Mithali Raj, India’s top batter, is a legend. a prominent name in women’s cricket. Because of her accomplishments in women’s cricket, which are on par with those of Sachin Tendulkar in men’s cricket, Mithali Raj has earned the moniker “The Lady Sachin Tendulkar of India.” Mithali Raj, the former captain of the Indian Women’s ODI Cricket team and the opening batswoman for the Indian Women’s Team, is well-known throughout the world for her unproductive batting techniques. In the history of women’s ODI cricket, she has scored the most runs. she has charmed the world and raised India’s women’s cricket to a higher level with her batting techniques. Mithali Raj is one of the best female cricketers to ever represent the sport. She has gathered the most runs of any player in women’s international cricket and is the only cricketer to have surpassed the 6,000 run mark in women’s one-day matches. In addition to being a competent batswoman, Mithali is also a strong bowler who excels at right-arm leg breaks. She also has the record for most international runs for India.

Childhood And Birth

  • MithaliDorai Raj was born in a Tamil family in the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, on December 3, 1982. Her parents were Mrs Leela Raj, a worker at Lawrence and Mayo’s Engineering Instruments company, and Mr Dorai Raj,  (warrant officer) in the Indian Air Force. Her older brother was MrMithun Raj. A young dancer with a focus on Bharatnatyam, she started her career.


  • She received admission to Keyes High School for Girls in Hyderabad, and for her intermediate years, she changed schools to Kasturba Gandhi Junior College for Women in Secunderabad. Cricket will become Mithali Raj’s career and source of fame. She started playing the game at the age of 10. Mr Raj introduced her to cricket at her father’s request so she could stop being late for work in the morning.
  • During this period, Coach Jyothi Prasad, the cricket coach at St. John’s coaching camp, recognized her aptitude and advised Raj to concentrate on his daughter rather than his suffering son precisely in the same cricket camp.
  • On the advice of Jyothi Prasad, she was later accepted to Keyes School, where Sampath Kumar, a coach from NIS, worked. A year later, Sampath Kumar predicted Mithali’s future and did so rather accurately. This was a prediction regarding her illustrious career path, which would lead to pride in her, her family, and the country.

A profession in the game

  • Playing for the domestic railroads was how Mithali Raj got her start in the professional world. Later, Mithali appeared onstage with famous people such as Purnima Rau, Anjum Chopra, and Anju Jain for Air India. She wasn’t in a cricket camp when she was selected for the Women’s Cricket World Cup when she was 14 years old.
  • On the recommendation of Jyothi Prasad, she was then admitted to Keyes School, where Sampath Kumar from NIS served as the coach. A year later, Sampath Kumar correctly predicted Mithali’s future. For this forecast, a straightforward choice was made. She made her international debut for her nation on June 26, 1999, in a WODI match against Ireland at Milton Keynes, at the age of 16 years and 205 days. Mithali made her WODI debut by She became the youngest century player after scoring 114 runs in the contest.
  • On January 14, 2002, in Lucknow, during the England tour of India in 2001–2002, she played in her first test match against the English. Mithali attempted to go duck hunting on her debut but was unsuccessful.
  • to play with her talent. By scoring a double tonne (214) in her third Test against England, Mithali launched her international career and beat Karen Rolton’s record for the most Individual runs in Test cricket. She played in her first T20I match against England on August 5, 2006, scoring 28 runs off 37 balls.
  • Mithali Raj was unable to participate in the 2002 Cricinfo Women’s World Cup due to typhoid. Later, under Mithali’s direction, India became the first nation to advance to the finals of the 2005 Women’s World Cup. time. When the Women’s ODI World Cups were held in 2013 and 2017, she led the Indian women’s squad as captain.
  • Additionally, during an excursion to England in 2006, Mithali Raj became the first Indian Women’s Cricket Team captain to take home the Asia Cup and triumph against England in a Test series.


  • Mithali Raj now holds the record for accumulating 6000 international runs in women’s cricket the quickest, with an average of 51.5 in July 2017. She also has the distinction of having lived the longest number of half centuries (seven).
  • In ODI runs scored, she also leads Women’s Cricket. She has appeared in more consecutive WODIs than any other team captain. She is the Indian women’s cricket player who has scored the most runs across all formats. She has more than 1000 World Cup runs, making her the fifth cricketer overall and the first from India. With more than 100 ODI victories under her belt, she is the only Captain. For the 2013 Women’s World Cup, the ICC awarded Mithali Raj as the best female cricketer. She received ICC recognition in November 2017 WODI Team of the Year.
  • Resignation:
  • In September 2019, Mithali Raj, who played T20 international cricket for 13 years beginning in 2006, announced her departure from the game. She retired from Test cricket earlier in 2014 after competing internationally. She intends to take India to the WODI World Cup triumph in 2021.
  • After 23 long years of playing one-day international cricket, Mithali Raj announced her retirement from the sport on June 8. In her final match at the Women’s World Cup in New Zealand in 2022 against South Africa, the star batter also scored a half-century.
  • Mithali was a passionate Bharatnatyam dancer when she was small. She finds it enjoyable to do it in her free time as a result. In addition, she reads books.


Mithali Raj blamed Ramesh Powar, the coach, and BCCI COA member Diana Edulji on terms and humiliation for leaving her out of the 2018 T20 World Cup semifinals in a letter to the BCCI.

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