While most fans see basketball as a game of scoring and defense, there are many other factors that affect the scoreboard. You can’t win a game by scoring 140 points by turning the ball over 25 times and playing into the minority 20 times.

That’s why efficiency is so underrated, even though it’s the most important intangible for the greatest players of all time. And that’s why only a handful of stars stand out for the way they make the most of each contact.

Throughout the history of the NBA, there have been players who have been able to dominate with a rock in their hand while taking care of the elite and the ball, which is easier said than done. So today we’re going to honor them by telling you about the player who made the most 0 turnovers games ever.

5. Dominic Wilkins – 5

This picture shows how much Dominique Wilkins has been underrated and undervalued in the history of basketball. Nobody seems to be talking about him anymore, even though he was one of the top scorers in the league in his career.

Wilkins was a high-flying, athletic monster who could run the offense or play with the ball, and once he was thrown, there was just no stopping him. Plus, he was an underrated egghead, so it’s not surprising that he managed to decipher this list.

4. Kobe Bryant – 5 Appropriations : Getty Images

For most of his career, Kobe Bryant’s critics have chided him for not sharing the ball, which is ridiculous considering he averaged 5.0 passes per game. They also said it was ineffective because it took a lot of fire to do most of the damage.

Again, this is a big mistake. During his 20-year career in the NBA, Bryant has been one of the most effective players on both ends of the court. He’s had games with multiple turnovers, like the guys holding the ball most of the game, but he’s also had 5 games of 40+ with 0 turnovers.

3. Shaquille O’Neal – 6 (via

Well, they didn’t call him MDE (Most Dominant Ever) for nothing. Shaquille O’Neal was an unstoppable offensive juggler in the paint, forcing opponents – literally – to injure or maim themselves if they tried to hit him hard under the rim.

Thanks to his physicality, Shaq was able to spend the night on the field and spend the night in style. He was stronger, faster, bigger and more athletic than anyone else on the field. He also proved to be a good mentor through his baseball skills and played 6 career games with over 40 points and no TO.

2. Anthony Davis – 6 (via USA Today)

It’s clear that Anthony Davis already has a resume worthy of a Hall of Famer, and he’s just getting started. He might be the most talented big man in league history, and he has a good chance of finishing at the top of that list.

Davis has the skills, moves and grip of a great bodyguard. He can put the ball on the floor, create for others, make points, dominate the position, etc. No wonder he takes such good care of the ball and encourages opposing defenders.

1. Michael Jordan – 15 (via EssentiallySports)

It’s not surprising that Michael Jordan is at the top of that list, as he’s on many other lists of accolades, records, and key players. He played 15 games with over 40 points without a single change in his entire career and would have played a lot more had he not taken early retirement.

Michael Jordan has the highest average points per game in NBA history (30.17). Scoring over 40 points in a game was just another day’s work for him. What amazes me the most is that a player who held the ball most of the game and was always guarded by the other team’s best defender managed to avoid turnovers and score over 40 points 15 times in his career. That’s why he’s the goat.

Credit: MJ Goat

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