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Matt James has a date on The Bachelor.

Meeting your friend’s family can try at the best of times. If you’re Matt James, keep in mind that you’re a bachelor who has never been in a franchise. The result may be a bit dramatic, or so it seems, according to James’ references to house dates in a recent interview on The Bachelor Happy Hour.

STOP! Read no further if you want to avoid spoilers in season 25 of The Bachelor.

As for the race, thank God I wasn’t uncomfortable, I didn’t have to talk about it, James told the podcast hosts, former singles Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin. But from my parents’ point of view, it was silly, and when we’re all together, there’s some kind of coded language. I was.

Unlike James, most of the lead actors have already played in the franchise. However, in the midst of the pandemic, their families must travel to the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort to meet James.

After Lindsay explains that most families dread the show and are shocked when their loved one enters the top four, James is embarrassed to be naive at this point.

It’s like going to a water park and being shocked to get wet, the North Carolina native said. For example, you knew that by coming here, I hoped you would trust your daughter’s redeeming qualities enough to bring her to this point, and now that we’re here, you’re embarrassed as if she’s here.

Reality Steve previously reported that three of James’ top four competitors are Serena Pitt, Rachel Kirkconnell and Michelle Young. Fans have yet to meet Young, who arrives with the second group of contestants after the second rose ceremony. The fourth woman to arrive at the home meetings would be Bree Springs.

I was so confused because it was kind of new to them that we were here, James said, not revealing the exact topics of his conversations. To the point where I’m almost out of words, because that’s what I am: Is that a trick question? What do you mean? What do you mean? I’m confused.

Lindsay and Kufrin expressed their delight at this stage of the match. James assured them: The pedigrees will be excellent.

In light of the pandemic, theproduction bubble must account for return dates.

Usually the bachelor or bachelorette goes to the home town of the four best competitors. In this case, participants take the lead by setting an example and showing their hometown, planning the date and introducing their family.

However, in the context of the pandemic, production could only take place within the bubble. All actors, crew and guests had to be quarantined and screened before filming could begin. As viewers saw in the Tayshia Adams season, that means the families have to follow the same protocol: Travel, quarantine and film in the same place.

Reality Steve still confirms the last four

If Steve is convinced of the reality of Pitt, Kirkconnell and Young, he is still waiting for confirmation from Springs.

I don’t know who the fourth one is. The girl is, although I was told it was Bree Springs, I got no confirmation, he writes on his website. But since I’m only telling you what I was told before the season started, that’s all.

He continued: If I get firm confirmation, I’ll let you know if the Brie is indeed the 4. But that doesn’t mean they’re the fourth. I’m just trying to give you four girls who have house dates. Serena P., Rachel and Michelle definitely do.

Although he has no confirmation, Kirkconnell would have won this season.

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