The question is whether Meghan Markle will accompany Harry when he comes to Britain in June to celebrate the Queen’s 95th birthday. According to a media report, the monarch is determined to “get back to normal.” She wants it to begin with the annual parade known as “Trooping the Colour”. It is held every summer to mark her birthday at Buckingham Palace. This attractive event consists of a parade of soldiers, horses and musicians. Thanks to the coronavirus, there will be less pomp and circumstance. It must take into account the restrictions on social distancing that may be imposed in June.

That’s when it should have happened. Last year there was no program. Instead, a military ceremony was held at Windsor Castle. Participants observed standards of social distance. With the exception of the Queen, no members of the royal family were present.

An insider says that “Trooper the Colour” is not only an official program, but also a “family celebration.” So Harry and Meghan are expected to attend. A senior royal official has told some media that the Queen’s birthday parade will take place in London. It is possible that it will be changed or limited to meet the requirements of the pandemic. The bottom line is that it has to happen.

Harry and Meghan did not return to the United Kingdom after their departure.

The royal couple Harry and Meghan will step down as royalty in March 2020. They have not returned to the United Kingdom since then. After a short stay in Canada, they settled in the United States. The reason they have not come to the United Kingdom is because of travel restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

They now live in Santa Barbara, California with their son Archie. Celebrities frequent the area. The insider adds that in the event Harry and Meghan attend the June 12 event, they will likely attend another important family event. This is the celebration of Prince Philip’s 100th birthday, which falls on June 10.

The lockdown disrupted Harry and Meghan’s travel plans.

The coronavirus has changed the way of life of people around the world. England is currently under lock and key. An insider reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced that domestic order would remain in the country at least until mid-February. Meghan and Harry purchased a home in Santa Barbara in August and are aiming for the year 2021. They have not yet made an announcement about reuniting with the royal family. This may not happen until the pandemic situation normalizes. Harry loves rugby and in August he talked about the Rugby World Cup. Speaking to the Rugby Football League via video link, he said, “There is a whole Rugby World Cup coming up next year, so I plan to come back to it.”

Without COWID, I would have come back a long time ago”.

Megan’s hesitation is understandable.

According to Travel and Leisure, Harry could return to the UK later this year. Meghan may not be with him. He has a number of family events to attend. These include the war of colors, the unveiling of a statue honoring his late mother, Princess Diana, at Kensington Palace in July, and the celebration of Prince Philip’s 100th birthday. The main reason Meghan is staying in California is that she wants to be safe in the midst of a pandemic. Omid Scobie explains: “Neither Meghan nor Harry have been vaccinated and travel plans are still in the works. He adds that Meghan knows that traveling with a young child during a pandemic can be problematic.

This would be due to the pressures that may have existed at the time. Omid Scobie is the co-author of the biography Finding Freedom in Sussex. Perhaps Harry could have come alone while Meghan stayed in America with Archie. Meghan’s indecision is understandable.

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