The Arizona Cardinals are getting ready for Sunday’s big game against the Los Angeles Rams. This will be a class A mission for the cardinals, who need everyone to be healthy enough to be on the field on Sunday.

If the Cardinals lose to the Rams, their chances of qualifying for the play-offs are lost permanently. They currently have an 8-7 record, putting them in third place in the NFC East behind the Rams and Seattle Seahawks. As for last place in qualifying, the Rams are essentially blocked depending on the outcome of the game against the Cardinals or the defeat of the Chicago Bears by the Green Bay Packers.

However, the Rams will not be full on Sunday with all available options due to some unfortunate injuries. Sunday is the end of time for some teams, and the cardinals will do their best to avoid being on a plane forever.

Here are some bold predictions for the 17th week of the Battle of Cardinals-Rams.

1. Cardinal defense ends Walford

On Sunday, John Wolford will attend his first real NFL game. Although this is good news in the usual scenario, week 17 is the most important game of the Rams so far this season. Jared Goff won’t be ready to leave because of his thumb break in week 17 against the Seattle Seahawks.

While Goff was preparing Walford for his career debut, Walford found himself in one of the most intense environments for every caller. The 25-year-old has spent the last two years with the Rams, although he has never received anything other than the coaching staff.

The Cardinals are 14th in the league in defense, but they have been exceptional throughout the season by limiting the yards thrown by opposing quarterbacks. Given that this is a decisive game, Cardinals Wolford will not be able to start his career in a good way.

2. Hopkins makes carpet for.

It’s all about marbles, which means everyone pushes all their chips on Sunday. DeAndre Hopkins has played impressively alongside Kyler Murray this season. The management team hopes that the same chemistry will pay out again in week 17, when it is in its most important place.

Hopkins is still recovering from a hip injury he suffered in week 16 against the San Francisco 49ers, but that won’t stop the five-time pro-bowler from playing at his highest level against the Rams. He is not yet excluded and an indication that he has limited training is positive.

Hopkins did a decent job against the Rams in their first race of week 13. He caught 61.5% of his goals over 52 meters and scored a touchdown.

Knowing that the cardinals will certainly have more time, the 28-year-old, who is excluded, will give the cardinals a chance to reach the play-offs.

3. Murray has become a legend

Murray was almost in the same boat as Goff, as both field generals were confronted with problematic injuries. Murray, however, said his injury is not serious enough to prevent him from participating in Sunday’s epic showdown.

Murray, like many of the cardinals’ main players, is recovering from a leg injury sustained last week against the 49ers.

In any case, the young quarterback will not hesitate to put himself in the spotlight on Sunday. Murray will be charged with playing against a formidable Rams defense that could make the game difficult. The Rams are currently a trio of defenders under arrest, especially in the passing game.

But Murray’s not a workhorse. He has thrown more than 240 yards in each of his last three games, gaining over 60% of his passes. His last outing against the Rams ended well, and he threw for three touchdowns when he was limited to just 53.9% of his shots.

Expect Murray to score three extra 265-yard touchdowns on Sunday.

4. Cardinals win an exciting game

This contest comes down to who wants it the most. If the cardinals lose, their season is over and they have nothing left to show for it, except the development of some of their protagonists.

We hope Larry Fitzgerald will join Buddha Baker on Sunday. If you have such critical grades, you can make your way pretty easy. The Cards also just lost a 20-12 against the 49ers and lost their last game against the Rams. They’ll be looking for blood when the game starts.

The fact that the Rams will be Goff-free will certainly help in the long run, but the Cardinals will certainly gain momentum. By the time the last second comes, Arizona will have a spot in the playoffs.

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