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I was able to get the local weather for the SoCal area for the date of 8/22/15. My Intro: I was able to get the local weather for the SoCal area for the date of 8/22/15

The very first August 22 was a beautiful day in So Cal. A happy day, a glorious day, the day the sun got its groove back. On a perfect Sunday, a day for hunkering down in front of the TV and just relaxing, I headed outside to check on some progress on the backyard project.. Read more about stolpman vineyards and let us know what you think.


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We’ve packed our belongings and hit the road for a summer staycation. Come along on a one-tank journey to Los Olivos with us!


Inside-So-Cal-725-Wrap-UpStolpman Vineyards is a winery of the Stolpman family.

Stolpman has been producing some of California’s finest wines in the hills of the Central Coast, just up the road from Santa Barbara. They are dedicated to organic farming, dry farming, and long-term employment. They choose natural fermentation and minimum intervention in the winemaking. Try their Estate wines, as well as their So Fresh (light, refreshing) and La Cuadrilla (all earnings go back to the employees) labels. In addition, the Combe label wines were created in cooperation with renowned Rajat Parr and are well worth trying!

In Los Olivos, you may visit their tasting room. Reservations are needed; see for more information.


Los Olivos Tasting Room Patio Alamo Pintado Ave Los Olivos CA 93441 Stolpman Estate Tasting

From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., every day. Pets are welcome with a $20 deposit per person or for free if you are a member of the Club.


1627205173_776_Inside-So-Cal-725-Wrap-UpFarm Liquid

Liquid Farm wines are made to promote local viticulture in the manner of old-world wines with naturally strong acidity that isn’t disguised by many of today’s modifications. They specialize in earthy, mineral-driven Chardonnay from cold regions with little or no new oak, as well as elegant Pinot Noirs that match Burgundian wines. Visit their pleasant tasting room, which also serves as a boutique shop. There is no need to make an appointment.

Visit for more information about Liquid Farm.

Liquid Farm Tasting Room & Mercantile 2445 Alamo Pintado Ave. Suite 101 Los Olivos, CA  93441

Open: Thurs-Mon 11am -5pm Closed: Tue & Wed Pet Friendly


Other points of interest in Los Olivos include:

  • Nella Kitchen & Bar at the Fess Parker Inn
  • Los Olivos Wine Merchant & Café
  • Tasting Room at Dragonette Cellars
  • Avec Moi Décor is a shop that specializes in home decor.
  • R Market (Country)

The good news is we are finally getting some relief with the heat and humidity. The bad news is we are still dealing with all the other issues. The cost of living is high, and property taxes are up. July is the worst month for traffic, when the weather is at its hottest. The State Fair is still a mess as far as parking goes. If you can’t get a spot, you can walk a long way to get to the fairgrounds. There is no way to beat the traffic on 805, and those who are lucky enough to get on the 105 can’t let their guard down.. Read more about stolpman vineyards la cuadrilla and let us know what you think.

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