As if nothing had happened in the defunct Trump administration, it was revealed that President Joe Biden had removed the button from Donald Trump’s Diet Coke Butler, which had been installed in the Resolute office. Yeah, that’s right. A Diet Coke button. You may recall that the Washington Post reported in 2017 that Donald Trump was drinking Diet Coke, and in large quantities. Critics have compared his controversial policies and nightly storms on Twitter to his penchant for caffeinated beverages, and many have suggested that Donald Trump’s health is at risk because of his poor diet and excessive consumption of Coca-Cola diets.

It has been reported that President Trump has a butler’s knot on his desk that he would push and White House staff would quickly pull out one of his 12 daily diet shakes and Trump would be happy. That button disappeared when President Joe Biden went to work fighting the coronavirus pandemic and repealed much of what President Donald Trump had put in place during his four years in office through executive orders, proclamations and statements.

Needless to say, memes about Donald Trump’s addiction to diet coke and Butler’s Butler’s Button are flooding social media.

Here’s a tweet from 2017, when it was first revealed that Donald Trump was addicted to Diet Coke.

Trump allegedly drank 12 cans of Diet Coke a day. Is it great? No wonder he went off the rails. He hasn’t eaten real food in years. Well, garbage. Go on. So far, the worst president in the world. #NaturalSelection but not fast enough

– The Real Jack Chow (@TheRealJackChow) December 13, 2017.

You may remember that video that went around the world where Donald Trump mispronounced the word Origins when he said Orange. Many attribute it to his addiction to Diet Coke. You can see it below.

Son of a bitch. My grandfather started saying this and then there was a family gathering and we hired a nurse to watch him at home.

– Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) April 3, 2019

Journalists are currently discussing the Diet Coca-Cola button and its removal. Tom Newton Dunn told the story of an interview with President Trump that made him see a red button.  According to Dunn, after Donald Trump called them, White House staff brought him a Diet Coke on a silver platter.

Dunn shared photos from his visit to the White House, and you can see a large box on a table with a red button on it.

President Biden abolished the Diet Coke button. When Donald Trump and I interviewed @ShippersUnbound in 2019, we were fascinated by the role of the red button. Finally Trump squeezed it, and the butler quickly pulled out a Diet Coke on a silver platter. Now he’s gone

– Tom Newton Dunn (@tnewtondunn) January 21, 2021

Donald Trump has been repeatedly accused of failing to communicate with the American people, and there is no better example than his red Diet Coke button on his desk in the Oval Office.


How do you feel about Donald Trump installing a Diet Coke Butler button so his lemonade would be delivered on a silver platter?

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