Destiny 2 is not going well at the moment, and not only PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Google Stage gamers know it, but Bungie has known it for a while. On Twitter, Joe Blackburn, deputy director of Destiny 2, told fans that Destiny’s best days are yet to come. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Bungie has talked about it in the past, but according to Blackburn, he believes in it now more than ever.

Unfortunately, Blackburn doesn’t reveal why he thinks so, but he confirms that Destiny’s 2021 state is for next season, which is soon. Again, Blackburn doesn’t talk, but he seems happy.

Last year I said that Destiny’s best days were still ahead of us. Seeing what is coming, I believe in it more than ever, Mr Blackburn said. But we still have work to do to get there. The year 2021 will be a little different for Destiny. It took a while to confirm our plans, but expect Destiny 2021 to be declared next season.

Although the Blackburns are extremely optimistic about the future, the actors are not so optimistic. Although the tweet was meant to evoke feelings of excitement and hope, it did not. Most of the responses to this tweet have been anything but positive.

The best days for the future? No. for

I can’t believe you’re going to lead the Abandonment. Barring any drastic changes, Destiny’s best days are definitely behind us.

– Aquatico (@Aquatico_) 19 January 2021


Infinite loop

The man… Supporting this game as a fan is like watching an endless loop of best days for nonsense. There’s always something wrong. And if something happens, it’s half baked or doesn’t work and we repeat the cycle.

– It’s Jif, not Jif (@KSChris) January 20, 2021.


Absence of liability?

I mean, my question is, why did we burn the CDPR with a fork and not hold you accountable?

– Wonder U(Bd) (@XbikXBd) January 19, 2021


Hard to believe

At this point, with the sun setting and the stagnation of PvP, and the disappointing seasonal content, we feel bad… really bad… and it’s hard to believe in the hare, knowing how to make this game Destiny…. again.

– 18. SolidFox82 (@SolidFox82) 19. SolidFox82. January 2021


Headless chickens

How much time do you need? You guys are like headless chickens now.
I want to make a good deal.
Skill Tree
Returns light patterns and must earn bonuses on weapons. Let me get my hands on a divine weapon, but I must use it to realize its potential.

– Alex (@Buddy94930198) January 19, 2021


Actions speak louder than words

I’m a little reluctant to get excited. I feel like I’ve been hearing the same thing every year for the last few years. I certainly support you, but actions speak louder than words.

– DestinyNostalgi (@DestinyNostalgi) January 19, 2021


Sounds like marketing

I’ll be honest. You’ve talked about it every year, and now it sounds like marketing. It’s time to talk or shut up. I don’t want to hear about us laying a foundation while still underperforming next season/year. Good manners are lost.

– Crit (@CritBtw) 20. January 2021


Listening would be a good start.

Listening to your community would be a good start. Improve the endgame and its purpose, and make the endgame a real pleasure. Not just responsibilities/checklists and titles. A real game that is fun and repeatable.

Updates, patches and quality of life should be deployed at least 5 times faster.

– Aussiehalo (@Aussiehalo) January 20, 2021


The next two seasons Vitaly

I’ve always said that the only game that kills destiny is fate. I think the next two seasons will be crucial. I hate to be negative, but the direction the game has taken the past three seasons seriously bothers me. We all know Destiny has potential, we just hope it can achieve it.

– 20. Chevy (@AyyItsChevy) January 2021


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