The distance between the ground and the defense is the key to winning games, especially in modern games. As a result, 3 and D players are in high demand by NBA teams who want to win the championships. Although players 3 and D are hardly the superstars of their team, they carry a huge burden by executing open three-point shots in the attack while blocking the opponent’s best player.

In the past ten years we have found that most champion teams have at least one 3 and D player, which just shows how important it is for the team to get one of them in today’s race. Let’s bet on today’s top five three-dimensional players for this game.


Among the players who barely made the cup are OG Anunobi, Je Crowder and Kavi Leonard. Leonard also makes an honourable mention, as he started his NBA career as a great 3D player and will easily be at the top of the list. However, since The Claw has already become a superstar after the expansion of his game, it would be better to include it in the honourable mention.

5. JERAMIS subsidy

Jerami Grant, suckers, NBA top-three player.

Connecting points

Career statistics: 9,3 points, 3,9 fees, 1,1 aid, 1,1 blocking, 0,6 flights

Jerami Grant is one of the best 3 and D players we have today. His ascent of Oklahoma City Thunder and his beautiful game with the Denver Nuggets caught the attention of the NBA. This became clear, of course, after Grant signed a three-year, $60 million contract with Detroit Pistons during the operation of the free agency this year.

The last time we saw Grant with the Denver Nugget, he was a factor at both ends of the course to help the team make a historic achievement – he came back twice from 1-3 holes in the same post-season and helped Nugget reach the Western Conference finals since 2009. Grant was also a handful for the Lakers in the Western Conference final, blowing up 26 points in Game 3 and, along with defenders like Lebron James and Anthony Davis, making the team his only victory in the series that shows the versatility of the former Nuggets forward.

As Grant approaches his peak, fans can expect him to develop his game, especially with the Pistons, who are awarding him a huge contract. While he’s likely to miss working with sons-in-law like Nikola Jokich and Paul Millsap, Grant’s skills as a two-sided player will be put to good use as the Pistons franchise is historically and culturally known for its defensive work. That puts Grant in fifth place.

4. Robert Covington

Blazers, Robert Covingto The top three players in the NBA, Damian Lillard.


Career statistics: 12.7 points, 5.7 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 1.7 steals, 0.9 block

Price: 1x NBA All Defense First Team

Few uneducated players have made history in the NBA, but Robert Covington has shown that it is possible. As one of the best Category 3 and D players in the current league, Covington has become a valuable asset to the teams he has played for.

We saw him enter the competition with Team Philadelphia 76, where he scored 13.5 points for victory in his second year, the best result of his career, and won the first team defence award in 2018.

We have also recently seen how well he performed in the Missiles-after-Season race in the NBA 2020 bubble. Thanks to the Rockets’ small ball system, which focuses on transition games and long-distance shooting, Covington was surprisingly at the centre of the action. But even though he played in the NBA play-offs in 2020, he put 11.2 points and 5.0 boards in an exit and shot a clip 50% deep.

Although the Rockets failed to pass the eventual Los Angeles Lakers champions in the second round, Covington was eventually swapped to the Portland Trailblazers at 6’7 for veteran Trevor Arizo. The vanguard can certainly do some damage to the Trailblazers by playing with Damien Lillard and CJ McCallum next to the elite guard. However, there is no doubt that Covington is one of the best two-sided players in the current league, making him fourth on the list.

3. Chris Middleton

Bax, Chris Middleton.

Connecting points

Career statistics: 16,3 points, 4,6 rebounds, 3,4 assists, 1,2 steels, 0,2 block

Price: 2x NBA All-Star

3D players may not be in the limelight as often. However, they may be NBA stars. As the second version of Bucks, Chris Middleton has become one of the best two-way players of our time. Together with MVP Giannis Antetokunmpo, Middleton has reached new career heights, including last season when he scored 20.9 points and 6.2 rebounds per game, which earned him a second straight All-Star award. Middleton also fired a 41.5% shot from Rainbowland, proving that he is not a player to be left open in defense. In addition, Bax has set the best league record of the past two seasons.

Although Middleton and Bax have fallen into the hands of potential eastern conference champions at the Miami Heat, there is no doubt that the Bax striker will continue to cause difficulties for the opposing teams in the coming season, with Giannis particularly likely to withdraw from the franchise if he falls further behind in the post-season.

If Middleton continues to follow the order of the three-point shooting, he will soon be able to prove that he is one of the best runners in the history of the competition with his magnificent two-way game.

2. Danny Green

Career statistics: 8.9 points, 3.5 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 1.0 steals, 0.8 blocks

Awards: 3-time NBA Champion, 1-time NBA all-round champion, 2-time NBA Champion.

Danny Greene considers himself one of the most successful 3 and D players in NBA history. The former North Carolina has three different franchises to help reach the top of the NBA, including the San Antonio Spurs, the Toronto Raptors and most recently the Los Angeles Lakers. The only players who have made this achievement are Robert Horry, John Sally and their former teammate Lebron James.

With Green’s ability to catch and shoot, his teams certainly had an easier distance between floors. Moreover, his contribution to the defense of his opponent usually gives him a heavy night’s sleep. In his performance in the 2013 NBA final at the San Antonio Spurs, Green scored 27 three-point shots, a record number at the time before being defeated by Steven Curry of the State of Golden Warriors in 2016. The marksman also gave him a sense of presence at the 2019 Raptor Championship, where he took part in the third round of the Raptor Championship. The last game of 2019 of the NBA scored an 18-point peak and got six big three-point shots.

The youngest of the Lakers, Stan Green, was not bad at all, with an average of 8.0 points per game as a starter. However, his purple and gold limitation was thwarted by a missed three-point shot in the dying moments of game five, which would not have required another Lakers game to beat Miami Heath and win the championship trophy.

Green doesn’t work with the Lakers anymore because we learned he’s involved in the deal to land Dennis Schroeder in Los Angeles, who sent a sniper to the Sixers. Although Green was recently sold to Philadelphia 76, where he recently won the championship, there is no doubt that the three-time NBA champion, with his experience as a champion, can help to push the six-time championship candidates into the deep play-offs. In addition, his 3D and D skills will complement the team’s current stars, Joel Ambiad and Ben Simmons.

1. Sound Thompson

Career statistics: 19.5 points, 3.5 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 0.9 steals, 0.5 blocks

Distinctions: 3x NBA Champion, 5x NBA All-Star, 2x NBA Third Team, 1x NBA Second Multiathlon Team, 1x NBA Competitive Champion in the 3-point system, 1x NBA First Multiathlon Team

As half of the Gold State’s Splash Brothers, Thompson is probably the best 3D player in the NBA today. With Stephen Curry, Thompson opened his defense slightly and shot out of the box with a mortality rate of 41.9% during his NBA career. In fact, in 2016 he lost 60 points in just 29 minutes against the Indiana Pacers. Even crazier, he only dribbled 11 times, which indicates that Thompson hardly forced or created his own strike. It should also be noted that Thompson is a record when it comes to the number of three-point hits scored in one match. He achieved this performance in 2018 against the New York Knicks and scored 14 hat-tricks in 24 attempts for a total of 52 points.

Although he is widely known for his Red Hot Shots, his ability to keep up with the elite in defense is often overlooked. Thompson’s size and speed make him versatile enough to protect both large and small guards from you as you battle. In fact, he has shown that he can control big players like Tony Parker, Lou Williams and Chris Paul. Note that even Atlanta Hawks star Trey Young would consider being a Warriors defender in the top three in the league.

Unfortunately the triple NBA champion could not win since the final of 2019, where he won the ACL in the 6th round. The match against the final champion – the Toronto Raptors – who was defeated on the NBA hardwood tracks, had nothing more to do. Despite being scheduled to return for the 2020-2021 season, Thompson’s right Achilles tendon was broken, leaving him out of the game for another year.

Once the precision swan is restored, I hope the five-time NBA All-Star winner returns to his old form, as he will certainly do his bit to restore the Golden Land to its former glory in the championship. However, in his young career he has already achieved a lot by doing his best to become the best 3 and D player so far.

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