Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis aggravated a swollen right Achilles tendon, said Adrian Wojnarowski, source at ESPN, and stayed out of the second half of Sunday’s 122-105 loss against the Denver Nuggets.

Davis missed two games this week due to injury. The Lakers called the strain in his right Achilles tendon official and said Davis will undergo an MRI Monday in Minneapolis after the team’s flight.

I mean, you learn a lot through the MRI, so you wait a little bit, Davis told reporters after Sunday’s game when asked if he knew if he had torn a tendon. Apparently the doctors don’t want to rule anything out, and then it’s something, or say it’s something, and then it’s not. They say everything looks good, but you still want an MRI to be sure.

Davis, 27, was considered questionable before the game, but he still emerged victorious as the Lakers sought to extend their seven-game winning streak.

I think [Sunday] was the first day that it was completely normal, Davis said. Morning, noon, eve, feel nothing.

That changed when Davis brought up Nikola Jokic at the end of the second quarter and kicked the Nuggets’ center. Jokic’s right knee hit Davis’ right quadrant. When Davis picked up his dribble after the foul and put his foot down, he appeared to injure his right leg. He grabbed his leg under his calf after the whistle sounded.

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Davis stayed in the game to take two free throws and hit them both. Then he left at 2:36 of the second quarter and limped into the locker room with John Ishop, assistant athletic coach for the Lakers.

Just safety and health in general, LeBron James said when asked what he experienced after seeing Davis leave the game. My only concern is seeing him drag himself across the floor and back to the locker room. Until then, we played basketball.

Los Angeles was five points behind when Davis was injured and lost by 21 points to the team that beat them in the Western Conference finals last season.

The nine-year veteran has been suffering from discomfort in his lower right leg for several weeks and underwent an ultrasound last weekend that confirmed the injury.

Davis played two games with the Oklahoma City Thunder in a 115-105 win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday and scored 35 points on 16 of 27 shots – twice this season. He stressed that he would not return too soon, although he admitted to feeling the pain at the end of the Memphis game.

I felt good when I came back against Memphis the first time and I’m going to do the same thing, the same steps to succeed, he said. Of course, I’m a little smarter with him, like I was the first time, but even smarter. Treat more – instead of three times a day, maybe five times a day, just try to get him back on track and help the team.

To ease the pain, Davis says he has a soft heel in his sneakers and wears a sleeve when he sleeps to keep his Achilles tight.

Davis scored 15 points, four rebounds and an assist in 14 minutes before leaving the game Sunday. Kyle Kuzma started the second half in his place.

Kuzma finished the game with 19 points on 8-for-12 shooting and eight rebounds and promised to be ready to continue playing her role.

I’m always ready, said the 25-year-old striker, who bagged a $40 million contract extension in the offseason. I’m always willing to do whatever the coaches ask me to do, whatever the team asks me to do, whatever the club needs. That’s what I am.

Davis, of whom Lakers coach Frank Vogel said he was in a good mood, said he hoped to have only a slight setback.

I push myself to play. If I feel like I can play, I will. Just out of a desire to help my team. And I can help my team on the field, but I think I’m more effective when I’m on the field. And they pay me to play, Davis says.

But this one is a little different than the one I have to be smart about. I don’t want to go on the field and try to play and take risks for a long time. So that includes what the MRI will show tomorrow. It’s good information…. and I’ll be there as soon as I can.

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