For those who want to deliver a monstrous message of love to a special someone this year, Toho has found a solution. The company has released an official Godzilla Valentine’s Day card game, just in time for this annual celebration of love. The cards feature not only the Monster King himself, but also several other kaiju from the studio’s extensive library of characters.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Download one of these cards and send it to your favorite Kaiju today ❤️ What’s your favorite card?


Valentine’s Day cards were posted on Godzilla’s official social media accounts. Among the monsters featured were Godzilla, Space Godzilla, Ghidora, Mechagodzilla and, perhaps strangest of all, Biolante. It’s an interesting mix of familiar beasts and a few slightly lesser known ones from the studio’s extensive catalog. All the cards have sacred messages. Godzilla, for example, holds a heart in her hand that says, “I make my way into your heart.” Meanwhile, Ghidora says, “I’m three heads taller than you.” The cards were shared on Twitter with the following message.

Godzilla vs Kong is getting a bunch of new link books and ”
Happy Valentine’s Day” comics! Download any of these cards and send them off today as a special kaiju gift at What’s your favorite card?

Although these cards are not physically available, they can be downloaded for free from the official Godzilla website. The monsters seem to have been chosen a bit randomly. Still, there are a few options worth considering. Ghidorah has been proposed as the main villain in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the latest installment in the current MonsterVerse franchise. He is said to have been defeated by Godzilla, who took his place as king.

But the most interesting choice is probably the Mechagodzilla. Although not officially confirmed, there are strong suspicions that the mechanical monster will be part of the next Godzilla vs. Kong. The leaked toys and some photos of caravans show this. The fact that the monster was on one of these Valentine’s Day cards probably doesn’t mean much. It was just a good pun. Namely, “I’m in love with you.”

As we mentioned, the next game is Godzilla vs. Kong. It will be the cinematic revenge of the century, with two of the most legendary monsters in history going head-to-head once again. The film was directed by Adam Wingard, known for his work on The Blair Witch and You’re Next. He is surrounded by a huge list of people, including Millie Bobby Brown and Kyle Chandler, who just returned from The King of the Monsters.

It will be one of many films making their debut in theaters and on HBO Max this year. WarnerMedia has decided to take all of Warner Bros. 2021 and give these titles a hybrid release that will be released on HBO Max in the U.S. and in theaters if possible. Hollywood has already ruffled a lot of feathers. Legendary Pictures, which co-financed the upcoming MonsterVerse appearance, was initially less than enthusiastic. Eventually, both parties reached an agreement. Godzilla vs Kong should be released on March 31. You can download the Godzilla Valentine cards at

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