Stephen Curry, the state’s Golden Warrior all-star goaltender, believes James Weisman’s new center could have an immediate impact on his team this season.

Of course, Curry said in a video conference with reporters. This obviously means a [total] second choice, so expectations are generally high compared to the other two best samples of recent years. He cannot escape these comparisons, regardless of his average score and the number of minutes he plays. But it will certainly help, and we hope to unlock it this year to make us a much better basketball team.

The Warriors hope that Weizman, who was elected second in last year’s NBA draft, can get to the top as soon as possible, while veterans Curry and Draimond Green will help absorb some of the initial pressure exerted with all the promising players and teach him how to play in the league.


To keep him away from the hype and noise, we know these equations will happen, Curry said. But this year’s a unique year, buddy. He’s just had three games in college; he doesn’t really have any preseason or training camp experience, so he’ll have to learn a lot very soon, so we have a little bit of grace from that, but hopefully he’ll get the chance to go out and just fight, get his feet wet, learn spontaneously and help us win basketball games. I think success will be different for him. And that may not be what the statistics say, but it could mean that this is part of a big, meaningful basketball game that should help us to win.

Coach Voinov Steve Kerr repeated those feelings in a conversation with reporters on Tuesday, noting that Weizeman, with the only center position unlikely to be filled – with Curry, Green, Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Ouber stuck in the starting line – has a chance to carve out a spot right away.

James’ potential in the sport is so great that I imagine that he will have the opportunity to step up and help us because he is so athletic and dynamic, said Mr. Kerr. But he still has a lot to learn, and he’s worthless for the summer competition, training all summer long. There’s a lot of catching up to do in every way.

We just have to do everything we can. I’m happy for James, but I also want to warn everyone not to wait too long, because we’re going to throw him straight into the fire. He played three games in college. He still has a lot to learn.

In an attempt to lower expectations in Wiseman, Kerr noted that Kevon Lowney’s veteran center will be in a more advanced position after spending five seasons with the Warriors. Luni, who said he feels good after solving several health issues last season, said he was more than willing to help Wiseman learn how to play in the NBA.

I am very happy to welcome James to the team and to help him, Luny said in a conference call on Wednesday. I think he’ll make a big contribution to this team. He has a lot of talent and potential. I don’t think his athletics and greatness can be taught. I think he’s going to help us a lot and the only thing I can do to show him the way is to go straight to the NBA and play winning basketball. Everyone is great, playing with Draimond and [Marquis Criss], I think we can all show him a few things, but he already has a God-given talent. So all the little things, the technical things we can teach him, I think it’s our duty to show him those things.

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