LAND – Local scout troops in San Luis Obispo County are working with Bank of America to give their members a financial education pass during the COWID-19 pandemic. The course was virtual and lasted between eight and ten weeks, depending on the level and age of the participating girls.

The Bank of America worked with us to hold virtual workshops and, coincidentally, we had to move into virtual programming because of the pandemic, said Lindsey Hatlee, head of programming for the Girl Scouts of the Central Coast of California. We worked with them to design something that can still work, so the girls can earn their badges to keep their homes safe.

Scouts accept members between the ages of 5 and 18 and even offer lifelong membership to girls who have left the program but want to keep it. In a typical year, the scouting can earn badges and crusades for work in many different areas, including outdoor, entrepreneurship and STEM, and sell tons of cookies from the end of January each year.

We really strive to have girls with courage, confidence and character, Hatley said. These are the core values we want to teach girls and show them that this is important and that we can make the world a better place.

Scouts have troops all over the Central Coast, including 16 in Atascadero, 2 in Templeton, 10 in Paso Robles and 2 in San Miguel, many of whom have given their daughters financial education.

The course, which is part of the FDIC’s Smart Money program, began by learning the basics of financial education, such as the difference between B.’s wishes and needs, and worked its way up to the debit and credit holes.

I was so excited, it was so much fun, said Margaret Clevins, marketing manager of Bank of America in San Luis Obispo. I had Brownies and Juniors; they were quite young, but they were so attentive during our eight-week series, and we met every Monday evening, except on holidays.

Classes started in early 2020 with quite a few enrolments, about 20 girls per Zoom meeting, but by the end of the year there could be more than 60 girls in each class, all learning new and necessary ways to handle their money.

The reason we do this – the biggest and most important reason for girls – is that you can’t even learn something like financial education. It’s more of a concept, and once you learn it, it continues to evolve.

While the younger girls learned only the basics, more experienced members, such as cadets and high school students, learned the benefits of a savings account and how to start saving for a new set of wheels or even a four-year college education.

During the COWID-19 pandemic, the number of Girl Scouts decreased because they were no longer able to carry out their daily activities, but they continue to find new and creative ways to support the girls in their troops.

If just the mention of the scouts’ biscuits makes you salivate, you’re in luck, because the biscuit season is fast approaching. These small portable tables, dressed in forest green and stacked with biscuits, will soon come to life as the Scout biscuit season runs from the end of January to the beginning of March.

If you are interested or would like more information, you can contact for more information.


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