Although we won the general election, we did not pass the 50% rule in Georgia, and I would now like to congratulate the Democratic Party and my opponent on this victory in the second round, Mr. Perdue wrote. Bonnie and I will continue to pray for our beautiful state and our great country. God bless Georgia and the United States of America.

Purdue did not mention Ossoff in a statement following the controversial campaign. In Georgia, a candidate has to get 50 percent plus one of the votes to win the general election, and Mr Perdue did not reach this level, which led to a second round between him and Mr Ossoff.

A source in the Ossoff campaign told CNN that Perdue did not call Ossoff to confess. Fox News was the first to report the absence of a call.

Government. Brian Kemp congratulated Mr. Ossoff in a series of tweets on Friday afternoon and thanked Mr. Perdue for his service to the Senate.

On behalf of the State of Georgia, I would like to thank Senator David Perdue for his service to the U.S. Senate, which Kemp tweeted shortly after Perdue’s election victory. Marty, the girls and I wish David and Bonnie success in their next steps.

I would also like to congratulate Senator Elector John Ossoff and promise to work with him and the new government to help the people of our state and put Georgian workers first, Kemp wrote on his verified Twitter account.

CNN predicted Wednesday that Georgians were selling Ossoff to the U.S. Senate, giving the Democratic Party control of Congress and the White House for the first time since Barack Obama’s presidency, a brutal rejection of President Donald Trump for trying to disprove his own loss.

The victory of Ossoff and his Georgian Democratic colleague, Reverend Rafael Warnock, overthrew the Senate and gave President-elect Joe Biden the power to implement potentially far-reaching liberal legislation and cabinet appointments without Republican support. The party in the Senate is divided fifty-fifty, with elected Vice President Kamala Harris receiving an equal vote.

Warnock, senior pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, and Ossoff will be the first black and Jewish senators to represent Georgia respectively.

Perdue’s franchise came after Trump refused to do the same after his own election defeat, which turned into a violent crowd of Trump supporters descending on the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday.

Five people were killed in a stunning attack in the heart of American democracy when members of the Mafia destroyed a building and attacked police officers. A woman was shot dead by the police, three people died in an apparent medical emergency and Brian D. Siknick, an American policeman from the Capitol, died Thursday night. U.S. prosecutors are planning to launch a federal investigation into Siknick’s murder, a CNN law enforcement officer said.

On Thursday, Mr. Trump publicly acknowledged for the first time that he would not run for a second term without congratulating Mr. Biden, but he did acknowledge that a transfer of power is underway.

The new administration will take office on 20 December. Janvier was sworn in, said Trump in a videotape recorded in the White House. I will now focus on a smooth, orderly and orderly transfer of power.

A White House assistant told senior officials that Trump only recorded the video because his presidency was threatened by imminent resignations and possible impeachment.

The refusal of the trump card to admit defeat led to fights within the Republican Party and frustration among some of its supporters who believed its false claims that the elections had been rigged.

Tromp’s ongoing attack on Republican election officials forced two Georgian senators, Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, to make a decision: Join the president in his attempt to reverse the democratic result or risk losing your supporters of the trump card.

Despite three reports and no evidence of massive fraud, Loeffler and Perdue decided to join the president in a final and unfortunate show of loyalty to Trump’s supporters.

Loeffler abandoned his protest plans after the protesters stormed Capitol Hill on Wednesday, Loeffler said: I can’t protest the certification of these voters now.

Congress officially declared Biden’s victory early Thursday morning, after the House and Senate reconvened after an attempted rebellion and easily defeated Republican objections to votes sent from two states, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

This story was updated with tweets from the Georgian government. Brian Kemp.

Manu Raju, Alex Rogers, Christine Wilson, Kevin Liptak, Veronica Struckulursi, Ellie Malloy, Eric Levenson, Amir Vera, Mallika Kallal, Jeremy Herb, Claire Foran, Keith Allen and Phil Mattingly contributed to this report.

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