Florida Governor Rick Scott is publicizing a new approach to plan reviews that he says will allow him to make decisions more quickly than the CDC and give Floridians more of a say in cruise ship industry decisions.

As a frequent CCL traveller, I’m often asked about cruise ships and the CDC. I’ve been broadcasting the Gov. Rick Scott’s views on the CDC for the past several weeks and it’s been going very well. And I think we’ve got a winner! The Governor and his staff have been consistently, factually and unflinchingly accurate, which has been a refreshing change. But with the CDC, the story is quite different.

Florida has just signed a new law banning cruise ships from docking in the Port of Miami. The governor has long been an outspoken critic of the cruise industry, which has become a big moneymaker for the state. But this new law is a direct response to a lawsuit by the cruise industry, which is suing the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over a new regulation that could cost the industry millions.

As cruise lines prepare to return to the United States, a tug-of-war is brewing in Florida between Governor Ron DeSantis and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over COVID-19 vaccines. In April, Governor DeSantis signed an executive order prohibiting companies operating in the state from requiring proof that customers have received the COVID-19 vaccine. This decision has serious implications for the cruise industry in Florida. ADVERTISEMENT Tourism consultants and legal experts have commented on the ongoing battle. Current trend word-image-13571 I firmly believe that the CDC can overrule Florida Governor DeSantis on the vaccination issue, said Scott Lara, Florida’s tourism consultant. While I applaud the governor’s opposition to so-called vaccination cards, we must protect the health of cruise ship passengers. Earlier this week, the CDC approved Celebrity Cruises’ decision to become the first cruise line to sail with paying passengers on board. The ship is due to leave Fort Lauderdale on the 26th. June is expected. Celebrity will no longer have to conduct the test flights required by the CDC, as the cruise line said it would follow the mandate that 95% of passengers and crew must be vaccinated against the coronavirus. DeSantis responded by saying that cruise lines operating in the state that require proof of vaccination will be fined $5,000 per passenger. The governor’s spokeswoman, Christina Pushow, said the CDC’s vaccination guidelines are mandatory and may violate state law. It’s not for safety reasons, Mike Winkleman, a Miami-based maritime lawyer, told The Washington Post. If the motivation was safety, you would say that everyone should be vaccinated naturally. It’s pandering to a small minority that is really a vocal foundation for him. But the idea that the federal government as a whole doesn’t have the power to place conditions on cruise ships and that Florida somehow has more control over who enters and leaves its ports is really odd, Winkleman continued. The dispute between Florida and the CDC over COVID-19 vaccine requirements has led companies like Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. to threaten to move their ships out of the state and operate in other markets outside Florida. I think it will eventually be the CDC, said tourism consultant John Maddox. Ultimately, public health comes first. It’s hard to imagine the decision coming down in Florida’s favor. Especially since it’s coming up on a reboot. In April, Florida announced it would take legal action against the U.S. government for illegally shutting down the cruise industry.It’s been nearly a year since a Florida governor ordered state health officials to halt all travel to and from the state by health care workers (hereafter referred as “medical workers” or “workers”) and scientists who work for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Florida Department of Health.. Read more about florida cruise news and let us know what you think.

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