WWE’s Roman Reigns Defeats John Cena in Fantastic Match at SummerSlam

Last night at the WWE SummerSlam, Roman Reigns defeated John Cena in a match that pitted The Big Dog’s “I Just Want To Be Your Friend” character against The Cenation Leader’s “Ladies and Gentleman, My Name is John Cena” persona. In a bout that was nearly as much about the WWE Universe as it was about their competitors, the match ended with a surprising twist that left fans buzzing about what really happened.

WWE’s Roman Reigns Defeats John Cena in Fantastic Match at SummerSlam



Roman Reigns vs. John Cena is undoubtedly the most anticipated bout on tonight’s packed WWE SummerSlam schedule, and following a battle between Goldberg and WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, it was time for the show’s main event. On SmackDown, Roman Reigns and John Cena have been exchanging barbs, and after their last encounter last night, it was finally time for Cena to walk into the ring, wearing a brand new shirt and a Mario-inspired motif, displaying his 16 Championship victories. Roman then arrived, accompanied by Paul Heyman and The Usos. After the bell rang, it was time to get down to work, and the two began by circling and testing one other.

Early on, both were beaming, and Cena was savoring every moment. As Cena approached, they finally locked up. Cena applied a side headlock on Reigns, but Reigns countered with a Shoulder Tackle, sending Cena to the canvas. They locked up again, and Reigns grabbed a headlock this time, but Cena attempted to roll him up, but only got a two count. Cena attempted another rollup, but Reigns deflected it and ridiculed Cena for a few moments.

Cena attempted another fast pin, but Reigns rolled out of it, knocking Cena off his feet and down to the canvas. Cena had a moment to get back to his feet, but Reigns grabbed him and slammed him into the corner, knocking him to the mat. Cena kicked out after Reigns suplexed him and covered him.

Cena then applied a headlock, and as Cena broke free, Reigns hit him in the gut with a powerful kick, sending him back to the ground. Cena kicked out again when Reigns lifted him up and suplexed him again. Cena was then thrown out of the ring and to the floor by Reigns. Reigns pushed Cena against the steel stairs and climbed on them, celebrating in front of the crowd, after Cena deflected a punch.

Then Reigns slammed Cena into the post and had another moment to celebrate. Cena was reeling, but he rolled Reigns back up, but Reigns escaped and rolled through Cena, throwing him to the ground. Cena scooped up Reigns for the AA, but Reigns reversed into a DDT and attempted for the pin, but Cena kicked him out.

Reigns then spoke to the camera for a few moments, saying that Hollywood may have Cena, but he belongs to WWE. Cena deflected a shot and landed a couple strikes on Reigns before bouncing off the ropes, only to be taken down again by a huge right to the face from Reigns. As Cena crawled over the mat, he mocked his five techniques.

Cena then attempted another rollup, but Reigns escaped and grabbed him in the center of the ring in a Sleeper. Cena fought his way out of the hold, but Reigns stopped him by wrapping his legs over Cena’s back and placing his whole body weight on his back. Cena regained his energy, but Reigns cut it off once again. To break the hold, Cena hoisted Reigns and smashed his back into the corner.

Cena then attacked each of them with a clothesline, sending them to the ground. Both men rose to their feet, but Cena slammed Reigns to the mat, then tried for his signature move, but Reigns locked in. Cena seemed to be about to tap as tehGuilliotine was applied, but Cena reversed it and trapped Reigns in until he was able to break free. Reigns then delivered a Superman Punch to Cena, knocking him out once again. Reigns attempted a spear but was caught by Cena, who then hit a Five Knuckle Shuffle. He then tried for the AA, which he nailed, but Reigns kicked out just before the three-count.

Cena then had Reigns in a submission hold, but Reigns grabbed the rope, forcing Cena to release the hold. Outside the ring, Reigns seemed to be injured, and Cena attempted to capitalize, but Reigns hit a drive-by and threw Cena to the floor. Cena scooped him up and delivered an AA atop the announce table after Reigns circled the ring and went for Cena. He then grabbed up Reigns and dragged him into the ring, attempting to pin him, but Reigns kicked out.

Cena sensed his opportunity and ran to the top rope, but Reigns countered and sent Cena crashing to the ground. Cena, on the other hand, was able to kick out of the pin. Reigns waited for the Superman Punch, but Cena grabbed him and rolled him up, despite the fact that Reigns kicked out. Cena attempted another AA, but Reigns countered with the Superman Punch and tried for the pin, which Cena kicked out of.

Reigns seemed irritated before setting up for a spear, which he missed and landed shoulder-first into the post. Cena then grabbed Reigns and dragged him to the top rope, where he was lifted up and hit an AA on him from the top rope. Reigns, on the other hand, was thrown out at the last possible moment. Both were on the ground at this time, and Cena was the first to get up. He ridiculed Reigns’ technique and raced at him, but Reigns stopped him and they exchanged blows, with Reigns landing another Superman Punch and then another, knocking Cena to the ground.

Reigns prepared and hit the spear, and it was the end of Cena, who he pinned clean.

SummerSlam’s complete card is as follows:

John Cena (C) vs. Roman Reigns (C) (Universal Championship)

Goldberg vs. Bobby Lashley (C) (WWE Championship)

Sasha Banks (SmackDown Women’s Championship) vs. Bianca Belair (C)

The Mysterios (C) vs. The Usos (SmackDown Tag Team Championships)

Randy Orton and Riddle vs. AJ Styles and Omos (C) (Raw Tag Team Championships)

Damian Priest vs. Sheamus (C) (United States Championship)

Seth Rollins vs. Edge

Eva Marie vs. Alexa Bliss

Jinder Mahal vs. Drew McIntyre

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