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In addition to Resident Evil Village, fans can discover a new online multiplayer game that pits the series’ most memorable icons against each other.

While most fans’ attention was focused on those juicy details of Resident Evil Village (and other images of the great vampire lady everyone fell in love with), Capcom made another announcement at Thursday night’s presentation.

Resident Evil RE:Verse, the game has already been leaked, although all we know is that it will be some sort of multiplayer game.

The Resident Evil Showcase showed it off well, with a short promotional trailer and confirmation that it’s free for anyone who buys Resident Evil Village. But now Capcom has shared some more details on its official website.

In this game, four to six players are pitted against each other in a five-minute death match, whose favorite character is their character, with the simple goal of scoring more points than the others.

So far, series regulars like Chris and Jill from the first game and Leon and Claire from Resident Evil 2 have been confirmed, but the trailer also shows Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7 and a mysterious gas mask in HUNK. And while she hasn’t been seen in the game yet, Ada Wong is in the promotional video, so expect her to be playable.

What gives RE:Verse its unique tagline is that death is not the end for the player. When your character is shot, it turns into a biological weapon. B. Nemesis from Resident Evil 3, which makes you stronger and earns you points.

It’s not yet clear if each character has a specific transformation, if it’s random or if players choose it before the game starts, but these transformations can be improved by collecting as many Viral Pods as possible.

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Registration for the closed beta is still open if you’re interested, but Resident Evil ambassadors get priority – especially if they’re high enough.

Judging by the reactions on the internet, however, fans don’t seem to be particularly impressed with the game. While there are some people willing to give it a try when it’s released, many are already comparing it to the evil Umbrella Corp and want Capcom to bring back the mercenary mode that hasn’t been seen since Resident Evil 6.

I didn’t want to say it before in my thread, but I’m going to say it now. Resident Evil RE-verse, a multiplayer game that looks set to capitalize on two weeks of success, doesn’t look good at all. The village is fantastic no matter what, NO THANKS, BRO.

– Susie Hunter (@TheSphereHunter) January 22, 2021

Meanwhile, PlayStation 5 owners can try out an exclusive demo of the game, which offers a taste of Resident Evil Village through the eyes of the seated girl.

Resident Evil RE:Verse will be released on the 7th. Can be played as part of Resident Evil Village for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

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