Microsoft Edge 99 is available in Dev channel with new features, including CSS Grid Support.

Microsoft Edge 99 is available in Dev channel with new features


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  • Microsoft Edge 99, build number 99.0.1131.3, is now available in the Dev channel.
  • The browser is getting new and interesting features, fixes, and enhancements.
  • One of the most useful features is the ability to manually choose which profile specific websites open in.


The Microsoft Edge team seems to be returning in full force in 2022, with a new Edge release currently accessible in the Dev channel.

Edge has some significant modifications in the build that was published as version 99.0.1131.3, and Microsoft has also indicated that Edge 98 will be placed into the Beta channel shortly.

The browser acquired a new key function to organize and monitor your favorite web sites not long ago, but with the new version, things moved at a breakneck pace.

To cut a long tale short, let’s go through all of the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in the most recent release.

What new features does Microsoft Edge 99 have?

The ability to manually select which profile specific websites open is by far the most critical innovation. To use the new functionality, just type edge:/settings/profiles/multiProfileSettings into your browser’s URL bar.

Another useful feature is the ability to alter stored passwords from the first save dialog.

Microsoft has included a right-click menu option to access links in the Application Guard windows, but only when the Application Guard is enabled.

The following are the additional features listed by Microsoft in the release manifest:

  • Users can now see which extensions they have installed that are blocking them from using the Edge Bar on the Edge Bar settings page. 
  • Management policies (notice that documentation and administrative templates may have not yet been updated): 
    • A management policy has been added to regulate whether Address Bar Editing is enabled. 
    • Disabling autofill through management policy is now possible on mobile. 
  • Developer: 
    • Custom clipboard formats are now supported (Chromium Issue 106449). 
    • Support for the WebView2 API BasicAuthenticationRequested, which was previously only available in an experimental mode, has been added (Issue 120). 
    • CSS Foldables and Viewport Segments, which were previously in the Experimental stage, now include support for dual screen web developers.

What bug fixes are included in Microsoft Edge 99?

The new build version 99.0.1131.3 also fixes a number of problems that were causing a lot of frustration among insiders.

The dev team seems to have solved a number of problems related to browsing to certain websites, interacting with the address bar and its dropdown, and selecting where to store a downloaded file.

They also addressed an issue that occurred while submitting feedback from InPrivate or Guest windows, as well as when autofill popups were shown.

The following is a summary of further reliability enhancements as mentioned in the release note:

  • When dealing with misspelled words reported by the spellchecker, a crash was fixed. 
  • When using Web Select, a crash was fixed (formerly Smart Copy). 
  • When installing a website as an app, there was a crash. 
  • When importing data from another browser, a crash was fixed.
  • A problem with some websites crashing after a few seconds has been resolved. 
  • When certain accessibility features were enabled, tabs might sometimes break. 
  • Mobile: 
    • When engaging with downloads, a crash was fixed. 
    • When visiting the new tab page, a crash was fixed. 
    • When browsing weather from the new tab page, a problem was fixed. 
    • When using Shopping, a crash was fixed. 
    • When using Read Aloud on a tab other than the one now showing, a crash was fixed.  
    • On iOS, a hang was fixed. 
  • A crash in WebView2 applications has been fixed (Issue 1882). 

Microsoft Edge 99 has a number of other enhancements.

When scrolling through PDFs, the development team was able to minimize the number of blank unloaded pages in the new edition.

Microsoft also says that pre-rendering the starting page when feasible enhanced the malicious URL blocking functionality and the startup page’s speed.

The whole list may be seen in Microsoft’s Microsoft Edge 99 release notice for additional details.

When we’re all pleased about the new features, you can also see how the new Game panel in Edge may help you relax and unwind while using the browser.

What are your impressions about Microsoft Edge 99? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new features in Microsoft Edge?

A: One of the new features in Microsoft Edge is called InPrivate browsing which allows a user to browse without leaving any traces behind. Additionally, you can also manage multiple tabs at once and set custom backgrounds for each tab.

How do I get Microsoft Edge developer?

A: You can get the Microsoft Edge developers preview by going to this website, clicking on Sign in, and then saving your username and password so that you can see download links for new builds all the time instead of just once a month.

What is Microsoft Edge stable channel?

A: Microsoft Edge is the default web browser on Windows 10. It has more security protection than other browsers, and it also blocks ads by default.

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