In 2021, the best face sunscreens were tested using a predictive model that was trained on over 10 billion data points. “We’ve got a long way to go, but we are making great progress,” said a representative from the research team. The models are used to predict the user’s skin type to optimize the user’s chosen sunscreen.

When it comes to protecting your skin from the rain, slathering on a layer of white zinc oxide is the most effective sun protection you can get. Unfortunately, it also smells like rotten eggs, and can be uncomfortable to wear. Enter the world of sunscreen formulas with active ingredients, including retinoids, antioxidants, and other compound technologies that can effectively block the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays, while providing a pleasant-smelling, non-greasy feel. Welcome to the new era of sunscreen.

From the early 2000s, when the beauty industry pushed antioxidants into our skin care routine, there has been a rise in suncare products with their own special blend of vitamins and antioxidants to ward off the effects of UV rays. In fact, there’s no end to the list that can be filled with antioxidants, especially when it comes to suncare products. Here are 18 of the best face sunscreens of the next decade:

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You probably think you already know how to get ready in the morning. You wash your face, moisturize your skin and apply your tried and true makeup products. But you may be forgetting an important part of your beauty routine: Sunscreen.

It turns out that if you want to protect your skin from the sun’s fierce UVA and UVB rays, medical experts say you should apply sunscreen every morning, even if you stay home altogether.

UVA rays penetrate the glass. If you have a window in your room, it’s important to use sunscreen even when you’re inside, says Dr. Hadley King, a dermatologist in New York City. UVA rays are generally associated with the aging of skin cells and are usually the cause of wrinkles, sun spots and other signs of sun damage. UVB radiation, on the other hand, is a major cause of sunburn, directly damages the DNA of skin cells and is associated with most forms of skin cancer. The glass commonly used in car, home and office windows is designed to block most UVB rays, but it does not protect against all UVA rays. So even if you are indoors and near a window, you are still exposed to UVA rays and potential sun damage.


Dr. Harold Lancer, a dermatologist in Los Angeles and founder of Lancer Skincare, agrees. We usually tell patients: If you can see where you’re going without using a flashlight, there’s enough light to use sunscreen, he says. Exposure to light indoors has different effects and can influence the behaviour of skin cells.

If you are indoors, where there are no windows or direct sunlight, your skin may still benefit from a sun protection treatment. Listen to us: Our phones, laptops, TVs and even LED lights can emit blue light, also known as high-energy visible light, which can also affect the health of our skin.

Visible light makes up 50% of the spectrum of sunlight and is the only part of light that can be perceived by the human eye, Dr. King said. The blue-violet band of the visible spectrum has a particularly high energy level and is called high-energy visible light.


According to King, HEV light can penetrate the lower layers of our skin and cause premature photoaging, hyperpigmentation, and even age spots and melasma. HEV light and ultraviolet sun rays produce free radicals, or reactive oxygen species, which cause skin cells to produce enzymes that break down the skin’s collagen and elastin. This is good news: HEV light is not associated with skin cancer, unlike ultraviolet light.

Next, we present 18 sunscreens that skincare experts across the country love. Whether you use traditional chemical sunscreens or prefer mineral sunscreens, we’ll take care of you, no matter what your budget.

Sunscreen in powder form, to be applied with a brush

It’s a great solution for those who don’t want to apply sunscreen because they don’t want to ruin their makeup, King says of the powder sunscreen. It absorbs excess sebum and can therefore be used as a finishing powder, to extend the life of your make-up and provide protection from the sun.

The best thing about this mineral is its sunscreen which consists of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide: It’s wearable, convenient and doesn’t leave white stains on clothing, she says. It also contains antioxidants and provides protection against UVA rays and free radicals.

Paula’s Choice Extra Care Non-greasy Sunscreen SPF 50

Many of our experts recommend using a sunscreen with a high SPF. I recommend applying at least SPF 30 every morning, says Dr. Lily Talacoub, a dermatologist certified at McLean Dermatology & Skincare Center in McLean, Va.

The difference between SPF 30 and 50 is only 1%, says Dr. Jesse Cheung, a dermatologist at Cheung Aesthetics and Wellness in Chicago. SPF 30 blocks 97% of the sun’s UVB rays, while SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays.

If a little extra coverage helps you stay cool, make this Paula’s Choice SPF 50 Broad Spectrum cream part of your home beauty regimen. We love that it is silicone free, leaves no white residue on the skin and contains antioxidants to keep our complexion looking good all day long.

Aveeno Positively Mineral Sunscreen for sensitive skin SPF 50

This ultra-soft sunscreen uses only mineral protection and is suitable for all skin types, says Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. It contains oat extract to protect and repair the skin barrier.

Elta MD UV Daily Broad Spectrum SPF 40

I love this product because it contains hyaluronic acid, which is a bonus ingredient in sunscreens, Lancer adds.

Hyaluronic acid is not only a popular skincare ingredient. According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, this clear liquid fills the skin with moisture and counters the effects of aging, making it particularly beneficial for those with dry or mature skin.

Sunscreen Isdin Eryfotona Actinica

It offers 100% mineral broad spectrum SPF 50+ protection and contains DNA repair enzymes that help repair sun damage, says King. Made up entirely of zinc oxide, it also contains antioxidants and enzymes to repair DNA, meaning it repairs and protects at the same time.

Apply a light sunscreen after your AM moisturizer for the face, and don’t skimp on application.

Most people apply only 25 to 50% of the recommended amount of sunscreen, she says. According to the guidelines, one ounce – enough to fill a shot glass – is applied to exposed areas of the face and body, and one nickel-sized dose to the face. Or, if using a spray, apply it until your skin has an even glow.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 100

I always recommend starting with a high SPF, because it fades if we don’t put as much on our skin as we should, says Zeichner.

He recommends using a quarter portion of sunscreen for the face, two portions for each arm, two portions for the chest, two portions for the abdomen, two to four portions for the back and four portions for each whole leg. To get the protection it says on the sunscreen label, you need to apply a lot more than you think, he says.

Supergup! Glowscreen SPF 40 Sunscreen

King considers this vegan, cruelty-free, riff-proof sunscreen a great option because it’s a hydrating primer that contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to boost skin hydration, sea lavender for antioxidant protection, and cocoa peptides to protect against blue light.

Revision Skincare Intellishade Original

I like sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide because they protect against UVA and UVB rays and blue light from screens, says Dr. David Bank, founder and director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery in Westchester County, New York. It hydrates the skin, contains anti-aging ingredients (peptides and extracts of white birch, yeast and plankton) and has a versatile shade for a pleasant glow with subtle coverage.

Sun Bum Mineral Face Stick SPF 30

Zeichner says the stick sunscreens are effortless, ultra-portable and provide effective UV protection. This stick is not greasy and penetrates the skin completely. It uses zinc oxide and vegetable oils that have a soothing effect on the skin.

SkinMedica Total Defense and Recovery SPF 34

Dr. Rita Linkner of Spring Street Dermatology in New York City only applies sunscreen once a day when she works from home. That’s why she recommends that your choice of sunscreen really does make a difference.

The reason to use sunscreen more often outside is that the elements wash away the SPF when you sweat or swim, she says. When we are inside, our behavior is less intense and the frequency does not need to be increased.

Linkner is a fan of this full spectrum sunscreen with shea butter for extra hydration.

iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50+

Talakub uses this tanning cream daily. This antioxidant-rich blend provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection in an ultra-lightweight formula that absorbs quickly and leaves a non-greasy matte sheen, she says. It can easily be worn under makeup.

Launch Skincare Sheer Fluid Sunscreen

Stem cells from the Gamayi grape help reduce the appearance of UV damage and combat photo-aging, while extracts from sunflower shoots leave skin looking more radiant and healthy, Lancer said of the non-sticky sunscreen. It also contains chamomile extract, which soothes and calms the skin. It was important to me to develop a sunscreen that protects against UV rays and has some anti-aging properties at the same time.

iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 30

I love this sunscreen for people who don’t like to use sunscreen because it doesn’t feel like that when they apply it, says Joshua Rohrer, renowned esthetician and founder of SkinLab. It penetrates very quickly and is a combination sunscreen – part chemical, part physical. Aloe and vitamin E are excellent for preventing dehydration after sun exposure. There is also a sense of elegance.

According to Rohrer, it is a valuable skin care product because it is suitable for all skin types, applies easily and penetrates into the skin without leaving a sticky layer.

PCA Skin Sheer Tint with broad spectrum SPF 45

If you suffer from rosacea, Alessandra Cavallero, aesthetician and founder of Bem-Ti-Vi Spa in San Francisco, recommends applying a few drops of this silky sunscreen.

I love this lightly tinted sunscreen that adapts to your skin tone. It can be used alone or under makeup for those who want a little color on their skin, she says.

Colorescience Sunforgettable broad spectrum brush-on sunscreen SPF 50

Cavallero, an active runner, recommends this pompon sunscreen to anyone who does sports.

It’s easy to apply and you don’t smear what’s on your hands on your face. It’s also tinted to match different skin tones, she says. It’s also ideal for those who like light makeup, as this powder sunscreen can be applied directly over makeup with the built-in brush.

Fresh sugar lip balm, sunscreen SPF 15

SPF should be applied to all exposed skin areas, including the lips, which are thin and contain little protective melanin, Cheung says. Lips don’t tan, they burn and are at high risk of skin cancer.

Apply this soft, creamy balm from Fresh that smells so good you’d want to eat it, although we don’t recommend that.

Isdin Eryfotona Ageless Sunscreen

Cheung himself uses this mineral sunscreen, which is said to revitalize the skin with DNA repair enzymes, peptides and antioxidants.

It’s a sunscreen that makes your skin healthier because DNA photolyase enzymes repair the accumulated UV damage to your DNA, she says. Studies on this sunscreen show longer remission of healed pre-cancerous skin lesions and younger looking skin with regular use.

MDSolarSciences Mineral Moisture Defense SPF 50

Joanna Vargas, renowned aesthetician (clients of Mindy Kaling and Jake Gyllenhaal) and founder of Joanna Vargas Skincare and Joanna Vargas Spas in New York and Los Angeles, loves this moisturizing sunscreen. It is easy to apply, even though it is a mineral-based sunscreen. It’s also a good protection for people like me who are prone to light melasma on the face, she says.It was a time of year when even those with flawless complexions fell victim to the ravages of the sun. The sun’s rays are merciless, and it seems like no matter what we do, we can’t win against it. But what about the sun protection? What should we be using on our faces?. Read more about best sunscreen for face malaysia and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective sunscreen for face?

The most effective sunscreen for face is one that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

The best sunscreen recommended by dermatologists is one that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30.

What are the top 10 sunscreens?

1. Coppertone Sport SPF 50+ 2. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF 70 3. Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ 4. Coppertone Water Babies SPF 50+ 5. Neutrogena Beach Defense Waterproof Sunblock Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 70 6. Coppertone Kids Continuous Protection Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ 7. Coppertone Water Babies SPF 100 8. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF 70 9. Coppertone Sport Continuous Protection Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ 10. Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50+

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