Dave Dombrowski wants to win again sooner or later.

A long time ago, in September, a baseball manager moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to become a baseball consultant with Music City, but this week, he learned that major league baseball would not be eligible for expansion for more than a year. As a result, Dombrowski signed an agreement on Friday to become president of baseball activities for Philadelphia Phyllis, saying the team was about to win its first World Championship title since 2008.

I think it’s a remake, not perestroika of course, Dombrovsky said. The club has too many good players.

Dombrovsky says he sees Phyllis as some kind of sleeping giant because they have a big market. And they have a good, solid landlord who wants to spend money to make money.

It’s a baseball town on the east coast, isn’t it? He said if it didn’t work out, it would be good to cheer him up. So there is great potential. But I also want to say that for the past few years, half a dozen years, you’ve at least scratched your head and said My God, I wonder why they don’t win.

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Dombrowski has placed his hopes in right-wing Bryce Harper, rookies Aaron Nol, Zack Wheeler and Zack Eflin, manager Joe Girardie and managing partner John Middleton.

I know John wants to win. We have some flexibility in funding, Dombrovsky said. But when I say that, I don’t think it’s an unlimited amount of money. We can always say there’s a budget for that. That’s what we’ll work towards. But we’re also more… we want to win this year.

Dombrowski, known for his silver hair and ever-present smile, has led the teams to the division championship in seven of the last nine seasons. He became president of Boston Baseball in August 2015 and celebrated the event in 2018, when the Red Sox set a club record with 108 wins and defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series to win the fourth title in 15 seasons.

Dombrovsky was fired in September 2019 after the record 76-67. His salary lasted until October 2020 and he refused interviews with several clubs that came out this fall.

Phillies president Andy McFile called back Saturday and Dombrowski said he was informed by MLB of the vague expansion plan on Monday and Tuesday.

Dombrowski talked to Middleton for an hour Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to Dombrovsky it was John who reached out to me and really tried to get me into the Phyllis organization. I feel very comfortable with him. I’ve known him for many years. He has an excellent reputation. I think he’s a big landlord who wants to win.

At this time, at the age of 64, Dombrovsky began working on his dissertation at Lee Honors College in West Michigan in 1977: The general manager, the man in the middle. The following year he was offered a position at the Chicago White Sox, came to Montreal in 1987 as Director of Game Development and became GM EXPOS in July 1988. He joined Marlins as CEO in September 1991 and became President of Detroit in November 2002. When the Tigers released him, he was hired by the Red Sox two weeks later.

Philadelphia finished third in a shortened pandemic-related season in the East of the Netherlands (28-32), lost seven of the last eight and played a game for a second joker from the Netherlands. Phyllis missed the off-season for the ninth time in a row and Matt Clentac was promoted to general manager after five seasons.

In the industry hit by the pandemic, Philadelphia ranked first with $64.5 million. August in terms of wages in 12th place. A man familiar with Phyllis’ finances told the Associated Press that the team lost $145 million in the shortened season, while playing without fans.

I didn’t expect it to be the same as last year, Dombrovskiy said about the salary. There’s flexibility in doing things. But I think we’re gonna look at every step intelligently.

I don’t think this is a situation where we are one player away from victory. I think we should do something for this team. And I really don’t want to sacrifice people who could be part of our future short-term success unless it’s a special quality.

Dombrovsky will probably hire a GM under him, but he hasn’t made any promises. Klentak will play a role yet to be determined, and Dombrowski plans to consult with chief advisor Pat Gillick, who developed GM’s latest title between 2006 and 2009. Dombrovsky considers Girardi to be a champion-like manager, and so he appears in every position. So we got lucky.

He wants to bring in J.T.’s receiver. Realmuto, who is a free agent, but he is not sure in which direction the negotiations will go.

Dombrovsky’s team building philosophy is more traditional than avant-garde, although he has recently accepted some changes.

I’m a little old-fashioned, he says. I always like it when we get six or seven points.

However, he stated that he believed in limitations of size. He opposes the tendency to strike, appreciates the attack of the midfielder more than ever and believes that the depth of the bull is more important than ever, even if he believes in a certain closeness.

Dombrovsky had KOVID-19 about a month ago – it’s been a difficult two weeks – and he is not planning to go to the office soon, because no one does.

I think it’s the world of the hem now, he said.

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