Pokémon Go has been the most successful mobile game ever, with millions of players worldwide even after a post-release fall from popularity. One reason for this success is that Pokémon have complicated elemental weaknesses and strengths; each type has its own set of three types it’s weak to or strong against (for instance, fire beats water). To evolve a particular Pokemon into one more powerful than others would require catching as many weaker ones in order to find which combination will work best. In other words, rather than combing through all possible combinations yourself you could invite your friends to help because they’re not going anywhere!

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How to find & evolve Gible, Gabite, Garchomp


As the Pokemon Legends Arceus and Diamond & Pearl share a lot of the same Pokemon, it’s no surprise that one of the most beloved Dragon-types is roaming around certain caverns and cliffs in Hisui. Players can get their hands on Gible, Gabite, and Garchomp in the new title, but it’ll need a bit of searching through the fourth zone in the game. Here, we’ve laid out everything you need to know on how to find Gible and evolve it into Garchomp, or even catch the Alpha version of Gabite.

Gible’s location in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Players will ultimately obtain access to a fourth zone in Legends Arceus after defeating the third noble Pokemon, Hisuian Arcanine, in Cobalt Coastlands. When you start Mission 10: Scaling Perilous Heights, you’ll be transported to Coronet Highlands, a hilly environment. Gible will emerge in Coronet Highlands in two different locations: the Cave of the Wayward and the Cliffs of Clamberclaw. To discover the Dragon-type in any location, follow the procedures below.

Cave of the Wayward

  • Once you’ve unlocked the new location, head over to Coronet Highlands, following the mission objective marker to go to the Cave of the Wayward with Diamond Clan Warden Ingo.
  • You’ll trigger a cutscene outside the cave when Ingo explains he needs to repair the torches in order to set up the Mountain Camp.
  • Rather of following the goal marker to locate Ingo, spend some time exploring the cave before moving on with the tale.
  • There are several winding passageways, but Gible may be found in a chamber in the caves. (For further information on how to capture Gible, see the following section.)

Cliffs of Clamberclaw

  • You’ll locate Ingo after you set up the Mountain Camp and continue following the goal marker, and he’ll challenge you to a combat.
  • After you beat Ingo, you’ll be able to use the Ride Sneasler to ascend the mountains of Coronet Highlands.
  • Using the Celestial Flute will summon Sneasler who’ll use Rock Climb and carry you up the mountain in the basket on its back so you can gain access to an area called Cliffs of Clamberclaw.
    • Again, you want to explore the area and find Cliffs of Clamberclaw located at the top of the map before progressing the storyline, so ignore the objective marker for now.
    • To check if you’re headed in the right direction, press the minus button to access your map, and keep an eye out for the location cue that will appear on your screen to tell you that you’ve arrived at Cliffs of Clamberclaw.
  • Walk along the cliff ledge until you discover Gible, but be cautious not to fall. Around these cliffs, you may also locate a high-leveled Alpha Gabite, Gible’s initial evolutionary stage.

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, how do you capture Gible and Alpha Gabite?

Gible is an aggressive Pokemon, so once it spots you, it will attack you right away. Hence, if you find Gible either in the Cave of the Wayward or the Cliffs of Clamberclaw, do not approach it but instead stay far back and slowly get yourself into position to use the Back Strike technique.

  • To distract Gible, get into a crouched posture and hurl an Oran Berry in a strategic area. The Pokemon will approach the fruit with its back to you, hopefully.
  • Keep crouching and gently approaching Gible until you’re close enough to toss a Pokeball.
  • To increase your chances of success, aim for Gible’s back with a Great Ball, Ultra Ball, or Heavy Ball. If you’ve discovered Alpha Gabite, you’ll need a Heavy Ball or a Gigaton Ball.
  • If Gible escapes the Pokeball, you have two options: battle it or capture it. This method also works for Alpha Gabite: lower the health bar until it is yellow, then induce a status condition such as sleep or paralysis.
  • Alternatively, you might try to flee. Return to the place to attempt again after the flashing red eye has vanished, using the same stealth strategy as before.
  • Returning to the Mountain Camp is another option, especially if you’re at the Cliffs and accidently knocked out the’mon in fight. Rest until the next morning, then return to the cliffs to locate Gible in the same spot. This strategy is also applicable to Alpha Gabite.

How can you turn Gible into a Garchomp?

The Gible evolutionary line undergoes an easy transformation. To develop, you don’t need a specific item or a particular friendship level; just reaching a certain level will enough. At level 24, Gible develops into Gabite, and at level 48, Garchomp. Open the menu in your satchel after you’ve reached the minimum level. The Pokeball will begin to flash, and you will be able to begin the Pokemon’s transformation. Keep Gible in your party as you fight or collect Pokemon during your trip to gain experience. Alternatively, you may feed it Rare Candies to fast boost its level.

If you catch the Alpha Gabite instead of Gible, you’ll be in luck since it can be transformed into Garchomp straight away—the Alpha variant spawns at a level higher than 50, which is higher than the level required to trigger its evolution. However, there is a disadvantage to choosing Alpha Gabite over normal Gible.

Instead of Gabite, it is advised that you complete the Dex entry (achieve Research Level 10) for Gible. This will also make it easy for you to discover a Shiny version if you wish to. Given how uncommon Gabite spawns in Coronet Highlands, completing the research requirements for the evolved stage is substantially more difficult.

So, in Pokemon Legends Arceus, that’s how you acquire Gible and its evolved versions. If you’ve completed exploring the Coronet Highlands, you may want to check out our instructions for capturing Hisuian Sneasel, Hisuian Zorua, Riolu, and Alpha Lucario in the Alabaster Icelands.



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