nevertheless
  7. Notwithstanding

Providing an Example

Source: word-image-5156 When writers from Sharpessay (top essay writing service) work on your essay, they always make sure to provide examples. The stronger the examples, the better the development of the paper goes. Examples help to increase the understanding of your ideas and add extra support so that your ideas are believable. So, to provide an example, make sure to introduce it with these two phrases:

  1. For instance
  2. To paint a picture

Adding Importance

Source: word-image-5157 When something is really important and should be considered by you and your readers, you need a way to make it known. To signal that something is important or noteworthy in your paper, you can add these words to introduce an idea or string them into a sentence to show that they are important to your idea.

  1. Significantly
  2. Notably
  3. Importantly

To Sum It up

After all, is said and done, the last thing you want to do is leave your conclusion bland. Sum everything you talked about up with a strong word that will strengthen your argument and help you end off with a bang.

  1. In conclusion
  2. Above all
  3. Persuasive
  4. Compelling
  5. All things considered

Best Essay Structure

Source: word-image-5158 Now that you have all the best words to add to an essay, you might be left wondering how to organize your essay. While your instructors might give you specifics, we’ll share a no-fail structure that you can use with all essays no matter the topic. You should include:


This is where you get your readers hooked so make it a good one. While you want to give them a preview, don’t go overboard and keep it around 200 words.


This is the part of your paper where all of your ideas come to life. You can introduce them, compare and contrast, and even argue them. Whatever you choose to do, try and break it up into three paragraphs and make them around 300 words each.


Just like the intro, the conclusion needs to be short and sweet. In less than 250 words, you should sum up your ideas and leave your readers with something that they can think about once they’re done. Leave them impacted and they will be asking for more or, in your professor’s case, give you a better grade.To write a winning essay for a scholarship, or for a job interview, you need to be able to strike the perfect balance between showing off your intellect while also being personable. In 2021, it will be almost impossible to do that without these 39 words and phrases. The importance of these terms will mostly be seen in the application essay, which will be the primary means of applying for scholarships, attending university, and applying for jobs.. Read more about good vocabulary words to use in an essay and let us know what you think.

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