You’ll be able to track a person’s phone activities with a spy app for Android. Among the most popular options available are Spapp Monitoring, Easy Phone Track, TruthSpy, and Neatspy. Read on to learn more about these popular apps. Listed below are a few of their key features. You can use them to find out who your spouse or partner is talking to, as well as their social media activities.

Spapp Monitoring

If you want to know what your kid is doing with their phone, Spapp Monitoring is the best solution. This Spy App for Android allows you to monitor all the activities happening on your child’s phone. You can also print out the browser history of the target device. This application is compatible with all popular devices, including iPhones, Android devices, and BlackBerry devices. You can also track calls and messages through SMS and iMessages.

The best thing about Spapp Monitoring is that you don’t need to jailbreak the device to install it. You can install it within minutes and it will monitor any Android device. The application is invisible and only weighs two megabytes, so it won’t slow down the device. It also has a control panel that you can access and log into using your user name and password. If you have the password, you can also view the monitoring activity.

Easy Phone Track

If you want to monitor the activities of your children, you should install Easy Phone Track on their mobile phone. This app will track all activity on the target phone and send reports to your Easy Phone Track. You can view these reports online at any time. One of the best features of Easy Phone Track is that it works in stealth mode, so your child will never even know the app is running.

Easy Phone Track is undetectable, making it legal to use to keep an eye on your child – it’s even legal if you’re not allowed to monitor underage children. It can keep track of all data on a target device and can access it remotely via its dashboard. You won’t be able to spot it, as it’ll continue to function in the same mode as the target device.


TruthSpy is an advanced cell phone monitoring application designed with parents and employers in mind. Once installed, it logs every activity on a target phone and GPS location, in near real-time. Users can view the logged data via their online account. To install TheTruthSpy on a target phone, follow the installation instructions included with the app. Once the app has been installed, the customer can log in to their online account to review and edit all logged activity.

Other features of TruthSpy are its ability to spy on IM apps and track IM conversations. Parents can monitor their children’s browsing history, allowing them to monitor what websites they visit and which URLs they visit. TruthSpy allows parents to control the websites their children visit, and can prevent them from accessing sites that are indecent or inappropriate. Furthermore, parents can monitor what their children are doing with their phones, even if they’re not home.


If you want to monitor a mobile device, but don’t want to touch it, consider installing Neatspy. Its web-based design lets you monitor the target phone without touching it. The best part is that you can remain undetected while monitoring the phone. To learn more, download the Neatspy Android spy app demo to see how it works. The app uses GPS and Wi-Fi to give you detailed location information. It can also track the phone’s browser history.

The first step to using the Neatspy spy app is to sign up for an account with the company. Create an account on the Neatspy website, select the device, and enter the owner’s details. Once you have an account, you’ll be given instructions for installing the Neatspy app on the target phone. Once you’ve done this, sign into your Neatspy account to track the device.

Auto Forward

In order to monitor someone’s smartphone, you’ll need to install the Auto Forward Spy App for Android. You’ll be given a download link and instructions for installing the app. This application starts working immediately and remains active even if the target device is switched off. Once installed, you can view all the activity and reports on the device, including location and call details. You’ll also be able to monitor multiple devices.

The Auto Forward app is very convenient, with numerous monitoring tools. It can track messages and emails, as well as view contacts, multimedia files, and geo-fencing. It has additional features such as remote photo shooting, application banning, search alerts, and remote uninstalling. In addition to allowing you to monitor the target’s phone, the Auto Forward app also lets you know if a child is chatting with an adult through social media.


The Spyrix Spy App for Android is a great way to keep tabs on your partner’s social media activity. It allows you to monitor your partner’s screen live, and you can even schedule screenshots to be taken at certain intervals. This feature only works with a stable internet connection, and the live viewing mode will drain the target laptop’s battery. You can also choose to receive all of the data you want, such as screenshots and emails, in a convenient online dashboard.

Spyrix also gives you the ability to monitor what your employees are doing online. You can monitor every app they use, from Facebook to messenger apps. You can also monitor what your employees are up to, if they aren’t working hard. This software is easy to use and can help you determine the source of employee laziness. You’ll know which employee is spending more time on Facebook Messenger and which is wasting company resources.

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