The Dreamcatcher has taken over the Instagram world with their latest announcement. INSOMNIA! is a game that allows you to take on the role of an insomniac. The game will be available for download this June and follows in line with other Dreamcatcher games, including Root A Wish, which was released last month.,

Dreamcatcher is a new social media app that allows users to create personal accounts for their favorite TV show or movie. The app has just made its grand entrance on Instagram with Personal Accounts for INSOMNIA!

Dreamcatcher Makes a Grand Entrance on Instagram with Personal Accounts for INSOMNIA!

Dreamcatcher debuts on social media with a bang!

YAHOO!! A BIG SURPRISE for a great start to the year. The revelation that all seven members of the DREAMCATCHER girl group have gone public has made the whole K-POP fandom blush. All of ‘InSomnia’s’ admirers are ecstatic. On January 13, 2022, the official Dreamcatcher group surprised its fans by announcing the seven members’ personal Instagram profiles.

The news was verified through Instagram story on the fifth anniversary of her debut. As a result of the influx of admirers, the number of followers has increased from 42K to 52K.

All 7 Dreamcatcher Members Open Personal Instagram Accounts

Dreamcatcher’s choice to make their accounts public has thrust them into the spotlight. Individual members’ initial postings are flooded with likes and wonderful remarks. JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, and Dami made comprised the female group MINX, which consisted of five members. They’ve released many albums under this moniker, the most recent of which being the EP LOVE SHAKE in July 2015.

In November 2016, they announced their re-debut under the moniker DREAMCATCHER. In 2017, they made a hot return with two new members: Handong and Gahyeon. The female group reformed under Happyface Entertainment, now known as Dreamcatcher, and debuted with the single album Nightmare on January 13, 2017.

On February 13, Dreamcatcher released their fourth EP, The End of Nightmare, which proved to be a turning point for the female group. The album spawned a new hit, ‘PIRI,’ which catapulted the group into the spotlight. Dreamcatcher combines its characteristic rock acoustics with music from its eponymous musical instrument to create wizard enchantment. Dreamcatcher’s agency, Happyface Entertainment, changed their label name to DreamCatcher Company on the same day. The gang will thereafter be unable to turn back.

The following are the personal Instagram accounts of each of the seven dreamcatcher members:

(minjiu u) JiU (minjiu u) JiU (minjiu 

JiU, the all-rounder leader, is at the heart of the ensemble, serving as lead singer, lead dancer, and visual position. Her debut photograph, in which she sits amid cotton-made clouds, is causing hearts to flutter.

JiU | DreamcatcherJiU on Instagram

A SuA ( sualelbora )

SuA, the lead rapper and major dancer, used her Instagram account to show off her passion for cameras and images. Her artistic sensibility, as seen by her many images, astounded her admirers.

SuA | DreamcatcherSuA on Instagram

Yoohyeon Yoohyeon Yoohyeon Yo ( ms.yoohyeonkim )

Yoohyeon, the main singer, dedicates his first post to nature. Taking a walk in the woods with a beautiful backdrop adds character to the photo, making it more attractive. With emojis and the date, the star attempted to describe her sentiments and components of the shot.

DreamcatcherYoohyeon’s Instagram

Dami(00ld ami) is a character in the game 00ld ami.

Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami, Dami A heartfelt scene is being created by the gorgeous face with a sense of peace and tenderness. It explains the idol’s true nature.

Dreamcatcher | DamiDamian on Instagram

Siyeon (_____s2ing) is a South Korean actress. 

Lead vocalist Siyeon (_____s2ing) is a South Korean actress. made her entry with a pleasing word ‘ Ta-da’ and glimpse of her neck tattoo. Her unique way to starting Instagram journey was appreciated in many fan pages. With the picture the idol wanted to establish a telepathic connection with fans exclaiming that she knows how much her fans love her tattoos.

Dreamcatcher | DamiDamian on Instagram

Handong (0.0 handong) is a character in the game Handong.

Handong, the sub singer, looks stunning in a white gown and holding a white lace umbrella. With its peaceful contrasted white-green backdrop, the post is drawing a lot of fans and non-fans alike. Her remark “InSomnia, I’m here” with pink hearts emoji – which is devoted to Dreamcatcher fanbase – is receiving a lot of attention.

DreamcatcherHandong on Instagram

Gahyeon is a city in South Korea ( fox..zzlo )

Gahyeon, the main rapper, shocked her fans with her new haircut as she made the huge news of creating her own Instagram account. Her initial post’s comment box is flooded with praise for her short hair and mesmerizing beauty, which she maintained even after she chopped her long locks.

Dreamcatcher | GahyeonGahyeon (Instagram)


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Dreamcatcher made a grand entrance on Instagram with personal accounts for INSOMNIA! and the show’s cast. The account is run by the show’s creator, Dami Lee. Reference: dami dreamcatcher instagram.

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