Black Clover has come a long, long way since its first appearance in the fall of 2017. When it first aired, it gained an ambivalent reputation among fans, as it made an unpleasant first impression on many. Yuki Tabata’s original manga series has an arc or two to show all the moving parts of the story, but the anime adaptation was more difficult. Almost four years later, the anime finds itself in a completely different situation, as the latest episode is a world of difference from the first.

Asta, who we’ve seen in action over the past few days, has grown so much, and that sense of growth extends to the entire experience in the final episode of the anime. It’s a fantastic ending for the anime, but there’s also so much more to explore with the new versions. The main cliffhanger is really painful, but it’s not enough to spoil the whole thing. Instead, it’s bittersweet.

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The final episode of the series is not closure for the series as a whole or the individual characters, and that is probably the biggest shortcoming of this series as an overall finale. The story goes so far that it is far from over. Unfortunately, that means we don’t get the same sense of accomplishment from this finale that we usually get from series endings.

The anime ends at an awkward moment, and it’s impossible to avoid Tabata’s manga going forward. The anime makes up for it though, as it focuses on reflecting on Asta’s growth in her final moments, and fills in some very important blanks. This finale reveals more about Asta’s mother, her demon, and the surprising bond between the three, and instead offers a sense of emotional closure.

This is far from the end of the story, but it is an excellent conclusion to this period of Asta’s life. Asta, who we got to know in the first series, was loud, sassy and generally much less developed than the version we got to know in the finale. The scene where Asta grabs his sword and his hand swells shows that he has not only grown physically, but mentally as well. There’s even a remix of the first opening, Haruka Mirai (where the episode’s title comes from), to combine the two Astas.

Black Clover(Photo: Pierrot)

As satisfying as this moment is for the anime as a whole, it leaves so much room to explore with a new movie or a possible new series of episodes in a year or two, when more manga is released. All in all, the Black Clover series finale is a great conclusion to the series so far. …. but we definitely need more. It’s like this finale is the tip of the iceberg for an even more explosive finale. This anime deserves it for all the work it has done over the years.

But how did you like the Black Clover episode? Was it somehow a good ending for the series? Are you excited about the new movie coming out? Let us know what you think in the comments or contact me directly for animations and other cool stuff @ Valdezology on Twitter!

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