If you’re looking for the best exhaust for your Indian Scout Bobber, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed several systems, including those from Forsch Performance, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde, Hacker Custom Exhaust, and RPW USA. Read on to find out what makes these exhaust systems stand out from the rest.for more: https://nosynation.com/

Hacker Custom Exhaust

If you’ve ever wished you could listen to your bike’s exhaust without having to pay the extra money for an aftermarket exhaust, the Hacker Custom Exhaust for Indian Scout is the perfect solution. These short swept pipes deliver style and performance and are available in chrome and black ceramic finishes. Both are available in a silent or loud version, and they feature high-out baffles and heat shields for added protection.

This exhaust comes with a patented collector design. It fits 1984-1999 FXRs with mid controls. Moreover, the exhaust is backed by a five-year warranty. It features a powerful rumble and is capable of generating a deep, throaty sound.

This exhaust costs $1,550 and is available at the Thunderheader store in Oakland, California, or directly from Thunderheader. The Thunderheader 1035B is a two-into-1, black exhaust with 12-UP Dyna technology. The exhaust is made by Thunderheader, and includes a Thunderheader exhaust gasket kit.

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde

The Jekill and Hyde Company offers an exhaust system that allows you to change sound modes. It works by a push-button that opens and closes a valve inside the muffler to give your bike the sound you want. The valves are electronic and allow you to choose between three modes: passive, active and dynamic. When the engine revs up, you can open the valve halfway or fully. This allows you to give your bike the sound you want while keeping it street legal.

RPW USA Villain

The RPW USA Villain exhaust for Indian Bobbers is a beautiful slip-on muffler that dramatically changes the sound of your bike and transforms its appearance. It works with the OEM header and heat shield, and comes with mounting instructions and hardware.

Its RPW V-300EC end caps are available in Chrome or Black ceramic finishes. The set also comes with slip-on muffles. The exhaust is compatible with all major motorcycle exhaust systems. The mufflers are available in a variety of styles, so you can find a match for your ride.

Another high-performance exhaust system is the Bassani Villain Slip-On Muffler. Its stainless steel construction and handsome design make this muffler an excellent choice for your Scout. This exhaust is available in a 4 inch size. It has a three-step baffle to produce a deeper, fuller sound. It also features a stainless steel Road Rage III Long 2:1 megaphone.

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