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Mike Youngquist and Natalia Mordovtseva are among the most prominent couples in the eighth season of 90 Day Bride. The two reality TV stars started last year and came to a dramatic end to their story after Natalie declared that Mike wasn’t her soul mate. However, the couple decided to work on their tense relationship during the current season. Besides, Mike’s parent, Uncle Bo Lawrence, became a fan favorite during the show. Unfortunately, fans are in shock after details of his domestic violence and mistreatment have surfaced online. Natalie has already revealed that she doesn’t want to live with Uncle Bo, now the fans suggest that it might be dangerous for her to live with a man with a criminal past.

Uncle Bo has a long criminal record

According to recently released court documents, Uncle Bo has served several prison sentences for domestic violence and ill-treatment. His first contact with the law may have been in 1994, when he was arrested in Washington State for illegal fishing. The 50-year-old reality TV star is behind bars for a month and 15 days, but that would only be the beginning of his long criminal record. Uncle Bo reportedly moved to Arizona in 2005 and faced several criminal charges ranging from domestic violence to marijuana use. In 2012, the beloved member of the 90-day bridal group could serve a prison sentence after pleading guilty to violence. In 2016, he returned to his home state of Washington, D.C., but was reportedly sentenced to three months in prison on another charge of assault after the victim was given a restraining order against him.

TLC fired several 90-day-old marriage stars for their controversial backgrounds

While Uncle Bo was one of the favorite fans at the time he played Fiancé in 90 Day, it will be interesting to see if TLC will ban him from the show because of his criminal past. The reality channel severed ties with several former 90 Day Bride stars because of their controversial backgrounds.

This year, TLC banned Jeffrey Paskell from appearing in episodes of Before 90 Days Tell All due to an unsolved domestic violence trial. Paul Staele and Karin Martins were also absent from the August episodes of Happily Ever After because of their unsolved charges at the time.

Viewers speculated that Uncle Bo’s criminal past might be the reason why Mike asked him to move into the 90 Days Sunday Bride episode. The American reality TV star made the decision after Natalie said she felt uncomfortable with Uncle Bo.

The Ukrainian reality TV star convinced her boyfriend to kick her uncle off the farm and said she wanted to spend time alone with him. Fans weren’t happy with Mike’s decision and are skeptical of Natalie’s intentions in their relationship. The upcoming episode could shed more light on the couple’s future.

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