Teaching is one of the noblest professions in India. It can also be seen that in the beginning the students had to travel and stay in the teacher’s house. It was the most important moment in a student’s life. We taught him all about life. Teaching is not limited to books, but one must also know and have some ethics and morals of life. It can help you become a successful person in your life. It’s not enough to make money, you have to have game rules.

The teacher is your first guru. As a student, you should always try to show respect. In India, the teaching profession is lucrative. It’s well built. In India, teachers fall into two categories. One is for teachers working in private schools, the other for teachers working in public schools. There is a difference between private and public teachers. State teachers are well paid and have pensions after retirement. You’re probably wondering how to become a government teacher and what steps to take.

Permission to teach in public schools:

To become a public school teacher, you have to go through special training. Here are some of the highlights.

  • You must pass the 10+2 exam in any discipline with a minimum score of 50%.
  • After graduation, you must enroll in a prestigious honors college. You can choose any theme to share.
  • However, if you wish, you can also take a postgraduate course in a particular field.
  • To be a good teacher, one must also have a perfect and thorough knowledge of the subject.
  • Shortly thereafter, you must earn a Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited university. This course is known by different names in different places and states.

Qualifications to become a public school teacher

Becoming a public school teacher requires certain skills and qualities. You need to know exactly how to treat the students. Each student will have a different attitude. You have to process them separately.

  • You must be defined in your profession. It is your determination that will lead you to success.
  • As a school teacher, you have to be patient with your students. They have to deal with the different ways of thinking of the students. Sometimes it can become unbearable. But you must be patient.
  • Their positive attitude and behavior is another essential quality. This creates good expectations for the students and their parents. Many teachers often ignore this and try to be strict. There is never a good outcome for students and their education. Austerity is necessary, but we must be positive.
  • Another necessary skill is excellent communication skills. It is helpful to try to communicate with students and parents in English. It is very necessary.
  • A good sense of humor is also essential if you want to succeed in public administration education. It is helpful to remember that it is important to laugh with your students. Remember, you are not there to be their friend, but to do what you can to make the class fun.

With these skills and qualities, you can easily win the hearts of your students. It turns out that in many public schools, the teachers are strict and rude. This is not really the way to educate a student.

Public school teacher roadmap:

To become a public school teacher, you must take and pass the central entrance test (CET). To participate in this test, you must have a postgraduate degree. Without this qualification you will not be admitted to the exam. The CET exam is designed to enhance your educational profile. There is no problem if you qualify for the exam with complete sincerity and dedication. If necessary, you should be properly trained and instructed before the test.

If you achieve 60% of the points in the refresher course, you will receive a certificate that is valid for seven years from the date of issue. You can now apply for internships at various state schools. If there is a vacancy, we will match you with the position. The CET curriculum includes subjects such as child development and education, mathematics, language 1, language 2 and environmental studies. The exam consists of multiple choice questions. You have to check the right one. There are 30 guiding questions for each topic. You have to try to answer all the questions to be allowed to participate in the exam. However, there is an age limit that you must meet in order to sit for the CET exam. If you are over 35 years old, you cannot take the test.

However, you may currently use other means to prepare for the test. For this, you just need to install an application that provides a framework for the CET exam. Useful information on the audit system can be found in the Annex. Moreover, there are many training centers available to prepare candidates for the CET exam. You can also register at these centres. If you want, you can try reading different books and sample essays that address the test questions. This will give you basic information and an overview of the test.

What educational opportunities are available to teachers with a further education qualification?

If you have passed the CET exam, you can start working in different public schools. You will have the opportunity to help Army Public Schools, Kendria Vidyalaya, Government Schools and many other schools. The advantage of being a public school teacher is that you get a decent salary and other benefits. You can also get free accommodation. When you reach retirement age, you will receive a fixed monthly pension. So it turns out that public education jobs are safe and sound.

Difference between teachers in public and private schools

There is a long debate about who are the good teachers. Is he a teacher in a public school or a private school? Both teachers at the school are good and the best in their field. That depends on the profession you choose. However, there are also significant differences between the two categories of teachers. Here are some of the highlights.

  • You can get a teaching job in a private school with any qualification. But to get a job as a public school teacher, you have to get a special teaching certificate and pass an exam. It’s mandatory.
  • Teachers in private schools may be given temporary jobs. The job of a public school teacher is always permanent. He is much more reliable than the last one.
  • To get a job in a private school, you must pass an interview. But to get a job in a public school, you must pass both a written test and an interview or test. You can’t get a job without it.
  • There is no specific age limit to become a teacher in a private school. In the case of a public school teacher, the minimum age is 35. If you are older than this age, you are not suitable for this job.
  • If you compare salaries, you will see that teachers in public schools are always paid more than teachers in private schools. Many private schools do not pay their teachers a decent salary. This is also a big difference between the two.
  • Teachers in public education receive a pension on retirement. But this is not the case for teachers of private schools. If you work as a teacher in a private school, you will not receive this pension when you retire.

Salaries of public school teachers

It would be helpful if you knew the salary and salary structure of a public school teacher. Newly recruited teachers in government schools earn between 2,000 and 50,000 Hindi per annum on average. This may increase with experience. At the time of retirement or after you become elderly, you can get a salary of INR 6,000 to 7,50,000 per year. This is a good thing compared to private schools because the teachers are not paid as well.


The teaching profession will never disappear. It will always increase. If you want to become a public school teacher, you can do that too. There’s nothing like being a teacher. Whether you are a teacher in a public or private school, it is always up to you to shape the future of society. This is a wonderful profession that people can enjoy at any time. Both teachers are excellent and numerous. It is up to you to make that decision.

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