Vision is preparing a new MCU relaunch, but the road has been difficult so far. To fully appreciate our favorite talking toaster in the wonderful world of film, The Vision, you must watch The Avengers: The Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War and the Avengers: A war without end. Technically, Vision began as JARVIS, so you should hear his voice in Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, The Avengers, and everywhere else Tony Stark appears! We’re too close to WandaVision now and you probably don’t have time for that! So here’s a quick refill.

The Vision Journey really began when Ultron, an artificially intelligent robot owned by Tony Stark, wanted a more realistic body. The Avengers had the body, the mind stone on the forehead and everything else, and debated what to do with it until Thor decided to officially become Vision’s father. The vision was animated by the flash of Thor’s hammer – which he rightly held in his hand – and by the elevator.

The powers of sight include super strength, stealing and density manipulation – which essentially feeds others, as it can make or make any part of its body light enough to levitate or heavy enough to penetrate even the strongest metals, with the possible exception of vibration. We haven’t tried it yet.

Eventually, Vision joins the Avengers in fighting Ultron, using his Mind Stone Beam and other powers in battle, and eventually killing the last piece of Ultron in the forest. It’s a pretty dark story that he had to kill his creator, but it only gets darker.

Eventually Vision joined Iron Man during the Great Civil War because he believes that super beings defy, and defiance causes conflict, and conflict causes disaster, which he believes is super-robotic and intelligent. He landed at an airport in Germany and accidentally shot James Rhodes, crippling the war machine itself from the waist down. Vision is usually pretty accurate with things like aiming, given that he’s a robot, so Tony has to wonder how he could have missed – and he admits that he was distracted, suggesting that he really is an AI and developed feelings for Wanda, who was injured on the battlefield at the time. Vision needs some time to get used to the idea of what he was doing at Avengers headquarters before he and Wanda flee to another country.

He is attacked and the only way to cure him is with Wakanda. So he travels with Wanda, Cape, Widow and Falcon to the hidden African nation where Shuri begins to rip the Spirit Stone from him before Thanos grabs it and kills it. But this isn’t a chance, because eventually Wanda has to destroy the stone because she’s the only one powerful enough, and Thanos uses the Stone of Time to undo this, taking the stone and killing the Vision a second time.

The smartest USB stick in the world has therefore been officially withdrawn from sale, but will somehow make its way back to WandaVision. There may be notable differences with comic books, such as the fact that Vision has the same mentality as Simon Williams aka Wonderman, although in this case it would probably be JARVIS, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, as they contributed to the creation of his drawings.

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