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HOT PROPS BUDUAR of the Netflix Bridgerton drama, released on 25. December Premiere.


Will Hughes-Jones/Netflix

Zack Patton.

24. December 2020, 14:46 local time

With DESIGN museums and historic houses off the radar, these streaming series, which will be viewed or returned next month, are a good replacement for decorating addicts.


(Season 1, 25 December,)



This sumptuous new series by executive producer Shonda Rhimes follows the crème de la crème of British society on its journey through the ballrooms and gardens of London in 1815. The diversity of the actors and the regency trends bring this salon drama into the 21st century. For centuries. The aim was to create a clean, fresh and colourful world with which the modern public can identify according to the designer of the production.

Will Hughes Jones.

For the long-standing Bridgerton family, this meant a beautiful colour palette of blue, white and champagne, inspired by the then popular Wedgwood porcelain. On the other hand, the bedroom of the Ferrington’s first-class house features the new flash of silver: a mirror with gold frame, damask on almost every surface, and the family’s favourite sour yellow and bright pink spots, part of an exaggerated reinterpretation of the era.'s- Bridgerton.5.jpeg

The ambitious daughter-in-law of Emily Salon in Dickinson, whose second season started on 8 January on Apple TV+, first.




(Season 2, 8 January, Apple TV+)

Much of the first season of this wonderfully bizarre series, in which poet Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld) was portrayed as an angry and clumsy teenager, took place in the parental home in New England in the 1850s. This season, Emily’s brother, Austin (

Adrian Ensco

) and his wife Sue (Ella Hunt). It looks more like a Victorian villa in Italian style, and it is much more spectacular, said the production designer.

Neil Patel.

By Sue’s standards, the living room is decorated with royal blue, green and gold ornaments, a mix of Hudson River School and Old World art in the style of a hanging living room, and a sofa that can tilt to the side, said Mr. Patel: The design is based on the most modern European styles of the time.'s- Bridgerton.5.jpeg

First Class Apartment Car, a tribute to the interior design of the 50’s and 60’s, on TNT Snowbird, launched on25. January returns for a second season.


David Bukach / TNT


(Season 2, 25 January, TNT)

In this post-apocalyptic series with desperate buildings, passengers are stuck in a train on an endless journey through a frozen world. All action takes place in 14′ x 40′ cars of different styles and periods. This high-end car (photo), the homicide detective’s home.

Andre Leighton.

(David Diggs), was previously populated by an aging international architect, according to producer Stephen Giggan. He had his best days in the ’50s and ’60s when he was still making money. Hence the tribute to the design from the middle of the 20th century. For centuries: Chairs by Marcel Breuer Vasili, sculptural round dresses and a walking carpet.


What do you think are the best examples of set design in a television programme, whether broadcast or streamed? Take part in the discussion below.

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