In an effort to get children back to school, the state provided at least 10% of vaccines to school staff and child care providers for K-12, focusing on communities disproportionately affected by thepandemic.

PRJUSD received 400 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, enough to vaccinate all employees over the next two weeks

Governor Gavin Newsom announced that since the state started allocating 10 percent of vaccines to educators starting in the first quarter, the state has been able to provide more vaccines. More than 200,000 educators were vaccinated in March, far exceeding the state’s goal of 75,000 vaccinations per week.

This is good news for teachers, students and parents now that more schools across the state can safely open their doors, Governor Newsom said. We will continue to work with our local partners to accelerate this effort in communities across the state so that all school personnel have access to the vaccine within weeks.

California was one of the first states to require vaccination of teaching staff, and as of December, vaccination is a key component of the Safe Schools for All plan. Prior to the Governor’s 10% commitment, 35 districts were actively vaccinating education employees. More than 200,000 educators in all 58 counties were vaccinated last week, thanks to accelerated district efforts and additional state efforts.

The Paso Robles Unified School District announced this afternoon that it has received 400 doses of KOVID-19 vaccine. That’s enough to inoculate the entire staff for the next two weeks. The news comes shortly after the district approved the return to class of students 16 and older. March announced.

Prior to this news, the district received small shipments of vaccines through the district health department and the district education office, which required the district to prioritize personnel categories to administer the vaccines to those most at risk – starting with special education teachers, etc. This large number means that all staff members can be vaccinated.

All school districts will also receive special doses of the vaccine.

This news joins California’s continued success with 10.5 million vaccinations in the state. More than one in ten Californians over 16 (3.35 million) are fully vaccinated, and more than one in four Californians (1.7 million) over 65 are fully vaccinated.

Last week, the governor signed the $6.6 billion package into law. The school district has allocated $12 million for the Safe Return to School program, which will provide additional funding to support on-site safety measures and expand learning opportunities.

The package also codifies several successful state initiatives, including the governor’s commitment to give 10 percent of the state’s vaccines to education workers, such as teachers, paraprofessionals, school bus drivers, early childhood workers, and field supervisors. Last month, the state laid out its plan to meet the governor’s obligations.

For more information about a safe return to full-time education, visit


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