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 Where to Stop?

      Yerevan is a city with mostly new buildings. It is rather pointless to look for a picturesque wooden attic here. But a nice studio, apartment, or apartment is easy. Airbnb has a special “super host” mark. It seems to be specially invented for Yerevan residents. Guests are welcomed here as long-awaited guests. They are giving them all sorts of signs of attention, from unexpected gifts to an offer to show the city. However, without an obsession.

     The ideal value for money is the historic Tufenkian Hotel. Right in the hotel, there is a museum of carpet weaving, in the square opposite there is a vernissage of works of applied arts and antiques, and from the windows, there is a view of Ararat.

Local Market

        The big covered market in Yerevan is called GUM. It is easy to remember. Here you can find anything you want: mountains of golden pita bread and bright vegetables, picturesque mosaics of dried fruits, both regular and stuffed with nuts, and other mountain herbs, spices, spices, spices.

       You can just wander between the rows and feel the grace. Bargaining here is also not particularly accepted, but they can treat you with a glass of homemade apricot vodka or fig candy in walnut sprinkling. As edible souvenirs on the market, you can buy excellent basturma and sujuk and, of course, homemade spices, seasonal nuts, and dried fruits. Among them, there are amazing sour dogwood, sun-dried peaches, and the sweetest sun-dried tomatoes.

Museums to Visit

       There are three amazing museums in Yerevan. The Museum of the History of Armenia is the most popular and crowded. There are ancient books and artifacts in it. The house museum of Sergei Parajanov and the house museum of Martiros Saryan are priceless not only in their collections but also in their emotions. You will be guided through Saryan’s house by his granddaughter and great-granddaughter. Martiros Saryan is a genius of the level of Matisse, many of his things perished, and many languish in the storerooms of the same Tretyakov Gallery. Seeing dozens of his works at once, in one place is happiness, and his paintings are pure joy.


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