On his first full day as Commander in Chief, President Joe Biden made a number of changes through executive orders and actions. He also announced that Dr. Anthony Fauci will lead his working group on COVID-19 and participate regularly in daily press briefings on coronaviruses. In Dr. Fauci’s initial statement to the press on Thursday, it became clear that a major change was underway between the administrations of President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump – of which Dr. Fauci was the head of free speech. Dr. Fauci described it in Joe Biden’s administration as liberating.

Dr. Fauci also described how President Joe Biden’s approach to a deadly pandemic that has killed more than 400,000 American citizens and left the economy in ruins is based on science, facts and transparency.

Even today, there are those who do not believe in the reality of a coronavirus pandemic, even though nearly every American citizen knows someone who has fought the virus, or worse, lost a loved one or a friend or family member to the deadly strain. Conspiracy theorists cling to fake news rather than facts about the severity of the virus, and cases continue to skyrocket across the country.

Dr. Fauci spoke about the potential impact of various mutations and what they might mean for the U.S. population (especially the South African tribe), the importance of overcoming vaccine resistance for herd immunity, and not to be discouraged by the fact that infections and hospitalizations often decline while mortality increases.

But a reporter asked Dr. Fauci what he thought of the Trump and Biden administration.

the reporter asked.

Dr. Fauci, you’ve already made a couple of jokes today about the difference you see in being sort of the spokesperson on this issue in this administration compared to the previous one.  Can you – can you talk a little bit about freedom, about difference – do you feel less restricted?  What? You know, I mean, you, so many times standing behind the podium with Donald Trump behind you.  It was different. It was a different feeling, I’m sure, than what it is now.  Can you tell us how you feel liberated from what you did last year?

Dr. Fauci responded with the following words.

Yeah, but you said I was kidding.  I was very serious about this–  I wasn’t kidding. No, actually, I mean-I mean, obviously, I don’t want to go back, you know, in history, but it was very clear that things were said-whether it was things like hydroxychloroquine and other things-that were really uncomfortable because they weren’t based on science. I can tell you that I don’t like to be in a situation that conflicts with the president’s, so it was actually something where you felt you couldn’t say anything and it had no impact. The idea of coming here and talking about what you know, the evidence, the science, and knowing that all of this – letting the science speak – is somehow a liberating feeling.

You can watch the press conference with Dr. Fauci and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in the video player below.

What do you think of President Joe Biden’s commitment to controlling the coronavirus and keeping Dr. Fauci on his team? Do you agree that the time has come for science and facts in the fight against COWID-19?


Dr. Fauci Says He Feels Liberated In President Joe Biden’s Administration As Opposed To Donald Trump’s

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