“Genshin Impact Update 1.5 Live, Patch Notes Available” Genshin Impact 1.5, the latest upgrade to the guild-based shooter, is now live. We’ve been hard at work polishing this update, and we hope that you enjoy it. The official patch notes are available on our website, and we also encourage you to check out the overview video we’ve created for this update, which can be found on our YouTube channel.

The team behind Genshin Impact, the Japanese indie game that gained fame for its innovative visual style and gameplay, has released the updated patch notes for the game’s first update. The patch notes detail all the changes that were made, as well as a sample of the new content that players can expect to find.

The Genshin Impact 1.5 update has been released with the patch notes. The game is now officially available on PS5, alongside PS4, PC and mobile devices. First, the update adds two new characters: Eula and Yanfey, who we’ve known for months through various leaks. But while the main highlight of the update is the appearance of a few new characters, this massive update also includes the Serenitea pot system, which adds a full housing system to the game, as well as new quests, events, monsters, and more.

It’s currently unknown if the update requires a download for the player, but we can assume that it does, and that the download is significant, at least that’s what the patch notes below say.

You can read the official release notes below:


  • Reimbursement of maintenance costs PrimoGems ×300 (60 primoGems per hour of server downtime)
  • Improvement of the problem Remuneration: Primogems ×300 (see relevant letter of remuneration for details)

Update information

  • I. Newsystem
    • Adepts use Serenitea pots as vehicles with which to channel their adept power and create kingdoms and homes.
    • As the owner of this property, you can decorate it to your own taste and make it a home you won’t want to miss.
    • After using and summoning the Serenitea pot, you can interact with it and enter the manor.
    • You can also use the pot and call it in when you are within its confines. If you deal with the Serenitea pitcher in this state, you can leave it.
    • You can also directly open the map interface and quickly go to one of the teleportation points to immediately leave the Serenitea pot.
    • The spirit that lives in the cauldron. It is said to have been made by the followers themselves. She takes care of many things in the kingdom and acts as a kind of butler.
    • As you first make more furniture, the cauldron spirit’s confidence in you will increase. Build your credibility to increase your credibility score.
    • As you increase your trust rank, you’ll unlock Serenitea’s pot features or be able to receive various rewards.
    • The amount of energy of the Adepts in the sphere will gradually increase with the amount of furniture placed.
    • When the new Adept energy rank is reached, the power of the sphere also increases.
    • The materials needed to make the furniture can be obtained in various ways around Teivat.
    • By visiting your friends’ realms, you can also help them make furniture by reducing their creation time.
    • You can help several friends every day, but you can’t help the same person twice.
    • You can exchange the Kingdom’s currency at Serenitea Bank for the items of your choice.
    • During visits from the Wandering Teapot Seller, you can also enter other realms to trade with the vendors there for desired items.
    • New system: Pot Serenitea
    • Ketelgeest
    • Trust
    • Adept Energy
    • Creation
    • Imperial Depot
  • II. New symbols
    • Vision: Cryo
    • Weapon: Claymore
    • Knight Spindrift, a descendant of the old aristocracy and captain of the reconnaissance company of the Knights of Favonius. Why a descendant of the ancient nobility could join the knighthood is still a great mystery in Moon City.
    • Triggering Eula’s Acacia Vortex elemental skill causes Cryogenic DMGs and causes the Sinister Heart effect on Eula. Maintaining the elemental ability consumes all of Grimheart’s stacks and causes AoE cryo DMGs on enemies in front of her. When Grimheart packs are consumed, surrounding enemies have reduced physical RES and cryo-RES. Each stack of Grimheart you use turns into a burning ice vortex, inflicting cryogenic DMGs on nearby enemies.
    • Eula’s elemental breath, Icy Illumination, causes an AoE Cryo DMG and creates a Lightfall Sword that follows right behind her. Then, when Eula’s normal attack, elemental skill, and elemental hit DMGs inflict DMGs on enemies, they charge the Lightfall sword. Upon exhaling, the lightning sword descends and explodes with force, inflicting physical DMGs based on the number of energy stacks the lightning sword has accumulated.
    • * Eula’s Dance of the Shimmering Waves (Kryo) will be available in a future wish list.
    • Vision: Pyro
    • Weapon: Catalyst
    • Prominent lawyer working at Liyue port. A bright young woman with the blood of an enlightened beast in her veins.
    • Yanfei’s normal attack has a scarlet seal effect. As long as the Scarlet Seal is present, Yangfei’s stamina will be reduced. A charged attack consumes all scarlet bookmarks, with AoE and DMG attacks increasing by the number of scarlet bookmarks consumed.
    • Janfei’s elemental skill, Signed Edict, causes AoE pyro DMGs. By setting his opponents on fire, Yanfei gains a maximum number of Scarlet Seals.
    • Yanfei’s Elemental Strike Done Deal causes AoE pyro DMGs, gives Yanfei the maximum number of Scarlet Seals, and applies a Shine effect to her. While Brilliance is in effect, Yangfei’s DMG for charge attacks increases, and she gains Scarlet Signet at regular intervals.
    • *In the Hermitage Nobility event, the Innocence Sage Yanfei (Pyro) gains a significant increase in fall speed!
    • 5 Star Character Dance of the Shimmering Wave Eula (Kryo)
    • 4 stars Character Wise Innocence Yangfei
  • III. New equipment
    • Song of the Broken Pines (5-Star Playmore)
      • Part of the Millennium Movement, spread to the four corners of the world. Increases the user’s ATK. When normal or charged attacks hit enemies, the character receives the whisper mark. This effect may occur once every 0.3 seconds. If you have all 4 whisper signs, they will all be used and all nearby group members will receive the millennial move: Banner anthem effect in 12 sec. This effect increases the normal SPD and ATK. If this effect is activated, you will not receive whisper stamps for 20s. Among the many effects of millennials, buffaloes of the same type will not add up.
    • Resistance in millilitres (4 stars and 5 stars)
      • Two-part set: HP is increasing.
      • Set of 4 pieces: When an elemental skill hits an enemy, the ATK of all party members nearby increases and their shield strength increases by 3s. This effect may occur once every 0.5 seconds. This effect can work even if the character using this set of artifacts is not on the field.
    • Pale flame (4 stars and 5 stars)
      • Two-part set: Increase in physical DMGs.
      • Set of 4 pieces: When the elemental skill hits an opponent, the ATK is increased by 7 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 2 times and can be triggered every 0.3s. If you reach 2 stacks, the effect of 2 stacks increases by 100%.
    • Get the artifacts from the above sets in Firstguard, the new Blessing Estate on the Bishui Plains.
  • IV. New areas
    • The ruins of this ancient city stand proud as a landmark above the beginning of the mountain range, offering views north and south, mountains and rivers. According to legend, her doors and blessings are open only to those whose hearts burn with an eternal fire.
    • Obtain artifacts from the Millelite Force and Pale Flame sets from Burr’s Guard, the new Blessing Domain in the Bishui Plains.
    • What secrets are hidden in this area… ?
    • A new Trounce domain, Under the Dragon’s Spring, has been added in the Nantianmen area.
    • Unlocked after completing the story quest Zhongli Chapter of Historia Antiqua: Act II – No stone is left unturned.
    • After upgrading to V1.5, you will have three chances to halve the cost of the original resin when you receive a Trounce flower reward in Trounce’s domains and in the quest Lupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves (after the V1.5 upgrade – 3rd level). 20 May at 04:00:00 The number of chances is reset every Monday at 04:00 (server time).
    • Travelers should first upgrade to V1.5 and then complete the appropriate tasks for the week of the 26th. April to the 2nd. I can do that.
    • New domain: Ridge Guard
    • New breech area Under the wandering dragon
  • V. Nieuw Monster
    • Elementals that protect themselves from incoming attacks with their strong sheaths. Find an appropriate time to touch their elemental core. At critical moments, they transition into a state of regeneration and shoot fruit to attack enemies while regenerating their own HP. Use charged attacks to send frost fruits into cryo-hypostasis to quickly take them out of regeneration.
    • It’s in Buried City – the suburbs.
    • A giant dragon as old as the mountains themselves.
    • In an era almost forgotten, he was at the side of the man who ran the stone port. But eventually they came into conflict, and the dragon was banished to a dark place far underground. During the long years of captivity, his strength had gradually disappeared. It is also marred by the various types of erosion to which it has been exposed.
    • The soft rattling of the dragon tree’s chains and its deep, ominous roar echoed in the mountains like memories of a bygone era.
    • Located in Nantianmen
    • A creature of the Abyssal Order that summons thunder and lightning to glorify the darkness.
    • He has the ability to disrupt elemental powers, and some of his attacks suck away characters’ elemental energy and cause DMGs.
    • In version 1.5, the Abyss speaker : The purple lightning only appears in the Abyss of the Spiral.
    • 1. Cryohypostasis
    • 2. Ajdaha
    • 3. New Elite Monster: Abyss Speaker- Purple Flash
  • VI. New event: Energy Booster Initiation – take part and trade for the Ketzlein Dion (Cryo) cocktail!
    • During the event, visit interesting locations and defeat enemies to collect fragments of the Irminsul fruit and obtain data on the Fractum fruit.
    • Successful challenge domains for Broken Fetus data during the event period.
    • Challenge the Warped Realm during the event and score as many points as possible. Reach a certain number of points to get the fruit data.
    • To collect and study the fragments of the Irminsul fruit, the explorer Sumeru Hosseini has entrusted you with a mysterious ancient relic, the Energy Booster. Help Hosseini collect the fragments of the Irminsul fruit and unleash his power with an energy booster.
    • Playback time: 30 April 2021 at 10:00:00 AM – 17 May 2021 at 03:59 PM
    • Ease of use: Adventurous grade 20 or higher
    • Attractions
    • Areas
    • Twisted Empire
    • ※ After the event play period ends, you can no longer get the combined score reward in Twisted Realm. Make sure you receive your rewards on time.
    • Other events will be available at a later date. Stand by, travelers.
  • VII. New tasks
    • Zhongli History Quest Historia Antiqua Chapter – Act II No mere stone
      • A strange, old tree has stood still here for centuries, bearing witness to all that has happened. To save the miners and solve this mystery once and for all, go to the ancient place where all the answers are kept…..
      • The Search for Zhongli Historia Antiqua Chapter: Act II – No Mere Stone will be permanently available after the update to version 1.5.
      • Criteria for unlocking a quest:
      • Adventurous grade 40 or higher
      • Completed the Historia Antiqua history quest chapter: Act I – Sal Flore
      • Completed the quest Chapter I: Act IV – We shall meet again
      • Complete a series of quests to earn rewards including Primogames, weapon upgrade materials, and EXP character materials!
    • Eula’s Tale Quest Aphros Delos Chapter: Act I will be available at a later date.
  • 2. New Hangout events
    • I hear there’s a popular bartender at the Cat’s Tail.
    • Diona’s Hangout Act I: Cat and Cocktail will be permanently available after the upgrade to version 1.5.
    • Criteria for release:
      • Adventurous grade 26 or higher
      • Complete the prologue quest: Act III – The song of the dragon and the freedom
    • Noel tells you that he is very excited for the Knights of Favonia selection exam. At your suggestion, she decides to imitate famous knights to overcome her feelings of fear.
    • Hangout Noel Act II: Knightly Exam Prep will be permanently available after the 1.5 update.
    • Criteria for release:
      • Adventurous grade 26 or higher
      • Completed the quest Chapter I: Act III – A new star is on the way
      • Successful completion of all Act I Christmas dating event endings: Training as a knight
    • Hangout Event : Diona – Act I Cat and Cocktail
    • Hangout Event : Noel – Act II Knight Exam Prep
  • 3. New World Quests
    • Adventurous grade 35 or higher
    • Completed the quest Chapter I: Act III – A new star is on the way
    • Adds world quests related to the Serenity pot: A boiler to feel at home: Part I and Kettle to call home: Part II
    • Criteria for unlocking a quest:
    • Complete the Boiler task, which you can call your home: Part I, to get the Serenitea pitcher gadget.
    • New World Quests: Timeless Classics and When the Job Gets Cold.
    • More new world quests will be added later, including M. Melancholy and Mimi Tomo.
    • Complete these quests to receive Mora, EXP materials for characters, and more!
  • VIII. Other revenue
    • 1. New gadget
      • Serenitea pot: A teapot, given to me by Madame Ping. It seems there is a whole new realm …..
    • 2. New income
      • Eula’s specialty: Balaclava cake
      • Yangfei Specialty: In my own way.
      • Wanmin Restaurant: Tofu with crab eggs
      • Xinyue Kiosk: Fried fish noodles
      • Liuli Pavilion: Dry pot of hot pork
    • 3. New inventory category: Furniture
    • 4. New Jewel:
      • Dream solver: An item capable of converting the character’s level material of memories and trials into any form desired.
      • Obtained by successfully completing the tasks Domain of Trounce or Wolf Dominator.
      • Transition resin : An object that can be used to reconstruct the original resin. After use, it reconstitutes 60 units of the original resin. Once received, it automatically disappears after a certain time.
      • The expiration date is the Monday after receipt of this item, and it expires seven days later.
      • The shelf life of different transition resins obtained in different weeks is counted independently.
      • One vial of Adept’s Speed: A small vial containing the follower’s energy. Once used, it immediately completes the atmosphere.
      • Holy Consecration : Artifact EXP Material. Gives 2,500 EXP.
      • Healing Essence: Artifact EXP Material. Gives 10,000 EXP.
    • 5. New services Prohibited area: Series I, Memories of the heart, etc.
    • 6. New name badges
      • Celebrate: Fruit of Wisdom – Receive energy boosts during the event.
      • Celebrate: Hello! – Derived from the event Trail of Winds.
      • Yanfei: Unbiased – Reveals himself when Yangfei’s friendship level reaches 10.
      • Eula: Ice Seal – Obtained when Eula’s friendship reaches level 10.
      • Travel Notes: Subspace Remnant – can be obtained through the Combat Pass system.
      • Performance: Tea Time – Obtained by completing all achievements in A Realm Beyond : Series I.
    • 7. Spiral Abyss :
      • When a character hits an enemy with normal attacks for 2 seconds in a row, that character’s physical DMG is increased by 5% for 10 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times, and only one stack is added at a time, regardless of how many enemies are hit at once. When 5 stacks are reached, subsequent hits on enemies cause shock waves that cause AoE DMGs. In this way, a shock wave can be generated once every 1 s.
      • Hitting an enemy character protected by a shield causes a flashback that releases a shockwave that causes AoE DMGs. May occur once every 6s.
      • When a character receives normal, charged, and diving attacks that inflict physical DMGs on enemies, that character’s CRIT increases by 3% for 10s. This effect stacks up to 5 times, and only one stack is added at a time, regardless of how many enemies are hit at once. When 5 stacks are collected, CRIT hits on enemies cause shock waves that cause AoE DMGs. In this way, a shock wave can be generated once every 1 s.
      • Floor 11 Ley line defect changed to :
      • Delayed water is periodically applied to your character, greatly extending the CD duration of your skills until the applied Hydro element is removed.
      • Physical DMGs inflicted on all party members are increased by 75%.
      • An update on the monster group in the 11th. The floor of the spiral chasm.
      • An update on the monster schedule on the 12th. The floor of the spiral chasm.
      • Starting with the first moon phase update after the upgrade to version 1.5, the three moon phases will look like this:
      • Phase 1: Dance of the Moon Sheets
      • Phase 2: Crescent moon
      • Phase 3: Rebel Moon
    • 1. Added a new feature for letter pins. The pending mail will be placed at the top of the mail list and will not be deleted if you press the Delete Read button. Stored mail, however, continues to function normally.
    • 2. On mobile devices, the UI Edge Shift setting has been added under Settings > Controls.
    • 1. Adds voice interactions for characters in the open world.
    • 2. Adds the Compatibility Mode option for the Audio API on Android devices. Try switching to this mode if the following problems occur:
    • Distorted sound (electrical noise) from your device, inability to switch between left and right audio channel, screen recording does not record sound, screen recording contains distorted sound, difficulty switching to headphones when connecting/disconnecting, electrical noise through Bluetooth headphones.
    • 3. Add Japanese voices for some characters.
    • 4. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Diona’s voice in Diona’s Hangout will be temporarily voiced in English by Jackie Lastra.

Genshin Impact is available for free on PS4, PS5, PC and mobile devices.

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