The sequel to Escape Room , the horror movie where you must solve puzzles and find clues to escape certain death, is now in the works. The story was created by Jeff Wadlow, directed by Greg Mclean, and stars AJ Bowen, Taylor Russell, and Cassi Davis. According to IMDB, “Samantha (Russell) and Dave (Bowen) are now married, and are expecting their first child. When their son is born, they open the most unusual gift ever: a mysterious room that is their new home.”

The first Escape Room movie was a box office hit and a critical darling. Now, the sequel, Escape Room 2: Be the Thinker, has begun filming and it looks like the events which have occurred over the span of time have finally come to a head. The sequel, which is being directed by Christopher Landon (who directed the original film), will take the characters outside of the original room to a second location that will allow for a new set of challenges.

The sequel to the most-talked about horror movie of last year, Escape Room, has finally been revealed by onlineinterviews. The plot for the movie is as follows:

Sony Pictures has announced the title and plot details for the 2019 sequel to the surprise hit Escape from a Room. In an exclusive interview with CinemaBlend, Sony revealed that the sequel to the claustrophobic film will be called Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, and as you’d expect, it looks like it will be bigger and more disturbing than the original.

Based on the world-famous escape room phenomenon – a fairly simple premise where a group of people are locked in a room where they must solve a series of difficult puzzles – the film clearly doesn’t subscribe to the idea that everyone escapes, whether they win or not. Instead, in the film, six strangers are invited by a mysterious host to participate in an elaborate escape room that looks more like the Saw franchise than a team-building session. As with any horror story of this kind, by the end of the film most of the cast is dead and the mysterious organization is trying to cover up what happened. This makes the Escape Room possible: Tournament of Champions the basis of its plot and the expansion of the world in which it takes place.

APPROPRIATE: Escape Room 2 is reeling from a new, earlier-than-expected summer release date for
Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is the sequel to the psychological thriller that terrified audiences around the world. In this episode, six people unintentionally get stuck in another set of escape rooms and gradually discover what they have in common to survive….. and discover that they have all played this game before.

Ahead of the trailer’s release on Wednesday, Adam Robitel said in an interview with CinemaBlend: We learn that while we had an isolated view of Zoë’s story in the first film, we will realize that there are many games going on in the world at any given time. Ben and Zoë will soon realize that there are other people in this movie, other characters who have also been through the games, and suddenly it’s a bit of a championship game now. You’ve all played this game before. It’s kind of a reflection on trauma and how people deal with it. But also what they learned in their first trial by fire.

Actors Taylor Russell and Logan Miller return for the sequel to continue the story of their characters after the brutal experiences they had in Escape Room. The character of Zoey, played by Russell, is obsessed with exposing the Minos corporation, which is behind the games and manipulating and killing innocent people. This leads them to the Tournament of Champions, where they must compete against other survivors of Minos’ corrupt games.

Robitel spoke highly of some of the other participants participating in the games, but he was a bit more cautious about who exactly is creating Escape Death Rooms to punish and challenge people for specific reasons. There are some serious Saw references here too: It seems that Minos manipulates and tortures his participants as part of a moral crusade.

I try to ask each of them questions like I did in the first film, he continued. We tend to answer the question: Why does this man have a scar? And why does this man seem to be reading someone their last rights? There’s a character who has a very strange physical condition – not a disease, but some kind of abnormal immune system, and so strange things happen to the pain. And so we raise all these questions (which proves) that these are not ordinary signs. Each of them has their own little secret that says a lot about the games they have been through.

If you think that all the answers will be revealed and that this will be the last Escape Room, you don’t watch movies like this very often. Escape Room: The Tournament of Champions begins on the 16th. July in theaters, just in time for everyone to come out of isolation to sit in a dark room and watch other people lock themselves in dark rooms.


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