Pinterest is expanding its search tools to include photos of people with text descriptions, which will allow people to tell Pinterest what they are looking for, even if they don’t know the word on the page.

Did you know that Pinterest has expanded to include more than just the web? The site now offers a Pinterest app for your smartphone.

Pinterest, the site that lets you pin things that you like from the web, is planning to expand its search functionality to let users search for things like hair, makeup, and clothing in the same way they can search for other things. The feature will be added to Pinterest’s iOS and Android apps, and it will work in the same way that you search for other types of things on Pinterest. Currently, if you search for a word like “basket” on Pinterest, you will only see baskets from a collection of Pinterest-approved retailers.. Read more about what is pinterest used for and let us know what you think.



Pinterest Inc. is launching a tool that allows users looking for certain hair styles to filter results according on six different hair patterns: protective, coily, curved, wavy, straight, and shaven or bald hair.

According to the business, the new feature aims to make Pinterest’s image-sharing platform more inclusive by making it simpler for people of color to discover appropriate styles. To begin with, it will be accessible in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

This kind of inclusive feature may help social networks like Pinterest attract a more varied user base.

The new filter, which took eight months to create, is part of a longer journey, according to Annie Ta, Pinterest’s director of inclusive product.

“We have an opportunity and a duty to expand online representation and ensure that individuals from all groups, regardless of who they are or how they identify, can find inspiration for themselves on Pinterest,” Ms. Ta said.

“Our aim is to keep building on top of this and make sure we’re creating inclusive goods in everything we do,” she said.

The new tool was created with the help of computer vision technology and team members who previously worked on Pinterest’s inclusive beauty search result product, which allows users to filter results by skin tone while searching for beauty. In 2018, the function was first introduced in the United States.

Despite long-standing issues with racist material online and demands for businesses to help combat racial injustice, social media companies have been spending money and introducing features to make their platforms more inclusive.

Pinterest has a reputation for being a reasonably safe environment for users, but in April it released a prompt urging influencers to share material that is kind, accurate, and inclusive, among other things. The social media platform prohibited weight-loss rhetoric and images, as well as body-mass index and testimonials about reducing weight, in July.

Companies such as Pinterest, Microsoft Corp.’s LinkedIn, and Facebook Inc. have used a method known as nudging to remind users to be positive before adding comments, among other things.

Pinterest reported 91 million monthly average users in the United States for the second quarter, down 5% from a year ago, blaming “engagement challenges” from consumers spending less time at home during the coronavirus epidemic. Pinterest now has 454 million monthly active users across the world, up 9% from a year ago.

The hair pattern filter will first be limited to basic hair queries like “summer hairstyles,” “glam hair,” and “short hair,” but the firm intends to expand its capabilities throughout the site.

Pinterest’s skin-tone search result filter has grown over time, according to the firm, with a new feature in January 2020 allowing users of an augmented-reality lipstick to experiment on different lip colors on skin tones with which they identify.

Pinterest collaborated with Naeemah LaFond, an editorial hair stylist and worldwide creative director of Heat Makes Sense Inc.’s hair-care brand Amika, as well as other professionals and researchers, to choose the six accessible filters.

According to Ms. LaFond, the tool allows individuals of color to spend less time sifting through search results to discover fashions that fit them.

Ms. LaFond said, “This new tool is certainly marking a much-needed milestone for racial equality in coding.”

According to Shannae Ingleton Smith, head of business development and influencer talent at Kensington Grey Agency Inc., providing detailed search options for hair and skin tone is a step in the right direction.

Ms. Ingleton Smith said, “It simply indicates that they’re thinking about you—that you’re not just an afterthought, but you’re really a forethought and you’re part of the decision-making process.”

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