Millie has never seen a Marvel or Harry Potter movie (Photo: Rex/Marvel/Warner Brothers)

Millie Bobby Brown has admitted she’s never seen a Marvel or Harry Potter movie – and frankly, we’re pretty shocked.

The actress may star in the popular sci-fi/horror series Stranger Things, but in her spare time she doesn’t seem too keen on watching sci-fi or superhero movies.

In an interview with MTV, 17-year-old Millie was asked which side she was on, Marvel or DC.

She replied: I’ve never seen a Marvel movie and I’ve never seen a DC movie. It’s not [my thing], but I’m open to it. I never said that: Oh, I’ll put the movie on.

I like it better… Notebook. You know what I mean? Let’s put on some romantic movies.

She added: I’m not panicking because I think I’m in, that’s why. I’m already on it. I want to see things that are real.

It’s just as well.

Later in the interview, Millie was asked to choose one of the two classic series: Harry Potter and Jurassic Park, and she chose the latter.

She said: I’ve never seen Harry Potter. I have so many friends who admire me, and they do: How do you do that? I am: I don’t know.

Millie also talked a bit more about the fourth season of Stranger Things, which is currently being filmed.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the series’ creators, the Duffer Brothers, have hinted that season 5 could be the last.

Millie is currently in front of the camera for the fourth season of Stranger Things (Photo: Netflix).

Speaking about the possible end of the show, Millie said: I even get emotional when I talk about the end because I don’t want to think about the end.

It’s like my house, it’s like when I go to the movies, it’s like… That’s it! I’m going home to Stranger Things, that’s where I belong.

The star has spoken out about rumours that her character in the series Eleven would become the subject of a spin-off series.

According to earlier reports, Millie had signed on for a spin-off of her Stranger Things character, Eleven (Photo: Netflix/Rex).

Millie has reportedly signed a new deal with Netflix that includes eleven lead roles in her own series.

The Duffer brothers, however, confronted them with rumors that seemed new even to them.

Funny you should say that, because yesterday the Duffer brothers came up to me and asked: Why do you keep talking about collateral damage? And I am: I’m not talking about anything! Millie told Mark Wright on his Heart of FM show.

Plus: Wonders

I, I… you see, I would put up with anything, I love Eleven, I would love to continue her story, she added. I think she’d be better off sticking to unfamiliar things and this world, but I’m definitely open to a conversation.

Eleven spin-offs we’d love to see anyway.

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frequently asked questions

Will Millie Bobby Brown be in a Marvel movie?

Millie Bobby Brown has never seen a Marvel, DC or Harry Potter movie!

Is Millie Bobby Brown in Godzilla vs Kong?

Popular on IndieWire. In fact, Brown is now playing Madison Russell in Godzilla vs. Kong (currently in theaters and on HBO Max) and in the 2019 film Godzilla: The king of monsters.

What is Millie Bobby Brown afraid of?

Millie Bobby Brown Stranger Things talks about her fears: Sharks, loneliness – and a bungalow. … And as befits the star of the Netflix series Stranger Things, not all of them are normal.

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