Well, the Nintendo Switch will be officially discontinued next year, so that means it’s time to start the games inbox! With Switch Pro, it was all over for the Nintendo Switch, we knew it would be difficult to continue development for it, and we had to make a choice. To make a long story short, we decided to focus on our future projects. We’re not saying goodbye to the Switch, but we will not be releasing Switch Pro, that’s all.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is meant to be a way to extend the life of the Nintendo Switch, but does it add anything to the experience. And is it worth the price?

What comes after the OLED version of the Switch? (Image: Nintendo)

The Tuesday Inbox agrees that $1.5 million for Super Mario 64 is too much, and a reader is hoping for a new Onimusha game.

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rumors Now that we’ve all recovered from Nintendo’s surprising OLED reveal, I’d like to ask the obvious question that everyone seems to be avoiding: Will the Switch Pro come out next year or later? The rumors of extra power seemed pretty certain, and at some point something new would be added. The Switch can’t last forever, and even though Nintendo said the Switch should last 10 years, even the Game Boy got a mid-gen update.

And yet I can’t bring myself to say it’s an absolute certainty or anything close to it. I have no idea what Nintendo is doing, and I don’t think anyone else does either. But I’d like to know if that applies to them too? Is there some sort of secret plan going on right now, or are they doing everything randomly? I have a feeling it’s the second option.

Now that we know they had no secret plan to celebrate Donkey Kong and Mario’s 40th birthday, I don’t see how anyone can claim to have credible inside information about them again. Donkey Kong seemed very obvious,there were rumors,and….. nothing. As far as I’m concerned, Nintendo rumors don’t make sense, no matter who they come from.

Wins and Losses
It’s been said many times, but why does EA want to negotiate so pettily at every opportunity? I’m not surprised to hear that the FIFA 22 update will be paid for, as if they don’t make enough money off it already. I actually wouldn’t mind something like this happening to a small indie developer who needs money, but what does EA gain by getting 1% richer and hating everyone else even more?

I predict that, like Battlefront 2, everything will be undone before the game even comes out in October, and that the only thing they’ll be left with from this story will be an even worse reputation. Seriously, though: Wouldn’t they be better off if everyone thought they were generous? Seems unlikely, I know, but they can try it for a change, right?

Gravity Rush
There’s been a lot of negativity towards Bethesda lately, which I think has a lot to do with the fact that Microsoft paid an obscene amount of money for them. I’m looking forward to Starfield and appreciate the fact that it’s a new IP and a sci-fi game, which isn’t often found in open world games.

I really hope it’s a little more realistic. So far, most of the illustrations look relatively realistic, as if they are of the real world but a few hundred years in the future. There are no signs of aliens, no magic, and no other known clues. Only spaceships and cities.

I still hope that different planets have different gravities. There are so many things about space realism that could make a good game, but they never do. Low gravity, zero gravity, dangerous atmospheres…. there are so many things to do instead of just being a desert planet, an ice planet, etc.

I have no idea what they’re hoping for, but I hope it’s something unique that warrants a new franchise. I look forward to hearing more.

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Marvel idea
I saw Black Widow this weekend and I liked it. Terrible use of Taskmaster and generally weak villains, but otherwise I thought it was good, definitely above average for Marvel – especially Florence Pugh, who I’d never heard of but am now very much in love with.

Despite the problem with the villain, I later figured out that this character could very easily be adapted for a video game, since he’s essentially a crazier James Bond spy (in that no one really does any spying). I’ve played Avengers, and until I checked it out I honestly forgot if Black Widow was in the game (she is), so I guess you could say more could have been done.

I think the obvious reason no one has made a game yet is that there hasn’t been a movie yet this year and he doesn’t have superpowers, but I agree with the idea that games are for little known characters, not the major ones. The Avengers can’t get more popular, so playing them is pointless, but playing Black Widow, Hawkeye and Ant-Man seems more interesting.

Don’t forget the
– An update on my battle for access to my Xbox account. I’m back. Literally without any help from Microsoft who just transferred me to my ISP and has nothing to do with Microsoft accounts, Netflix, etc. etc.!

I typed in all the possible variations of two or maybe three of my passwords and finally found the right one. Well, you know what they say: ….. Throw enough dirt on the wall and something will eventually stick. Yes, it was with me all night and last night! You could say I put a notepad on my Xbox with all the details.
big boy bent
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Static Shelf I don’t understand this Super Mario 64 stuff. It was sold for $1.5 million? ! For a normal copy of the game that hasn’t been opened yet? I refuse to believe, to my own sanity, that there is anyone in the world who has easy access to that kind of money and can’t find something better to spend it on. This is an insult to me!

However, I’m curious what happens to physical games when everything becomes digital. These days, people are even less likely to keep copies at home, so even mass-market products like Super Mario 64 will be harder and harder to find.

I have a large collection of games from different generations, but I realized recently that my shelves will basically stay that way forever because nothing is added. But what do I do? Accept that nothing will change, or box everything up and use the space for something else? It’s so strange to think that a generation or two ago I regularly bought everything in boxes and now I don’t even know what a PlayStation 5 box looks like.

Nothing planned
So, after the release of the new Ace Attorney this month, this is the last Capcom game planned so far? The robbers must have changed their plans, because there’s no way they don’t have new plans.

I wonder what it is and if we will see it this year? I don’t think so, because it’s already July. But they like to release their products in early spring, so maybe the announcement will be made at the Tokyo Game Show? I’m still waiting for the rumor about the new Onimusha game, but I’m not sure I can be sure.

GC: Resident Evil 4 VR will be released this year on Oculus Quest and in 2023 on Pragmata, but that’s all we officially know at this point.

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The good and the bad
It’s clear that Microsoft has a huge financial advantage over the competition, and it seems that offering free game updates for the Xbox Series S/X was a brilliant move. They see their income drop slightly, but they pretend to be the good guys. All other publishers must now follow suit or face the wrath of gamers who think free updates are a divine right.

Even Eurogamer, which I thought was a reputable site, wrote a sensational article about FIFA 22 :

The new system means that anyone who buys the standard edition of FIFA 22 – physical or digital – for $59.99 for the latest generation of consoles will then have to buy the full-price version of $69.99 for the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and S if they buy one of the coveted next-gen consoles. That’s a whopping 130 pounds.

What kind of logic is that?
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Inbox te-rans
Thanks to John Atkinson for the helpful information about the hidden feature of the PC Engine Mini. On another topic, just a quick post to say that Symphonia is currently free on GOG, here’s the link.
Andrew J.

Psychonauts 2 doesn’t interest me, but if Elden Ring becomes a harsh environment, I predict a riot. I don’t think so.

This week’s
inbox topic was suggested by reader Futterman, who asks what game forces you to be frustrated and that you don’t like?

Are there games or franchises you’ve wanted to play for a long time, but never got around to? What exactly was the problem, and did you try the game because you found it interesting, because it got good reviews, or for some other reason?

Did you try to force yourself to enjoy the game and how much time did you spend on it? How often have your expectations for a new game disappointed, and usually turn out to be better or worse than you had hoped?

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