The 2020 NFL season has been full of surprises and has certainly been one of the most memorable seasons in the recent past. NFL fans aren’t used to seeing the New England Patriots finish third in the league in week 13.

With a 5-6 victory over the Arizona Cardinals 20-17 the Patriots hope to reach the final stretch of the playoffs. Your game of 13. The week against the Los Angeles Chargers is crucial, which has to show Bill Belichik’s classic football.

Here are four bold predictions for the Patriotic Week 13 match against the Chargers:

#1. Passenger battery chargers for the New England elite are only

Patriots, Bill Belichik, Stefan Gilmore...

The Los Angeles Chargers are second in the NFL after Kansas City. On average, they run more than 280 yards per race led by QB newcomer Justin Herbert.

Herbert has been praised by NFL officials and coaches for his ability to read the brain and defense. However, he never played against Bill Belitchik and the New England Patriots.

Belichik is known for his success against new quarterbacks, no matter how good they are. In week 13, Belichik and Patriots 19-5 against the new Buy More. Belichick is doing a great job by sending out many complex defensive cover-ups that will confuse even the smartest quarterback. The Secondary Patriot Chapter would cause all kinds of problems for the chargers on Sunday. I don’t see Herbert coming within 500 feet of the dashboard.

#2. Damien Harris will race over 100 meters, 2 TD.

Damien Harris, the Patriots.

The Chargers are in the lower half of the NFL in terms of fast defense and leave more than 120 yards per game on the field. The patriots fought immeasurably in passing. Cam Newton walked 84 meters last week with a 50 percent completion rate, without hitting the ground or two interceptions, but he still found a way to win.

I see the patriots are leaning heavily on an escort this week and that’s why their leader, Damien Harris, is running back. Harris has run over 100 yards three times this season and is ready to break through against the average offensive team of the Chargers.

Damien Harris is the first patriot who has returned as legitimate leader in recent years. The usual support committee has been disbanded due to the impressive performance of Harris this season. Harris should see a good amount of harbor, and not only could I see it from above, but I could also find the end zone.

Expect Damien Harris to play the role of the monster on Sunday.

#3. Cam Newton will have a completion rate greater than 65%

Cam Newton, the patriots.

Cam Newton certainly struggled with the accuracy of his 60 percent passing career. As for accuracy, he could never get over a bump, but on Sunday he wouldn’t need it.

Chargers has one of the best second models in the NFL, so that may surprise most people, but I think Cam will play badly in week 12.

With the Patriots taking a very race-oriented approach this week, I don’t think Cam will be firing too many shots across the field, with an emphasis on safety, back-pass control and tight ends. As a result, Cam’s execution rate is likely to be above average. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cam was a more effective quarterback in Sunday’s game against the Chargers.

#4. Patriotic protection keeps chargers under 20 points

Justin Herbert Chargers, Anthony Lynn.

Defending the Patriots has been an important concern for his team in recent years. They’re related to their second match, but they’re pretty well matched.

Bill Belichik is known to have competed a few times against the newcomers at QB, so I don’t expect Herbert to have a great match. From the point of view of the current game, Austin Eckler may be willing to bet some large numbers, but it is usually used in a control situation. Even Eckler’s massive contribution will not move the chain against this team of well-trained patriots.

As a result, the chargers turn the ball around and cannot hit the red zone often, scoring less than 20 points per game.


After the victory in week 13, the Patriots won 6-6 and stayed in the AFC Playoffs. As far as the eye could see, the patriots could throw in the towel for the season. Even if they win the other games, the AFC-team rarely manages to qualify for the play-offs with 9-7.

Expect Cam Newton to make short, smart places to open the receivers. He won’t spin and risk the ball, and the Patriots will rely heavily on Damien Harris to carry most of the offensive load.

In general, the Patriots are expected to win this game.

Quinnen Williams, Jets, Aaron Donald.

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