Northern Irishman Mark Allen has said he can’t rule out having to withdraw from the UK Championship after his wild card was revoked.

Mark Allen: Northern Irishman 'can't rule out' having to withdraw from UK Championship

Mark AllenWhen Mark Allen won the Northern Ireland Open in October, he became the sixth player in history to win a ranking tournament.

York Barbican is the venue for this event. Dates: November 23rd through December 5th One, Two, iPlayer, Red Button, Sport website and app are all covered.
On the internet, you may follow the UK Championship.

Because of personal circumstances, Mark Allen says he “can’t rule out” having to withdraw from the UK Championship at some point.

Allen was unable to defend his Champion of Champions title last week due to personal problems.

The 35-year-old has been tight-lipped about the severity of his issues, although he filed bankruptcy in May.

“I’m not sure what the next few days and weeks will bring,” said Allen, who won his first tournament in the United Kingdom on Thursday.

In his first-round match in York, the world number 11 came back from a 2-1 deficit to defeat Ireland’s Michael Judge 6-2.

When asked whether his engagement with York may cease before he is removed, the Northern Irishman said, “I truly hope that doesn’t happen.”

“If I’m being honest, I can’t rule that out.” Finally, I need to go out there and give it my all in snooker matches, and if I receive a phone call with terrible news, so be it.

“I’m here to win the UK Championship, and that won’t alter until I hear some horrible news on the phone. World Snooker is aware of the issue, but I am optimistic that it will not come to that.”

Allen claimed “personal reasons” for not defending his Champion of Champions title, after earlier expressing doubts about his ability to continue in the sport.

The former Masters winner won the Northern Ireland Open in Belfast last month, defeating John Higgins 9-8 in the final, but was knocked out of the English Open early.

After his thrilling final-frame triumph against Higgins in Belfast, the Antrim man said that he was “unsure whether I will receive any” of his £70,000 prize money.

He didn’t go into detail about why he would have to leave the sport, although he has previously talked about dealing with mental health concerns. external-link and of going through a divorce procedure wife Kyla’s sexexternal-link

Allen is also embroiled in a legal battle with his former girlfriend, 12-time women’s world snooker champion Reanne Evans, over child support payments for the couple’s daughter.

‘I’m not in the best of circumstances.’

“I suppose I would have withdrawn out if it hadn’t been for the legal guys,” Allen stated of his participation in the UK Championship.

“They have a lot more faith in the future than I do.” I’m afraid to get my expectations up since I’ve experienced so many failures in the last year.

“I have to trust their judgement since they are much more knowledgeable about the legal profession than I am.” All three lawyers engaged in the case agreed that I should participate.

“I received the SMS message at 20:30 GMT on Wednesday.” When you’re traveling over here and not knowing whether or not you’ll be playing, it’s not the best preparation.

“My current circumstance isn’t ideal, but it is what it is. Hopefully, it will all work out in the end.”

Mark AllenAfter winning the Northern Ireland Open, Mark Allen poses with the Alex Higgins Trophy.

Allen may be forced to withdraw from the Scottish Open.

Allen warned that if his off-table troubles persist through December 10, he may be forced to skip the Scottish Open in Llandudno, which runs from December 6 to 12.

“I was expecting to get things fixed today [Thursday],” Allen said after his win against Judge, which qualified him for a second-round match against Joe O’Connor on Saturday.

“The new deadline is December 10th, so I’m trying to get a few things in order there to assist me.” All eyes are on it to see whether anything can be accomplished.

“As soon as one item comes to an end, it will assist in the sorting of other things.”

“If I receive the call I don’t want, I’ll most likely miss the Scottish Open as well since I won’t be allowed to play until the 10th.” If the 10th goes smoothly, I don’t see any more issues in the future.

“There have been a lot of individuals behind the scenes who have really helped – seeing any light at the end of the tunnel would be huge for my family and myself.”

“I can’t wait till it’s all done to tell you what’s going on because what’s transpired in the previous year might fill a book. This has been one of the most difficult years of my life.”

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