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The army of the dead is a scary thing. A mysterious set of soldiers, clad in black fatigues, scaring the daylights out of people while mysteriously appearing out of nowhere. They are responsible for numerous deaths and some of the most horrifying and terrifying stories in history. But what exactly are these mysterious soldiers? Where do they come from? Why are they wreaking havoc all over the world? Why do they take human life without a second thought?

It has been a long time since the War of 1812, but still today there are still many unanswered questions about the mysterious events that occurred during the war. Many who fought in the war were killed, so they could not tell their stories. Others did not know where they were and what happened. Still others were taken prisoner, and while they knew what happened, they could not tell it because they were in enemy hands.. Read more about army of one (2020 cast) and let us know what you think.In the 8 years Zack Snyder has worked on the DCEU, he has become a master at building worlds. It looks like his latest project, Army of the Dead, will continue on the same footing, and he’ll have plenty more moments to look forward to when the credits roll. Snyder has already hinted at ideas for a sequel, giving fans plenty to talk about. Here are the 5 most intriguing mysteries of the Army of the Dead that remain unexplained.

Zombie Robot

APPROPRIATE: Let’s talk about the time loop theory in the army of the dead.

Snyder obviously has his pedigree in the zombie genre, thanks to his directorial debut and remake of George A. Romero’s classic Dawn of the Dead in 2004. Fans expecting something similar to Army of the Dead were sorely mistaken, as these monsters are a completely different species. The exact origin of the zombies is still a mystery, but their behavior makes it clear that they are a little higher on the food chain than the zombies viewers are used to. You’d be better off putting him in the Chamblers category, which is also represented in Las Vegas.

Observers have also spotted a third type of walker in this horde, who appear to be zombie robots. In the few episodes you can skip, these zombie robots are almost indistinguishable from the crowd, except for the glowing eyes and mechanical details. None of the main characters will ever admit to any anomalies, despite the encounters they have had, although, given the intense nature of these encounters, one might assume that the team had more pressing matters to attend to.

One of those who recognized them was Snyder himself, although he did say that if you look closely, there are some zombies that are clearly not zombies. You see normal zombies and then robot zombies. The purpose of these zombie robots remains unknown, but Snyder has also floated a few theories about them: Are these the monitors the government placed under the zombies to keep an eye on them? Are these technologies from another world? What’s going on over there?

The impending presence of Area 51 early in the dialogue is another mystery that requires further investigation. It is believed that there is an alien force that could explain the presence of the robot in the film. As for government oversight, that’s another great possibility. Why would the government blow up a city full of their expensive technology, and why would Bly Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada) and his military know-how go to so much trouble to create a zombie army when the means to create an artificial army already exist.

At least viewers won’t have to wait long for the answer to that question: The origin of the zombie robots is revealed in the upcoming animated prequel Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.

Temporary loop

One of the strangest exchanges in the film takes place between Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweighofer) and Vanderohe (Omari Hardwicke) when they first approach the vault. Just before they blew open the door, Dieter turned his attention to the group of bodies on the ground, assuming they didn’t have the right tools for the job. In an earlier scene, Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) had already established that they weren’t the first team Tanaka had sent here after discovering several plans floating around.

It is assumed that the bodies of the first team are burglars, but Vanderoe presents viewers with another unconventional theory. That the bodies were actually theirs and that the team was caught in an endless time loop of attempts and failures to steal the vault. The theory seems to fall apart after this scene, but the immediacy of it makes you wonder why Snyder included this bit of dialogue. And there are a few hints that this might not be filler dialogue after all.

When Dieter discovers the bodies, he is struck by their resemblance to the crew members. He pays particular attention to Maria Cruz (Ana de la Reguera) and the distinctive medallion that hangs around her neck. The obvious fugitive is a body resembling Marianne Peters (Tig Notaro), since Peters never enters the vault. Instead, she sits on the roof all the time trying to launch a helicopter. This discrepancy may explain the difference in results, as the crew clearly took a different route in this version of events.

Another important plot point that could support this theory is the fate of the men involved in the first conversation. Dieter locks Vanderohe in a vault to protect him from Zeus when he attacks the duo. From that moment on, Dieter is presumed dead, but his fate is never confirmed on screen. Meanwhile, Vanderoe seems trapped and there are only minutes left before the atomic bomb is dropped, which seems to decide his fate. Only in the last scene of the film do we see Vanderohe miraculously escape unharmed.

After accepting a large sum of money to rent a private jet, Vanderoe goes to the bathroom and discovers that he has been bitten. Not once in the film do we see Vanderohe get bitten, and in fact Dieter narrowly saves him from this fate just before sealing him in the case. With so much unspoken in Vanderoe’s story, the question arises: Is this the Vanderoe involved in the events of the film, or his temporary double? Another upcoming Army of Thieves prequel should flesh out Dieter and perhaps provide some more insight into this intriguing mystery.


As mentioned earlier, the film opens with two men transporting an unknown cargo from a top secret category. They discuss what they think they’ll find, and one of them starts a new storyline. The shipment had come from Area 51, a known hotspot for alien stories, leaving the hero to wonder if they were transporting an alien.

When a distracted driver collides with a transport vehicle, the load flies onto the road and opens the tailgate. The following is the first glimpse of Alpha, who was later called Zeus. He quickly disposes of the remaining transport crew and heads to Las Vegas to set up events for the rest of the film.

Zeus clearly behaves differently from the zombies of traditional zombie fiction, which begs the question: What if it’s not a zombie? Given the initial interaction, the viewer is led to believe that Zeus himself may be from another world. And if his name comes from a status outside of Olympus, it also corresponds to a metaphor that elevates him to the status of a god from heaven and possesses a power disproportionate to his human counterparts.

This also fits into one of the main theories about zombie robots, which is that they are some kind of alien technology. Zeus seems to have existed long enough to form a hierarchical civilization in Las Vegas, and he understands the importance of weapons, so he may have even built monstrous automatons to serve as an extra line of defense.

Zombie Babies

One of the few attempts to humanize Zeus and take him out of his role as a monster is his relationship with the queen and her unborn child. Since zombies are traditionally undead, it is illogical to think that they can create life or bear children. In The Army of the Dead, however, the queen is shown as pregnant with Zeus.

The film first alludes to this idea in a tender scene between them, but after Martin (Garrett Dillahunt) beheads the queen, Zeus rushes to Olympus with her body to save his child. His attempts fail, and the loss of his unborn child drives him into a blind rage that leads to the film’s climax.

Zack Snyder confirmed in an interview with Esquire that his zombies can indeed reproduce. The director also confirmed that this was not a miraculous design, even going so far as to suggest that zombies were some sort of evolutionary race superior to humanity. I think there was some kind of zombie love act, some kind of sweet zombie love act, he said. They’re like the best of us. They no longer destroy the environment. They don’t fight each other. They are less harmful to everyone. They’re less toxic.

So, it seems pretty certain, but there are still many unanswered questions about zombie children. For example, it has been shown that the queen lived long after her head was removed from her body, but the young did not show the same resistance. It’s hard to know what traits the next generation of zombies will retain or even improve upon, given Snyder’s hint at evolution.

Alpha/Omega Zombies

Zeus’ origins are still a mystery, but aside from his origins, there are other alpha zombie behaviors that set him apart from the horde. Zeus is not only the model for a new tribe of intelligent zombies, but he must also infect humans to become that tribe himself. Humans transformed by his other alphas become Shamblers, inhabiting the alley unthreatened and unmoving.

Zeus shows unquestionable power over his followers and also shows a higher level of intelligence and ability, such as. B. Cover your head with a bulletproof mask and ride a horse. But Zeus may not be the only one with these characteristics, as several obvious clues in Army of the Dead suggest that Vanderohe is the new alpha, or maybe even something more.

In a scene where Vanderoe is filmed topless, he appears to have an Omega symbol branded on him. Some fans thought it was an Easter Egg for Justice League Snyder’s Darkseid, the main DC antagonist who derives his powers from an energy called the Omega Effect. But to stay with the Greek theme of Olympus and Zeus, Omega is of course the last letter of the Greek alphabet, often used to symbolize the end.

Since Zeus is also an Alpha and Vanderohe appears to be infected at the end, this could logically make him an Omega. Another unique zombie strain that could herald the end of humanity, where most zombie fiction often stops. According to Snyder, Army of the Dead 2 will continue Vanderohe’s story when he mentioned the possibility of a sequel:

Shay and I know exactly what’s coming next, and it’s awesome ….. I’ll do it right away. What we have planned is crazy. When we heard that Vanderoe had been bitten and was going to Mexico City, I immediately thought: You know what’s gonna happen? And then I burst into tears. And when it was over, Shay said: That’s it.

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