This modern single sink vanity has a brushed nickel finish and two doors with black MDF construction. The fully assembled cabinet has two doors and one drawer with undermount drawer glides, spacious storage spaces, and open back space for plumbing access. It also features a ceramic top for a more modern look.

Freestanding vs built-in

If you want to make your bathroom look more spacious, a freestanding vanity is the way to go. A freestanding vanity is typically built into the floor, while built-in vanities are built into a wall. This allows for more visual space in the bathroom, while taking up less space. Additionally, freestanding vanities can be much more affordable than built-in versions, as they are prefabricated and can be easily moved from one location to another.

The biggest disadvantage of a freestanding vanity is that it is not stable enough to handle a significant amount of weight. If you place a lot of items on a freestanding vanity, it may shift and cause damage to your plumbing. In addition, it can also cause injury to anyone nearby if it shifts.

A modern single sink vanity can be a stylish addition to a modern bathroom. These vanities can feature clean, futuristic features such as LCD TV screens and upward-swinging doors. Additionally, they don’t take up much space and provide plenty of storage. Built-in vanities are a great option for small bathrooms and those that have additional wall space.

Storage options

There are a number of storage options for a modern single sink vanity. First of all, you can incorporate a medicine cabinet, which doubles as a vanity mirror. This piece of furniture is also useful for keeping toiletries, vitamins, and medications in one place. Many of these units also include multiple shelves for organization purposes.

Next, you can decide how much storage space you need for your vanity. Some modern sink vanities have few shelves, while others have plenty of room. When shopping, consider how much you need to store and the type of items. Once you know how much space you have, you can choose the right style.

You may also want to consider converting the shelves in your vanity into pull-out drawers. This will free up more counter space and will also allow you to store larger items. Alternatively, you can also install full-length drawers. You can also install organizers in the drawers to keep your products organized.


Modern single sink vanities come in a variety of colors. Some are classic, some are more trendy. Colors to consider include soft blue, a classic color that combines beauty and tranquility. Blue is the color of the year for 2020, and the right shades can help you achieve the perfect color scheme for your bathroom. Soft blue is also a nice alternative to classic white, and you can use it in any style. If you’d like a more dramatic look, try a dark royal blue.

Another popular choice is a freestanding vanity. Freestanding vanities typically have a hardwood or engineered wood base, a ceramic countertop, and a rectangular sink. A warm walnut finish gives this design an air of elegance, and the splayed legs lend a contemporary feel to the space. Most of these vanities have two doors that slide open for easy access to the contents inside.

Another popular choice for a vanity is deep navy. This color is timeless and trendy, and pairs well with white and cream, as well as natural wood. This color is soothing and versatile, and can easily match the decor of many homes – including cottage, farmhouse, and even modern plant-inspired styles. The most important consideration is lighting, which is especially important in bathroom spaces. You’ll want to choose a high gloss paint for durability, and use natural wood accents as a backdrop.


When it comes to choosing a single sink vanity, you need to keep a few things in mind. You want the cabinets to fit in the space, and the sink and faucet should match. You should also consider the storage space you need. You don’t want to be unable to put away all of your things in your new vanity.

Standard vanities are typically thirty to 32 inches (76 to 81 cm) high. However, they may not be the right height for taller people. Tall people may feel uncomfortable with a vanity that sits so low that they have to bend over to reach the sink. A thirty-inch vanity is perfect for most average-height people or for families with kids.

Modern single sink vanity sizes are designed to fit bathrooms with limited floor space. To ensure the vanity fits in a bathroom with limited floor space, choose a vanity with a shallow depth. Shallow vanity depths work well in small bathrooms because they don’t take up valuable floor space. You can also choose a smaller 24-inch vanity and pair it with an oversized vessel sink.

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