Season 5 of Fortnit Battle Royale Chapter 2 had a controversial start because of the exciting shotgun. The Fire Trap and Scoped AR were also put in the vault, but due to the satisfactory elimination of the Pump Shotgun, which sends the opponents back to the lobby in a single shot, the players were not happy with the idea of sending the weapons into the vault.

However, to balance the tensions of the Pump Shotgun, Fortnite welcomed a new shotgun called the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun, although it is not strong enough to completely replace the Pump Shotgun. Other shotguns, such as the Tactical Shotgun and the Loaded Shotgun, were not produced either.

Firearms correction

Dragon Breath Shogun does little damage, but can set players and equipment on fire like a firefly would. But this function is rarely needed in clutch fights. The Fortnite has recently modified the weapon and increased its range and damage. In addition, the loading bulkhead was also corrected, which increased the capacity of the cartridges, the damage and the reloading speed.

We’ve made some adjustments to the rifles!
✅ Dragon breathing increased effective range and damage
✅ Shotgun charge increased ammunition performance, damage and reload speed

– 3. Status Fortnit (@Status Fortnit) 4. Status Fortnit. December 2020

The exact amount of buffer was provided by Fortnite Battle Royale Lucas7Yoshi dater, who indicated that the shotgun had been reduced from 3 to 4 and for other rarities from 4 to 5.

The Dragon’s Breath shotgun used to be a short-range weapon in most cases, although it now has a more powerful killing system.

All rare exotic weapons of

Some players may not be familiar with the new rarity of weapons that can be bought with gold bars. This is a list of all the exotic weapons on the map.

1. Spade sniper rifle.

Place: It is sold by Splode for 1,225 bars of gold in the discreet hut located on an island northeast of Stalsey’s fortress.

The tube sniper rifle causes 10 damage in a collision and 60 damage in a subsequent explosion.

2. Oak

Place: It is available from Dummy for 1,225 gold bars at a landfill site northwest of Dirty Docks. The dummy also grows east of the fortress. The double-barrel shotgun is a double-barrel shotgun that has a feedback effect like the flintlock gun.

3. Mancake Nightclub

Place: As the name suggests, you can buy weapons at Mannequa for 1255 gold bars.

It’s south of Zero, near the butter barn. The Nighthawk is a heat-seeking target causing 44 damages.

4. The Shadow Hunter Riza

Place: The trail of Rhys’s shadow comes from Rhys in the eastern camp at Dirty Docks. It is also sold for 1,255 gold bars and is a silent gun that allows players to mark their enemies after they have been injured, and the enemies can be tracked for about 10 seconds.

Location of Scout Lexa’s assault rifle: Lexa sells that gun to Hunter’s Harbor, and it costs 1,225 gold bars. This is a standard assault rifle that locates the nearest attack circle.

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