Lucy was diagnosed after an incident in the classroom (Photo: Brain Tumor Study/SWNS).

A teacher returns to work four months after surgery for a brain tumor.

Lucy Gallagher was attending lectures last November when her eyesight went blank and her entire left side went numb.

A religion teacher from Chorley was admitted to hospital and a scan revealed a brain tumour.

A few days after the incident, the 29-year-old underwent emergency surgery. In two and a half hours, the doctors were able to remove the entire tumor.

She said: My face was extremely swollen from the surgery and I couldn’t open my eyes.

I spent a week in the hospital and the worst part was that I didn’t get any visitors.

One day my mother brought me some things and I heard her voice in the hallway, but she wouldn’t let me see her. It was very difficult.

Lucy’s post-operative scar (Photo: Brain Tumor Research/SHENS)

Lucy explained that she had been suffering from headaches for some time before her diagnosis, but had never thought about it.

She added: I had been suffering from migraines for years, but it was always due to stress at work.

At the end of the month Lucy came home from hospital and her recovery was so rapid that she was able to return to work in January.

However, the third national blockade and the partial closure of schools have thrown a spanner in the works.

She said: I was suspended for the rest of the semester and also had a Christmas break to recover.

I was ready to go back to school in January, but the Prime Minister announced that schools would be partially closed due to the COWID-19 lockdown, so I stayed home and taught students through distance learning.

Lucy thought her migraines might be related to her stressful job (Photo: Brain Tumour Research/SWNS).

After a two-month hiatus, Lucy duly returned to school just four months after her surgery.

She said: When schools reopened to all students at the beginning of the month, I returned at the same time, but with a smaller schedule.

I can’t walk far or stand for long.

I’m lucky that my employers understand me well and the kids are doing well too.

I was very open about my diagnosis, told them what had happened and even showed them pictures of my scar.

They just kept talking: Miss, are you all right? So I tried to calm her down. They were all very attentive and respectful.

His hair has grown back (Photo: Brain Tumor Research/SWNS).


After the shock of her diagnosis, Lucy is keen to raise awareness of brain tumours and has even organised a hat day at Essa Academy to coincide with a national event for brain tumour research.

Lucy said: I am keen to spread important messages about brain tumours and have organised a meeting on the subject to raise awareness amongst the school community.

I was very lucky because the surgeon was able to remove 100% of my tumor.

Only 1% of national spending on cancer research is dedicated to this devastating disease, and I realize that not everyone is as fortunate as I am.

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