Mo Salah Liverpool beat Manchester United by 30 points in their win at Anfield last year. United has not lost an away game since….

Paul Pogba urged new league leaders Manchester United to remain calm at a crucial time when his side take on champions Liverpool on Sunday.

United are at the top of the Premier League standings and could take a six-point lead with a win at Anfield for the first time since their last title in 2012/13.

It will be a great game for everyone, Pogba told Sport.

There’s a big game coming up, so let’s get ready.

Pogba’s deflected volley gave Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Burnley side three points to move back to the top of the standings and prepare for this weekend’s clash.

We knew that if we won tonight, we would be the best in the league if we played Liverpool, Pogba said.

We must remain calm, this is an important moment. Let’s see what happens.

undefeated year

Manchester United are now unbeaten in 15 Premier League away games, including 12 wins. The last defeat was at Anfield a year ago.

Goals from Virgil van Dijk and Mo Salah put United 30 points behind Jurgen Klopp’s men – a real turning point this year.

Indeed, there has been a real upheaval in recent months.

United dropped to 15 in early November. Place of Arsenal’s victory at Old Trafford. Since then, nine wins and two draws have taken the former permanent winners to the top.

We must believe – and we do.

Solskjaer praised Pogba’s performance in taking United to the top of the table.

Solskjaer has had his ups and downs in his 25-month coaching career, both at #OLEOUT and #OLEIN, but he now has a team in top form.

He dismissed questions about the title challenge at Turfmondmore, but admitted his team went to Anfield with a good feeling – where they last won five years ago.

We are very confident for the games, he told Sport.

We did very well away from home. We have to believe in ourselves and we do. We did a good job, it’s the right time.

It’s a test on Sunday against the champions, which was fantastic, it’s a big test for us.

Six weeks ago they were not there.

Solskjaer may have been reluctant to talk about it, but former United captain Gary Neville says they are in a title race and it is a challenge no one saw coming.

Going to the big leagues for Sunday seems to be a big moment, he told Sky Sports.

Six to eight weeks ago, you wouldn’t have thought they were still here. Now something is built, the spirit grows, you can see the unity.

Eight weeks ago in Liverpool, everyone was convinced. No one is getting excited, it could easily go the other way, but the fact that they are in the race for the title…. wow! You have to give it to the players.

Strange time of year. Why shouldn’t Manchester United fans believe it, why shouldn’t this team believe it? They have great players. I don’t think a few days in Liverpool will be comfortable. They didn’t expect that.

Do not disregard Title 21Do not disregard Title 21

Simon Stone’s analysis of Sports Magazine.

Ten years ago, if someone had said Manchester United fans would be celebrating their promotion to the Premier League, you wouldn’t have believed it.

If someone had said three months ago that he would be at the top right now, he would have had a head shake.

Still, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his team are to be congratulated. After a terrible defeat at home to Arsenal, they have 29 points from a possible 33 and are rightly at the top of the table.

Solskjaer is not getting carried away. Sunday’s opponents Liverpool and a Manchester City side that have found their winning rhythm have shown in recent seasons that they are rivals of the highest quality.

But for a club so far from its peak – a second successive fourth-place finish would be the first since Ferguson – a return to the top is a welcome change.

And with a team that is probably deeper than anyone else, if not of the highest quality, you can’t completely pass up the title 21 in 2021 in a season as compressed as this one.

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