In the midst of one of the hottest series of his stellar 12-year career, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry had to wince for a moment when asked if he would like to see an NBA 3-pointer in exchange for playing longtime teammate Klay Thompson.

Absolutely, said Curry, who scored 42 points in Wednesday’s 147-109 victory over the Thunder in Oklahoma City.

The subject of Thompson’s record of 14 three-pointers – the mark he took from Curry in October 2018 after Curry made 13 three-pointers in November 2016 – came up Wednesday when Curry scored 11 points in 29 minutes. Curry also mentioned Thompson’s other milestone, his third quarter of 37 points in January 2015. Curry scored 25 points Wednesday and made 8 of 8 shots in the third quarter.

I was joking with some guys tonight because I remember Chicago and he did it in three quarters, Curry said of Thompson’s record of 14 shots on goal. His quarter of 37 points was even crazier because I had 25 today and felt like I was unbeatable; the guy scored another 12 points in the same time, so that was crazy in itself.

And then 14 3. I had 11, I felt I couldn’t miss. I think it’s possible, but we’ll see.

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Curry’s numbers have been staggering lately. Curry scored 30 or more points on his trip Wednesday, marking the eighth consecutive game in which he has scored – the longest such streak in his career. With 11 three-pointers on Wednesday and 10 on Monday, it’s the second time in his career he’s hit 10 or more three-pointers.

Curry scored 53 points in Monday’s win over the Denver Nuggets, passing Wilt Chamberlain as the Warriors’ top scorer of all time. On Wednesday, Curry scored for the 25th time. The Warriors scored 30 or more points for the first time this season on a night when they made a record 24 three-pointers.

It seems like every night, even if I don’t say something surprises me, I’m always in awe of the shots, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. It’s just amazing. The level of confidence and competence is amazing. It’s great to watch. This is a man at the top of his game, who has trained all his life and worked not only on his body, but also on his mind. He is a man who operates on a level that few have achieved in their field. It’s just beautiful to look at.

Even Curry admitted that this was one of the best periods of his career, in which he already won two MVP Awards. In seven games this month, Curry is averaging 39.5 points, 7 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game. He also shoots 46.2% from the arc.

The context of the seasons is always different, Curry said. But it’s… of course, the numbers, 30-plus and all that …. It’s the longest series, so it has a good feel. I probably felt the best physically, I was in the rhythm, shooting the ball and watching the game, trying to hold on as long as I could.

Curry was so hot that when Kerr joked with him at the end of the third quarter about coming back into the game, he went back to the scoring table to report before Kerr stopped him.

In seven games this month, Stephen Curry is averaging 39.5 points. He is a man who operates on a level that few have achieved in their field. It was beautiful to watch, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. Zach Bicker/NBAE via Getty Images

I told him he would be back and he didn’t get the joke, Kerr said. He just wanted to run to the ground, he was that hot.

After years of watching Curry’s record-breaking performances, Warriors forward Draymond Green and the rest of his team know they are witnessing something special.

He’s been great, Green said. I’ve been seeing him for years, so I can tell when he comes out, just the look in his eyes, the attack at first, what kind of night it’s going to be for him. He’s had that a lot lately, and I hope we can continue to help him and turn that into a win.

Curry, who is suffering from a painful tailbone injury after being sidelined in the win over the Houston Rockets on June 17. March had fallen on a stiff, he said his body felt good again.

The injury maybe allowed me to focus a little more, Curry said. Because that made me pay better attention in the beginning and try to control the game and know that I would be less noticed. And when I got more comfortable, I found a really good rhythm.

I think working behind the scenes, preparing for each game, trying to get my body and mind ready to play after suffering a similar injury has helped me. So never too high, never too low, but I feel really good now.

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